12 Unique YouTube Channel ideas – High CPC ideas

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and if you are looking for Ideas for your first YouTube Channel you are in the right place. To kick-start your YouTube channel we have gathered 12 unique youtube channel ideas that work in 2018

           12 Unique YouTube Channel ideas 2018

12 Unique YouTube Channel ideas 2018

1. Food & Cooking

Are you a food lover? If so, then you can create a whole YouTube channel about cooking. Cooking recipes with lists of ingredients and step-by-step process are great.  You can also talk about different ingredients, techniques, or kitchen tools that you think are valuable to share with your viewers. People are constantly looking for recipe ideas that are quick, easy and practical.

2. Exercise & Training

Exercise & Training channels are now very popular on YouTube Platform. People are looking to YouTube to get advice on exercise and training.  If you are a gym freak, then this might be the perfect YouTube channel idea for you.

There is a lot of topics on which you can make videos.  You can give general tips and advice.  You can give detailed demonstrations on how to perfect a specific exercise. Or you can give entire workout tutorials that achieve specific goals. If your viewer trusts your advice. There are lots of opportunities to gain a lot of views

3. Unboxing Products

Unboxing products is one of the best youtube channel ideas in 2018. New products are being released all the time, and viewers often look on YouTube to decide whether it’s worth buying for them. You can make tutorials on what actually comes with a new product, how it looks and feels like and give your first thoughts.

Unboxing is an enjoyable way to share helpful advice with the viewers, as well as you will be the first one to try all the new cool gadgets, toys, electronics, fashion items and many more. These channels also tend to grab the attention of sponsors; also you can make some money with affiliate links if any of your viewers buy something from your affiliate links

4. Tech Reviews

Tech reviews are one of the most popular categories on our youtube channel ideas list. Everyone looking for a real review on a product before they buy it. There are many items on which you can make videos so you definitely won’t run out of your material for your YouTube channel also there are many useful apps and software that people want to learn them before committing to purchase it.

5. Travel Vlogs

Do you Love to travel? Then this could be a great idea for your youtube channel. You can just record off the most beautiful and interesting places you that visit and help out people to plan their next tour. It’s a great way to show viewers whether it is or not a place worth visiting. There are lots of things you can make videos on like: best places to visit, top 10 things to eat, top must-visit places and so on.

6. Fashion

Who doesn’t love fashion? If you are a girl fashion is a great fit for your YouTube channel. There are nearly endless fashion options for you to make videos on. You can review new fashionable items, keeping people up to date on trending styles, and giving people tips on dressing and choosing the right outfit for them to look more beautiful and attractive.

These channels tend to attract a lot of attention from sponsors, or opportunities to earn money as an affiliate when your viewers buy the products you are promoting.

7. Comedy & Entertainment

Comedy videos are one of the most favorite type passes. If you are great at comedy or just have the ability to tell very funny jokes why not make videos on them and become a YouTube star? There are many YouTube channels who are earning a tremendous amount from making people laugh. At initial days you can make this type of videos alone or with a group of your friends on your Smartphone with good camera quality.

8. How-To Channels

Yes, How – To channels are one of the best categories to start a YouTube channel. Do you know the best part of it? It has endless topics to cover with. Think about what percentage Google or YouTube searches begin with the words ‘How-To.’ everybody has queries and that they are progressively trying to find smart videos that have answers.

9. Nutrition & Health

If you have knowledge of diet, nutrition or health you can create a YouTube channel on this topic nowadays everyone is trying to improve themselves in several ways, although they don’t always know how.

If you can give them advice on nutrition then you can build subscribers also you can share healthy diet chart and other nutrition’s information with your viewers.

10. Gaming

Gaming is one of the widest categories on YouTube. There are many gaming YouTube channels that have a fan following in billions also they generate a massive amount of money monthly. It is hard to stand out in this niche now, but if you keep your content new and real then you can make a fan base of yourself.

There are lots of different types of game videos that are popular in this niche. You can just pick any and start making videos on them. You can just play the new upcoming games with commentary and people will actually enjoy it

11. Education

YouTube is the second place where people search for educational material. Instead of reading nowadays many people like to watch educational videos on YouTube. Whether you are Lawyer, doctor or specialist in any field teaching what you know on YouTube is a great way to make money. Also, it will brush your own knowledge and presenting skills for your future.

12. News

The news is nowadays a very popular niche on YouTube. Many people are really earning well on YouTube by covering news on interesting topics or celebrity gossip. News channel can be a great idea for you if you have the talent to speak well and presentable skills on the camera.

So these are the 12 high CPC youtube channel ideas.

Hold on. before you go let us know your thought by commenting down below.

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