50+ Most Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas in 2020

So you are looking for the most profitable agriculture business ideas in India, right? Agriculture-related business is still remaining as the most profitable business around the world.

The agriculture business is all about growing agriculture commodities and selling them to the market and makes a profit out of it.

If you are interested, you can start a small profitable agriculture farm. Before that, you need to think of a few things like seeds, fertilizer, machinery, equipment, storage, transportation, etc.

Why Agriculture Business?

Agriculture business ideas

There are tons of reasons why you should start doing agriculture business in your area.

Firstly, you get the freedom of your own. That means you can literally think out of pressure and educate yourself in the field and maximize the earning potential

Secondly, the agro-business is growing rapidly. There are many people I know doing money-making agriculture businesses like growing cherry tomatoes, fruits, vegetables, etc.

Additionally, the demand for organic products is huge in the Indian and worldwide markets. So, if you own land in your region that is suitable for farming or you are coming from a background that is mostly doing farming in their time then you should consider doing it too.

Five Types of Farming

Before starting agriculture business it’s very important to understand and decide which type of farming fulfills your demands. There are various types of agriculture businesses available in India but we are going to talk about only the main five that are commonly used.

  • Commercially Farming
  • Subsistence Farming
  • Fish Farming
  • Horticulture
  • Livestock Farming

Once you decided which type of farming business you are interested in doing. You can now move to the next step. But before you start here I have a few tips that will help you achieve success in the farming industry.

Tips to start your Agriculture business ideas

There are many ways you can start a farm but following this exact process allowed us to identify exactly what crops to grow, quantities and the actual ideal customers that were going to buy our crops

Before you start your money-making farming business this is the fundamentals that you must follow to succeed in the farming business. So, here are some important tips for starting a successful money-making farming business.

  • Research
  • It’s all about doing your research before you start your farm. Decide all different types of tools you’re going to need before preparing your farm for production.
  • Market Potential
  • Do your research start by first identifying who your ideal customers are and find out what they want. What they’re willing to pay for it
  • Where you going to sell your crops at the local farmers market or to chefs or to local stores or at the farm stand having a clear idea of who you’re going to sell to and what you will actually grow for them
  • Reach Out Your Potential Customers
  • If you want to make a living from doing this you’ve to be a little bit more strategic about it. You actually have to go out there and start talking to your potential customers wherever that’s possible go to your local farmer’s markets and look at what other farmers are growing look how much they’re growing up specific crops etc.

What are the most profitable Agriculture business ideas?

Agriculture Business Ideas

The agriculture sector has a wide range of varieties to choose from. If you still have a problem choosing agriculture business for yourself then I have given a huge list of 50 agriculture business ideas in India which you can start today.

1. Fish Farming

To start the fish farming business you will need proper knowledge of modern fish farming techniques and technology used for it. Remember fish farming requires a decent amount of capital investment to initiate.

2. Agriculture Farming

It’s one of the oldest ways of agriculture business ideas. You can start the agriculture business with a decent amount of investment. Once your product is ready you can sell them to the market and earn money. Also, you can transport your products to other states or even outside the country.

3. Poultry Farming

Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is another agriculture business model. The demand for poultry is never low and in winter it goes up rapidly. You can do poultry farming for the hatchery, meat production, and egg production. Choosing the right niche is very important for poultry farming business.

4. Vegetable Farming

One can start the vegetable farming business with proper knowledge. Also, vegetable farming requires land, seeds, fertilizer, etc. With a proper plan and execution, you can make a good profit from the vegetable farming business.

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5. Goat Farming

One can start a goat farming business with a sufficient amount of money. Goat is the largest meat source after the chicken. You can start goat farming with proper guidance and instructions. The demand for goats is really high in the worldwide market. Also, you can transport it because the demand is very high in festival seasons

6. Spice Farming

Spice farming is another agriculture business model. You can start spice farming with sufficient land and proper knowledge. There is a vast range of spices available to choose from. You can start to select any which you think best suitable for you.

7. Mushroom Farming

As you know the demand for organic mushrooms is rapidly increasing. You can start Mushroom farming with a small range of investments. Also, it doesn’t require much land to start. Getting proper knowledge and experience of mushroom farming is highly recommended otherwise it may ruin your investment.

8. Saffron Farming

Saffron farming is another agricultural business ideas. You can find the bulbs very easily in the market but it’s a risky agriculture business. Also, starting a saffron business requires a medium range of investments as the “bulbs” are quite expensive in the market.

9. Tea and Coffee Farming

Tea and coffee farming business have huge market potential. One can start a tea and coffee farming business. If your climate suits this business you should definitely try it.

10. Dairy Farming

Milk Farming

With the small capital investment, you can start a dairy farming business. The popularity of dairy has been increased by 200% in the past 5 years. Also, starting dairy farming doesn’t require much space. Some experience in this field can be an advantage because handling cows for the first time is not an easy task. Gradually, you can expand the business with ease

11. Florist Farming

Growing florist and selling them to your local market is another farming business opportunity with small capital investment. You can start florist farming business with very small land too. Though, I would recommend you to learn the skills of florist farming before jumping into the business.

12. Rabbit Farming

Similarly, you can start raising rabbits. There are different spices of rabbits to choose from. Also, rabbit farming doesn’t require much space. You can start rabbit farming with small capital investment

13. Bee Keeping

Nowadays more people are health conscious thus the demand for pure honey is increasing rapidly. Starting a beekeeping business with a small investment is highly profitable. Security measurements and proper operating knowledge are very important in this field.

14. Frozen Chicken Production

Frozen meat production is now a trendy business opportunity. There are two ways. Either you can grow and free chickens for sale or you can purchase them for sale. Frozen chicken production has its merits and demerits. Proper market research and knowledge of technology are highly recommended.

15. Grape Wine Production

Market research and proper knowledge are required for this business. Grape wine production is one of the highest profitable agriculture business projects. Though it requires high capital investment the returns are damn good. If you have the capital to start grape wine production you should definitely try it.

16. Vegetable Oil Production

Growing plants for oil is another agricultural business idea for you. There are various types of plants for cooking and other types of oils. You can set an oil processing plant or selling raw plants to processing company will do too.

17. Duck Farming

Similarly like goat and chicken, duck farming is anther agriculture business model for you. Ducks farming can be done for various purposes.

18. Soy Farming

Soy is another famous food product in the agriculture sector. Harvesting and processing of soy products are highly profitable. You can sell your harvested product to various companies. The demand for soy is rapidly increasing. So starting a soy harvesting and processing unit is highly recommended.

19. Ginger & Garlic Farming

Ginger & garlic is a basic need of every kitchen. You can start growing ginger & garlic in your backyard too for test purposes. With the small capital investment, you can start this business. I highly recommend you to start this business.

20. Fish Hatchery

Breeding different types of fishes is another agricultural business idea on the list. You can start a fish hatchery business with small to medium capital investment. I highly recommend you to visit a fish hatchery field before starting this business.

21. Corn Farming

Corn farming - agriculture business ideas

The popularity of good quality corns is increasing rapidly. After wheat, corn is the highest selling product in the market. There are many ways to eat corn. Worldwide there are many corn products available in the market. Many farmers are choosing to grow corn instead of other crops.

22. Sheep Farming

You can start a commercial sheep farming business. Sheep are mainly raised for wool, milk, skin, etc. But let me tell you that sheep is also popular for its meat. You can start a sheep farming business with low to medium capital investment.

23. Flower Farming

The market potential for flower business is truly wide. The demand for flowers is very high not only in Asian countries but all over the world. With proper knowledge and guidance, you can start your flower farming business. Also, you can export your flowers as demanded.

24. Chicks Hatchery

There are many newcomers who have joined the poultry farming business recently thus the demand for chicks increased rapidly. By contacting poultry farmers one can make a good profit by chicks hatching process. Getting practical knowledge of this business is highly recommended before investing in the capital.

25. Livestock Feed Production

With proper market research, one can start livestock feed production. Also, starting livestock feed production doesn’t require high capital investment. There are still many farming sectors that are highly dependent on livestock. I would highly recommend you to start livestock feed production.

26. Organic Farming

People are nowadays more conscious about health and often find organic products. Thus the demand for organic farming is rapidly increasing in the market.

Organic farming is all about farming food products without harmful chemicals and pesticides. The market potential for organic products is quite large and still untouched. You can easily start your organic farming business and make money.

27. Vermicompost Production


Proper marketing research and knowledge are required to do this business. One can start the vermicompost production business with small investment capital. The demand for high-quality vermicompost is really high. You can start a vermicompost production business even in your backyard because it doesn’t require huge land.

28. Jaggery Production

Starting jaggery production is another agriculture business ideas. You can start the jaggery production business with small to medium capital investment. Establish a jaggery producing unit near a sugarcane farm is highly profitable. You can directly contact farmers for sugarcane.

29. Lobster Farming

Starting commercial lobster farming is another agriculture business model for you. The demand for lobsters in the world market is huge and it’s getting more popular day by day. Initially, you can start lobster farming through a pond management system with small capital investment.

30. Dal Milling

Dal milling is a versatile agriculture business ideas. An entrepreneur can start this business with proper knowledge of execution.

31. Seed Farming

Each and every farming industry requires good quality of seeds. Growing seeds for business purposes is another small capital investment business opportunity. You can start this business with a proper business plan.

32. Shrimp Farming

In the species of fish, farming shrimps have the highest market potential around the world. Starting shrimp farming is a very profitable business idea as it has the highest export opportunity. There are many types of shrimps available for the farming business you can select any species as per market demand.

33. Rice Farming

Rice farming is another agricultural business idea for you. The market potential for rice farming is massive. The demand for rice is not only in Asian countries but all over the world. Around 90% of the world’s rice is consumed in Asian counties. The proper location for rice farming is very important.

34. Pig Farming

agriculture business ideas

Pig farming is a very popular and lucrative business idea. One can start pig farming with moderate capital investment. But remember succeeding in pig farming business is not an easy task. It requires time, energy, and money. Initially, for 10 to 15 pigs you can use barn method for pig farming.

35. Tomato Processing

Another interesting agriculture business ideas are tomato processing. There are lots of tomato-based products in the world. Tomatoes at cheap rates are very easily available in the Asian market.  You can purchase seasonal tomatoes and process them and then sell it to big companies who generally make ketchup etc. Also, starting a tomato processing business doesn’t require huge space and capital investment.

36. Herbs Farming

Herbs farming is a popular agriculture business ideas. There are many types of herbs like basil, oregano, parsley, mint, etc. You can start the herb farming business with small capital investment. Also, there are medicinal herbs too. Initially, you can start herb farming from a small space then gradually increase it. Conducting proper market research is very important before investing money in this business.

37. Bamboo Farming

Commercially bamboo farming has a lot of benefits. Bamboo farming is very easy and simple. Also, bamboo crops have very high weather resistance which reduces the risk of ruing your hard work. Nowadays the demand for bamboo is increasing because people are more tend to buy fashionable bamboo furniture’s rather than the ordinary one

38. Sugarcane Farm

Starting sugarcane farming is a highly profitable agriculture business project. According to the research, sugarcane is the most commercially grown crops. Also, growing sugarcane crop requires care, management, and specific region to grow.

39. Baby Plant Farming

Baby planting is a method where you grow plants in small pots and sell them to commercial farmers. Starting baby planting is highly profitable and also has low competition in this field.

40. Nuts Farming

Nuts farming and processing is another agricultural activity. You can start nuts processing and farming business with small to medium capital investment. Brief knowledge and guidance is highly recommended to succeed in this business

41. Frozen Meat Production

Nowadays people are more tend to buy frozen meat directly from the supermarket. With a small investment and proper instruction, you can start this business too. It’s important to do a market analysis before jumping into the business.

42. Aloe Vera Farming

Aloe Vera farming is another profitable agricultural business. Gradually people are getting aware of aloe vera uses. Now only aloe vera products but raw aloe vera has good market potential. Growing aloe vera is very easy and you can start it with small capital investment.

43. Pigeons Farming

Starting pigeon farming is a very profitable, interesting, and fun activity. Also, the demand for pigeons in the worldwide market is quite high. The meat of pigeons is highly popular and quite expensive too. You can start pigeon farming with small capital investment. Additionally, the proper marketing strategy will give you good returns.

44. Earth Worm Farming

Yeah! You heard it right. We are talking about worm farming. Worms are basically organic fertilizer also known as vermiculture. Starting a worm farming business in the backyard is highly recommended. The demand for earthworms increases in the summer and winter season. Initially, worm farming doesn’t require much capital investment.

45. Fruit Juice Production

With a small investment, you can start your fruit juice production. You can contact farmers to collect raw fruits directly from farms which will reduce your production cost. Nowadays healthy fruit juices are more popular than canned ones.

46. Offer Planting Service

Planting service is a business where you work on farmers fielded instead of yours. If you do not have land for farming but still want to start an agriculture business then this is the best idea for you. Also, you can provide manpower to other farmers and help them increase their productivity.

47. Rajnigandha Farming

Rajnigandha also knows as tuberose. You can start rajnigandha farming with small to medium capital investment. If you want you can buy a bulb of rajnigandha easily in the market or online.

48. Basket Production

With the help of a few more people, you can start a basket production business with a very small investment. Handmade baskets have high demand in the market because they are cheap in comparison to other products. Before that, you have to learn the skills of basketry.

49. Honey Production

Starting honey production is on the forty-ninth position on the 50 agriculture business ideas. Honey is largely consumed all over the world. The demand for pure honey is always high and people are hungry for it. Also, honey has many health benefits which rapidly increase its demand. Therefore, proper knowledge and caution are highly required in this business.

50. Potato Chips Production

Potato chips production is one of the most popular small scale business models. Chips can be made from a manual or automated process. You can start potato chips making a business from home too.


So, those are the most profitable agriculture business ideas on the list. You can select any of the business ideas which fit your interests and needs. I hope and wish you all good luck for your agriculture business.

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