How to Get Big Bazaar Franchise [Cost, Profit & Process]

How to Get Big Bazaar Franchise

Big Bazaar Franchise: The retail trade is widening every passing day in India. It is one of the quick-thriving industries alongside the food industry that supports 10 percent of the overall GDP in India. If you are seeking a magnificent start-up idea that will draw you with a profitable sum without retirement, investing for Big Bazaar Franchise will be a great option.

With the mission of being the trendsetter in every category of product manufacturing & sales, Big bazaar has come up with franchise outlets across the country. Unlike regular hypermarkets, Big Bazaar is ready with solutions to the minute needs of every family. From your daily bathing soap to baby food to French lavender perfumes, you can get everything at a Big Bazaar store.

About Big Baazar

In 2001, they launched Big Bazaar as a departmental store. Mr. Kishore Biyani led the initiative under the father company ‘Future Group’. The retail chain comprises grocery stores, departmental stores along with hypermarkets. Later, it broadened its sphere in the fashion market too.

The Big Bazaar franchise is an enormous deal of business. Also, the company promises commissions on products to an individual share of profits alongside individual incomes. The overall success of the Big Bazaar franchise is sky-high for many superior reasons. This is one reason you should aspire to own a Big Bazaar franchise.

Besides these, in this article, we shall see what are the other benefits of owning the Big Bazaar franchise.

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The Demand of Big Bazaar Franchise

Owning a Big Bazaar franchise is a golden opportunity for every businessman. Why? Because it offers a wide range of products under the same roof.

From renowned to fresh brand names, fruits, vegetables, stationeries, household items, daily groceries, electric appliances, and kitchenware. In fact, there is nothing that Big Bazaar does not sell.

Market Potential of Big Bazaar Franchise

In the year 2018, the sales and other operating income of the company showed a boom From 17 crores to 18.5 crore rupees having a year growth of 8.22%. In fact, the sales growth of the company showed a record of 9.9% in the same year.

Also, Big Bazaar has its wholehearted dedication to customer satisfaction. becoming the owner of a Big bazaar franchise will overall profit you as a successful businessman along with a generous amount of profit.

Key Benefits of Opening a Big bazaar franchise

Just now, the owners of Big Bazaar company has invested a requisite amount of cash in re-designing Big Bazaar stores all across India. Their sole motive was to improve customer satisfaction from every single store. In fact, the little changes adapted by the company have led in a sales increase by total 11.5% per square feet with an annual increase of 13.4% from each store.

Besides that, one of the major reasons to own the Big Bazaar franchise today is because of the company investments.

  • Big Bazaar is increasing its network with sub-networks like Heritage Fresh stores and Easy Day.
  • The company is inclining into increasing the business potential of up to 10,000 stores.
  • The idea is to have a boom in sales by allocating a Big Bazaar store at every two-kilometer radius in urban India.

With such an initiative, the company can do business at lower cost rates than e-commerce and e-retail store models. Therefore, now is the best time to invest money into starting the Big Bazaar franchise

How to Open a Big Bazaar Franchise

Big Bazaar Franchise

To begin with, follow the steps below –

  • Visit the official website of Big bazaar.
  • Fill up the franchise registration form. Be sure to enter all the details with accurate information.
  • Submit the application form online.
  • Lastly, wait for the company employees to contact you via phone/email.

#1. Application Process

like every other business, there is a definite process of establishing your Big Bazaar Franchise:

  • Legal things: Apart from the money, you will need certain licenses and agreements. The company wants its franchisors to have a cream location before making the last deal. You must check and sign all the legal documents and make a mutual understanding with the father company.
  • Hiring Process: once the formalities are over, you can proceed with the hiring procedure. Be sure to hire experienced, sensible, and hard-working employees. Choose the ones good in customer dealings.
  • Training: They can guide other inexperienced workers, help the customers, and take charge of the floor. Experienced staff will manage every corner of the store as their workspace.
  • Grand welcome: once you are over with the above hiring and signing procedures, it is now time to decorate the shop. Shelf the items in their allocated place, decorate the store and gladly welcome the customers. Do not forget to include special discount offers on the day of your opening of Big bazaar franchise. Spread pamphlets seven days before you open your store mentioning the offers you’re providing. Make the first impression over-whelming, a little less profitable but promising.

#2. Eligibility Criteria

Since the Big bazaar franchise is an enormous deal of investment, it is better if you have any prior experience of business. It is suitable if your business partner has any previous experience. When no employees have experience in the field, try to do proper research before taking the last call. Remember, it is not an investment of a lakh or two. So think and act!

#3. Big Bazaar Franchise Cost

Big bazaar franchisee demands its franchisor to have a superior sum of money as an investment. From legal processes to set up, it will need a handsome amount of money. So, here is the big bazaar franchise cost:

  • The setup charges are 5 lakh rupees
  • 5 lakhs as a refundable security deposit

If you are not confident about the money you have, you can take request a loan from banks. There are certain banks that invest in profitable businesses like Big bazaar franchise. However, you have to convince them about your idea and policies. It is necessary to have enough capital for this business, so you can see a new horizon of profit.

#4. Profit Potential

A Big bazaar franchise owner can have a 3-15% commission depending on the products they sell. How ever, the income potential is unlimited. Additionally, if you wish to carry out a recognition program for your store, that comes as a free trip!

Contact Information

Official Address – Big Bazaar, 4th Floor, Tower C, 247 Park, LBS Marg, Vikhroli (West). Mumbai – 400 083

Toll-Free Number

  1.  Big bazaar & food bazaar & FBB – 1800 2662 255
  2.  Ezone – 1800 2100 005
  3.  For easy day and heritage – 1800 2100 008
  4.  Future pay – 1800 2101 818
  5.  Foodhall – 1800 267 3333


There is no denying that Big Bazaar is a household name to every address. In Fact, it has enormous market reach, a sound reputation which is why franchisors seek Big Bazaar franchise under their brand name. If you have not consulted with the company till now, start your franchise business with Big Bazaar today!

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