How To Start Affiliate Marketing – Step By Step Guide 2020

affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing? Do you want to know about affiliate marketing? if yes, you should read this article. Want to make money when you sleep too? Yes, you heard it right. Digital marketing will allow you to make money when you sleep. It is something that will help you earn profit throughout life until and unless google or you remove the blog from the internet. Well, now that we are successfully created questions in your mind, we will help to clear out everything.

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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

The basic idea behind affiliate marketing is to promote other companies or people’s products through your blog or article or website. You will earn some profit when people will follow your link to buy that particular product.

It is the best way to earn a passive income. You will get profit from it even if it is 3 years old. There are 4 parties involved in this process of marketing. The merchant, network, publisher and the customer.  Well, there are two important sides to affiliate marketing. First, one who makes the product and second, one who sells the product. These two are the basic division of affiliate marketing.

Let me now explain to you the merchant and the consumer involved in affiliate marketing.

  •  The merchant- 

The brand for the manufacturer or the retailer or the vendor. The merchant is the one who is selling the product. The merchant can be an individual or a big company or a website.

  • The consumer- 

The customer or the consumer is the main target in the digital market for the affiliate marketer and the merchant. The affiliate will try to market the product to the consumer with the help of reviews, images, etc about the product.

1. How to start?

If you are willing to start this digital marketing program, you will have to get deep into the base of digital marketing.

2. Choose the platform

First of all, you need to find a platform or the market place from where you can get affiliate programs.  You need to find your niche and then search for the market place where you will find your suitable affiliate program. Some of the most popular sites are:- affiliate network, LinkConnector, ClickBank, etc.

You can also visit the official sites f the products you are using and wanting to post about. They might also have their own affiliate marketing program. Amazon is one of the4 most famous affiliate marketers. eBay, Shopify or Alibaba and many more are your options.

There are certain terms of service that you need to follow strictly. Otherwise, you might have to face legal actions against your page or website or blog.

3. Choose the program

First of all, you need to check if your product is similar, to the blog you are maintaining. Suppose if you are a beauty blogger you cannot promote restaurants. You need to match your blog with your program. Check if your product is fit for the platform or not. Home decor or lifestyle products will do good in social media sites but software or technology needs longer support like youtube or a detailed blog about it.

4. Plan your marketing

You will start earing but before that, you need to work very hard to establish your potentiality.

Keep in mind, your reviews will help you earn the profits. Therefore be very careful while you are reviewing. Be honest and share your true experience. You will be able to gain popularity very quickly. Whenever you will be able to make loyalty with your viewers they will turn into your customer.

You can also put up a review by someone expert to make your review more trustworthy and true. You can even put up a video. Try to make everything very easy and simple to understand for the viewer.

5. A Tutorial will do the most

Whenever you will put a  video along with your written review, you will start seeing traffic on your website. Start your titles with how to: because this is the most used term on google.

6. Add relevant keywords

Keywords play an important role in the visibility of your blog. Google uses optimizing technology to filter out various content relevant to the searches of the viewers.

7. Chalk out your promotional strategy

Promotional strategy is the most important of all.promotions will leet people know about the existence of your blog, plage website. One of the best platforms is to promote your content on social media sites. Also, you can subscribe to the paid promotion facility.

Let your potential customers turn into your customers by providing some bonus. Help them buy the product at a 15% discount if they use your link. This will encourage them to but products through your sites. Adding some discounts or offers will help to minimize the competition among various affiliates, markets promoting the same product.

8. Follow Legality

Never forget to mention about your affiliate program. Let your viewers know this is an affiliate program.

What are your benefits as an Affiliate Marketer?

You only need to review the product and make comfortable conditions for the potential customers to buy the product through your website. This involves low risk. You don’t have to think about manufacturing or the product. You just need to promote it and sell it with your reviews. Huge passive income will be generated if you follow these rules generously.

Affiliate marketing is built through trust. Therefore you have to make your customers trust you. The only way is to review products that you have truly used. Try to make a good rapport with your customers. Make special efforts to make your regular customers or viewers happy.

What Are the Tips For Affiliate Marketing In 2020?

Try to promote products from different merchants. Do not just stick to one merchant. Varied merchants provide varied prices. Promote a wide range of products and work with various merchants to know the market better.

Analyze your referrals or try to change your conversion rates according to your viewers. Always try to get organic traffic instead of paid promotions or ads. Organic traffic can only be achieved with great SEO.

Try to understand the demographics of your audiences. Once you get to know the viewers make your content familiar to them. Start optimizing your content according to the viewers. You will be able to filter out the ager, sex, geographic location, etc of your viewers.

Lastly, it is very important to stay true to your audiences. People will buy products following your review. If you review the product falsely. They will put a negative review about you and you will lose your traffic and your viewers too. Therefore try to build trust and make “blog loyalty”.


Affiliate marketing is a good way to earn money. Like every other job, this needs time and dedication and honesty. We hope now you have a clear picture of how to start affiliate marketing. Thank you for reading this article!

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