Burger King Franchise – Procedure | Eligibility | Cost | Contact No.

If you are into fast food, you might know that the Burger King franchise is the second-largest hamburger line in the United States. At present Burger King has more than 14000 outlets in more than one hundred countries.

This company mainly narrows down in making burgers, chicken, veggies, salads, and also desserts. This is a quite well-known brand for burger lovers.

Over 11 million people visiting the Burger king stores around the world consistently proves the fact. This particular brand is also quite notable for providing top-quality service to the customers and also the food they serve is extraordinary in taste.

Burger King Franchise

Also, you will get the food items to buy at a comparatively lower price than many other similar fast food shops. This article mainly deals with Burger King franchise India.

Here, you will get a complete understanding of how you can start your own business with Burger King in India. This includes the investment, eligibility criteria, and the plus points of choosing a Burger King franchise.

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How did Burger King Franchise Start?

A man named Keith Kramer planned to start a restaurant business of his own along with his wife’s uncle Matthew Burns in 1953. He was from Jacksonville, Florida. They actually got a big inspiration from the original McDonald’s in San Bernardino in California.

They purchased a new and distinctive grilling machine known as the Insta Broiler. Hence, they named the restaurant “Insta-Burger King.”

After a couple of years, this idea came to be something good as it had grown into various restaurant locations.

A pair of Cornell University classmates named James McLamore and David Edgerton picked it up.

The next thing to happen was McLamore and Edgerton ended up buying an Insta-Burger King franchise in Miami in 1954. Being a metropolitan area the business plan was just perfect for them to start.

Insta-Burger got pretty famous within 1959. McLamore and Edgerton bought the entire company from Kramer and Burns as they faced a financial downfall.

By the year 1961, McLamore and Edgerton redesigned the brand like Burger King and it started spreading its branches all over the United States.

Then in 1967, Burger King went to the hands of the Pillsbury Company. They purchased it for 18 million dollars.

At the end of 1970, Burger King earned the title of being the second-largest burger line in America. And, now, well you know.

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#1. Why you should Open Burger King Franchise?

Well, there must be a reason you would love to buy a franchise and start a business with Burger King. This piece mainly deals with starting with the Burger King franchise in India and so, you need to understand on the basis of that.

Indians are the ones who belong to that section of the humankind who love to eat fast foods like burgers, pizzas, desserts, drinks, and hundreds of other similar delicious dishes. So, if you start your own business with Burger King in India it will obviously be quite profitable for you.

Also, this is one of those companies that once fought against bullying and it takes part in several social activities. Therefore, it is hopeful that you would choose to start a business with a company that actually fights for making the society a better place to live in.

Burger King is also a pretty common name that is on the tip of many tongues of Indian food lovers. Also, the company comes up with many offers almost throughout the whole year. This is something exciting for people.

There are almost 200 Burger King outlets located around the whole country already and many new outlets will be opening soon in other parts of the country as well. This, as a result, would be very easy for people to reach for their favorite burger place.

So, this can be enough for you to understand why to open your own Burger King outlet in India.

#2. Eligibility Criteria for Burger King Franchise

Starting afresh business in the Burger King world is not as difficult as you might think it can be. But, there is a certain set of things that you need to remember while setting off with it.

  • The first thing that you need in order to run a business in the food realm is to acquire a good knowledge of the recipes and the quality that the particular company offers.
  • The second thing that Burger King would check if you want to own an outlet is whether you have a prime retail property that too at a primary spot.
  • If you are fit in the points of reference the Burger King Corporation (BKC) would hire you as the owner of the franchise. Then, they would be giving you a tip as a commission on the sales they would be making at your property.
  • An additional royalty fee of 4.5% is a part of the franchise agreements. Another important thing that you must know is that the franchise incomes vary from location to location.

#3. Where can you Start Up the Business?

Burger King provides you to run a franchise on the basis of three kinds of locations and areas. Let us have a quick look at that part.

1) Institutional Locations

The name itself makes the type of area pretty clear. It includes factories, educational centers, amusement parks, bus stations, airports, railway stations, corporate campuses, zoos, any government building location, and so on.

2) Commercial Areas

If it is a commercial area then BKC will open an outlet in a shopping mall. The company does not share any common location with any other business.

3) Non-conventional Location

There are other locations where you can get to set up a business with Burger King outlet. For instance, food service, gas stations, retail, and convenience stores.

#4. Do You Need Training?

Yes. Training is a must in this company. If you are going to start with a franchise, being a franchisee you will have to accomplish the franchisor’s training program.

Basically, the training is held in a particular location mentioned by the franchisor. There are authorized training centers which are at some particular restaurants where Burger King will call you for giving you the training.

You get the main training along with the additional training for Directors to manage present works. Also, you need to attend some seminars on management courses and developing operational skills.

You need to pay a certain amount if you are getting the training as a franchisee to the franchisor/training centers.

#5. Burger King Franchise Cost:-

If you own a restaurant as a franchisee of the Burger King Corporation, you have to use the place for Burger King only.

You have to keep the restaurant open for the minimum hours and days according to the agreement you made with the franchisor.

A Burger King outlet has to issue for sale and sell those products in the shop which are particularly sanctioned by the franchisor in the manual or agreement.

Also, you need to know about an average investment capital that you have to pay to start up your career with Burger King Franchise India.

Well, there is no confirmed value as I have mentioned earlier that BK prices differ from place to place. So, investments may vary as well. But, an average estimated Burger King Franchise India value is approximately Rs. 2.5 Crores.

#6. Contact Details of Burger King India

Planning to commence with Burger King franchise India, then you need to get in touch with them in their office.

Burger King India Office Details

Address: Burger King India Pvt Ltd., Mittal Commercial, Hasad Pada Road, Andheri East, Near Marol Naka, Chimatpada, Mumbai – 400059

Call them at 022 7193 3099

Burger King Franchise India website: www.burgerkingindia.in


So, that was all you needed to know if you want to own a Burger King outlet in India. So, why wait? Connect and get started to step towards a delicious future.

A business can grow from a single shop to a thousand outlets of that shop all around the world. Thanks to Keith Kramer and Matthew Burns for coming up with it.

So, if you want to start a career in this field and get established with a huge success, Burger King Corporation can be a great thing to start with.

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