12 Home Based Business for Women in India

Are you looking for home based business for women? If yes then you are in the correct place. As a woman finding home-based business is sometimes difficult.

Working from home has its own benefits. It gives you the freedom of thinking as well as financial support too. Starting home based business is cost effective and highly profitable. Here the list of 12 home based business ideas for women will definitely help you choose your ideal business.

     12 Home Based Business for Women in India

12 Home Based Business for women in India

1. Papad Making

Papad making business is another small home based business ideas for women. If you have skills to make great papad why not start papad making business? Papad making business is very easy to start and highly profitable too.

2. Ice Cream Making

 Ice- cream making business is another business idea and easy to start. Homemade fresh creamy ice –creams are highly demanded in the market. If you are beginner you can always learn how to make good quality ice-creams at home then rent a place to sell them. Homemade Ice –creams have about 30%-40% margin of them.

3. Hair Band Making

Starting hair band manufacturing business is very easy to start at home. To start this business you need to learn the technique of how to make beautiful and cute hair hands and then you can sell them on the market and make the profit with it.

4. Boutique

A boutique is the best business option for ladies and moms. But opening a boutique needs an investment of rupees 2 lakh (approx). In order to start this business, you will require a place to open your boutique and also you have to decide the type of boutique you want to open. Starting a boutique is a highly profitable business in India

5. Beauty Parlor

The beauty parlor is another amazing business idea for women. Opening a beauty parlor is never a bad idea. If you have skills to make anyone beautiful you can make good money through it. The beauty parlor is a very popular and famous business for girls and women.

6. Pickles Making

As an Indian, almost every woman knows how to make delicious and tasty pickles. If you are a woman or mom you can start this from home. In order to start the business you have to make tasty pickles of several varieties and share those on your local’s friends for marketing and then you can take small orders from them. Another way is you can make small business cards and circulate them around you for low budget marketing.

7. Potato Chips Making

Similar to papad making you can start Potato chips manufacturing business at home. Crispy, salty or spicy potato chips are a very popular snack for the evening. Starting potato chips business is highly profitable. Potato chips can be made from small hand machines as well as with traditional home method the choice if yours.

8. Start Blogging

Blogging is one of the most successful businesses ideas for everyone who wants to work from home. Nowadays blogging is many people’s primary income source. And some of the famous bloggers are making six digits income too. If you are interested in blogging you can start it from your home. You will just need a computer and your brain.

9. Party planner

The party planner is another business idea for women. Party planner business can be started on a small scale as well as on a large scale. People often look for party planner for various occasions such as wedding, birthdays, anniversary and private parties.

10. Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are one of the best business options for women. If you have a passion for cooking then you can start your own cooking classes. First, start your cooking class with your local students then you can expand your business slowly also you can start your blog or YouTube channel and make money through it too

11. Teaching Tuitions

Teaching students at home is another small yet popular business for women & moms. If you have expertise in any subject you can make a good income from teaching tuitions at home. You can start teaching tuitions at home and then rent an apartment if you want to expand the business to the next level.

12. Agarbatti Making

Agarbatti making is another home based business idea for ladies and moms. In India the consumption of agarbatti is very high and starting agarbatting manufacturing business is profitable. Agarbatti making business doesn’t require much investment too.

That’s it, guys. this is the 12 home based business ideas for women in India. If you think we missed something, do comment below and let us know

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