How To Start A Beauty Parlour – 10 Expert Steps Guide 2020

How To Start A Beauty Parlor

Looking to start a beauty parlour? if yes, then this article is for you. The beauty with business can never go blank. This is a profitable business. Everyone regardless of gender visits the beauty parlour. Girls, boys, women and men hit the beauty parlour frequently. There are various items involved in this business. This might be a profitable business but in the beginning, you need to earn your reputation.

You need good capital as well as human resources to start this business. You should find your niche first, this will help you develop your customer base. Good employees who are efficient and have expertise in their work along with services that would be worth receiving.

It is estimated that the beauty industry itself generates $6 billion and hair alone brings 24% of the total revenue. This business is dependent on heavy investment. If you can spare money you are ready to go.

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Steps involved in Starting A Beauty Parlour

There are various factors that you need to take care of when starting a beauty parlour.

1. Business Plan

At first, you need to plan your business and then start working on it. Make a plan about your employees, your location, your Equipment, target customers, etc. Then you will have to issue some licenses for the parlour. The license includes fire safety license, you need to get a recognition certificate from any good brand or well-known person form the beauty industry, health and cleanliness license.

2. Choosing The Location

One of the most important aspects that boost the growth of any business. A proper location is all you need for the expansion and popularity of your store. The cultural, social and economic aspects are very important considerations when choosing a location. Remember to make space for car parking. This is also an important aspect to remember when you choose your location.

3. Pick A Name

The next tough job is to pick a name for your parlour. If you are taking up a franchise, it’s not a headache. But if you are opening your own parlour you need to think about a unique name. A business name should be something that can be remembered easily. Buy a domain name and start marketing even before you are opening the store physically.

4. Decide The Services

Think of the services you are going to provide in your parlour. One of the toughest jobs is to decide the services because every service you provide will need an expert and different equipment too. The general services can be hair cuts, waxing, threading, facials, spa, manicure, pedicures etc. If you are thinking of expanding your area you need to provide beauty clinic services too. If you are thinking of a unisex parlour, you need to arrange your area according to it.

5. Hire Trained Beauticians

Hiring beauticians are a costly business. You need to provide them with a salary and other basic demands. You need to decide about their uniform and training.

6. Design Your Parlour

Designing the parlour is a hectic job. Everything depends on the looks of your parlour. The ambience you are creating will directly affect your customers. You will be needing different stuff like sofas, mirrors, chairs, water points, electrical points, power points. You need to pick a particular theme for your parlour. Themes should go with your services and prices. Consult an interior designer for expert advice on interiors for parlours. If you have any ideas do share it with them.

7. Tools That You Need To Buy Before Starting

There are hundreds of different items needed for a beauty parlour. We will mention here about some of the most important and general stuff that you need to buy.

Hairpins, barber’s comb, salon styling aprons, salon trolly, professional scissors, first aid box, a faucet for hair was, basin, cotton wool, manicure and pedicure sets, hairdryers, straighteners, hair curlers, haircutting apron, foot pads for toe separation, tweezers, acetone for nail polish removal, Nail polish, soaps and shampoo dispensers, hair colouring sets, hair colours, hot and cold wax, wax strips, tissues, towels, oils, amora oils, facial creams, UV sterilizers, stretch headbands, neck rest, water spray bottles, makeup removers, makeup items, professional makeup brush sets and blackhead removal kits. There are other advanced beauty machines too for facial massages and body massages.

Use cruelty-free products, beginner products, organic products, natural skincare products, sustainable beauty practices and eco-friendly cleaning products.

8. Be Serious With Marketing

Marketing is the most important part of any business. You may set up a palace but without marketing your palace won’t be a palace. Well, there are various ways of marketing. Take help of hoardings, flyers, leaflets or advertising in magazines or newspapers.

The most effective way of marketing is using social media. Facebook, Instagram, twitter every social media has the potential to promote your business to heights. Paid promotions are also available if you wish to make your post reach more people. Attract people with different offers and discounts. Use attractive images that will hit the youngsters. Your most important customers will be youngsters. They will help promote your business.

Put offers during festivals. That will surely attract customers to your Parlour. Once you gain their trust you will make your brand loyalty.

9. Talk To Distributors

You need to talk to distributors who will provide you with beauty products like shampoo, moisturizer, conditions, etc. Contact national distributors because they will be able to provide you with international beauty products. Your choice of products and employees will directly affect your customer base.

10. Connect With Your Clients

You will earn a profit because of your clients. Therefore client satisfaction is the most important aspect in every business. You might charge Premium prices but make sure they get that premium quality service. Good behaviour will help you make strong customer bonding. It will also help you create your brand’s loyalty.

Bonus: How To Create A Good Ambience?

You and your employee’s behaviour will determine if the customer will visit again or not. For that ambience, you need to keep your parlour clean and smell free. Use nature as much as possible.

Decorate your parlour with trees. Use the light carefully. Don’t make it too bright in the waiting room. The waiting room should be very soothing and serene. Play soft music for the clients to relax. Keep napkins, towels etc available. Keep the toilets clean.


It is very important that you know the industry well before you decide to dive into it. Every business is profitable if you know how to do it. Beauty parlours are one of the most profitable ones. Your employees and the ambience you will create for the clients will determine your future of the business.

This is a very brief guide for the aspiring beauty parlour owners. We hope this will help you initially to make a plan. Help you buy the essentials and decide about the employees you are about to keep. Thank you for reading this article!

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