15 Business Ideas with 1 Lakh Investment in India

If you are also tired of working for people and want to start your own business but lacking financially? Well, there are many businesses which you can start with a very small investment. If you have decided to start your own business then I can help you. I have gathered 15 business you can start with 1 Lakh Investment in India

    Business Ideas with 1 Lakh Investment in India

15 Business Ideas with 1 Lakh Investment in India

1. Stationery Store

You can open your own stationery store with low speculation up to 1 Lac. Perfect place to begin stationery store is close-by school or close-by business zone, where the request of stationery is probably going to be more. Discover a decent area and take shop on the lease. Earn back the original investment time frame for this business is 1-multi-year. Net revenue is near 10-15%.

2. Game Parlor

Children love playing games and it bodes well to begin Game Parlor in the local location. You can consider purchasing Jumping, battery worked auto or different gadgets like play station to begin game parlor. Earn back the original investment time frame for this business is a year. Expected gross overall revenue is 10-15%.

3. Mobile Shop

Beginning own mobile shop is another great independent venture thought. Today individuals change mobile phones much of the time. Keeping the most recent smartphone is a fashion today. Looking at the trends, beginning a mobile shop could be an effective business.

4. T-shirt Business

T-Shirt making is one of the best business ideas that you can start with 1 Lakh. You can buy a t-shirt at around rupee 100-120 and then print fashionable logos on them and sell them either online or offline. The margin of this business is around 50%-60%

5. Catering Business

The catering business is one of the best small investment and high-profit business in India. at starting you can do this business with just 1 lakh investment. In order to start catering business, you do require a catering license also you will be needed a kitchen, raw materials to cook and few helpers. You can supply foods for occasions like marriage, kitty parties, birthday parties, anniversaries etc.

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6. Snacks Corner

In India, snacks are very popular street food for evening tea and opening a snack corner is highly profitable in the Indian market. In order to start this business you have to find the right place for your shop also you will be needed a chef to cook the snacks or you can make it too

7. Party Planning

Party planning business is another popular business ideas with 1 lakh investment. In order to open this business, you will need an office and budget for advertisement. You have to organize everything in the party such as decoration, foods, arrangements of tables etc.

8. Beauty Parlor

Opening a beauty parlor is another business idea with small capital. If you are women then this is the ideal business idea for you. At the start, you can do this business from home. If you don’t have experience and knowledge in this field you can simply hire a professional and start this business.

9. Ice-cream and Juice parlor

Starting an Ice-cream and juice parlor is another business idea on our list. You just need to rent out a crowded place to start your business. You can either make your own flavored ice- creams or take franchisees of a famous ice-cream company.

10. Mushroom Cultivation

Mushroom cultivation is business ideas with 1 lakh investment our list. Starting this business does not require much knowledge and skills too. The more you invest in this business you will get five times more profit. To begin this, you need to learn good training from A-z in the training center so that you start producing well from the first 2 to 3 months.

11. Grocery Shop

Opening a grocery shop is very much profitable small business. The business of Grocery Shop can be started with low investment. You do not need any special talent or skills for this business. You just need to find a good area in order to open your grocery shop.

12. Poultry Farming

Poultry Farming is a business that you don’t have to invest a lot of money to get started. The biggest feature of this business is that you can take a loan from the bank to start this business. In order to start poultry farming business, you will be needed a place for your poultries and enough budget to buy poultries

13. Drinking Water Bottle

I’m sure that you also have also bought drinking water bottle somewhere in your life. Today the demand for mineral water is everywhere. Apart from the branded companies, many small industries are also engaged in and making profits. It is such a business that you can make profits all the time by making a small investment.

14. CFL Lights Manufacturing

CFL light manufacturing business is another business ideas with 1 lakh investment on our list. The use of CFLs has increased in order to save electricity. The biggest advantage with them – this work comes for one year and reduces electricity bills very much. With this, there is a lot of demand in the local market of tube and chocks

15. Tea Stall

Tea stalls are a very famous business in India and it’s been running from a very long time. Also, this is the last business ideas with 1 lakh investment on our list. Tea is a favorite evening drink for Indian. The biggest advantage is that there is no drawback for tea stall. Investment is within the range of 1 Lakh. You can add various snacks items like samosa, kachori and other kinds of stuff.

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