12 Business with 50000 Rupees Investment – Highly Profitable

So, you want to start your own business with 50000 thousand rupees? Well, my friend, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will discuss 12 business with 50000 rupees investment.

Everyone wants to start their own business but because of financial problem and low budget we always give up the idea of doing our own business. But since you have decided to start your own business I have gathered 12 business with 50000 rupees investment which you can start immediately.

       12 Business with 50000 Rupees Investment

12 Business with 50000 Rupees Investment

1. Pickle making business

Pickles making is another business ideas with 50000 investments which you can start right now. Homemade pickles are always in demand and preferable by most people rather than packaging one. The profit is quite high in this business. If you want to start pickle making business you can start it from your home.


  1. A place to make pickles – recommended terrace (ghar ki chhat)
  2. Ingredients for making pickles
  3. Shop to sell pickles

2. Pani Puri Stall

I’m sure you have eaten tasty tangy pani puris on a stall. Pani puri business is one of the best businesses to start in India. But before you start thinking more about this business you must be must be prepared to work hard at starting. Making pani puri is not everyone’s cup of tea this require cooking skills to make crunchy puries.


  1. Pani puri stall: 20 thousand
  2. Ingredients:  Wheat flour and oil for puris, Potato, and spices for filling and tamarind for spicy water
  3. Estimated cost 30 thousand

3. Grocery delivery

Grocery delivery business is one of the best business plans which you can start with 50000 or less investment. In order to start this business first, you have to decide the type of items you want to deliver also you have to check the market for your costumes.


  1. Vehicle to transport
  2. Labors

4. Tea and snack Stall

This is a very popular and old business with 50000 rupees investment. Opening a tea and snacks stall near a crowded area is always profitable. Taste and quality are required to stand out in this business. Snacks like samosa, kachori etc goes very well with a hot cup of tea


  1. A stall (rented or own)
  2. Cook to prepare hot snacks

5. Chat Stalls

Chat stall is very popular and it has the highest profit margin compared to other business ideas. Chats like samosa chat, dahi vada, papdi chat are usually sold quickly. If you have a budget of rupee 50k you can start this business. First, if you want to start a chat selling business you have to check if there is already a stall holding the position and then go further.


  1. A mobile stall
  2. Ingredients to prepare chats
  3. And a cook

6. Fast food joint

A small mobile fast food joint is a very popular business idea on our list. The popularity of street food is quite high and opening a mobile fast food shop is a good idea.


  1. A mobile shop
  2. Ingredients to prepare food
  3. Also, a chief if you can’t cook

7. Mobile Repairing

New generation kids can’t live without smartphones and if you open a mobile repairing shop near the crowded place or a well running a mobile shop you can definitely earn good money. In order to start this business you have to choose a place for your shop (rented or own) and then you will have to buy a repairing toolkit and you can start.


  1. A shop – rented or own
  2. Repairing tools

8. Computer repairing

Similar to mobile repairing, computer repairing shop is another popular business which comes under 50,000. But there are many shops that are already doing this business and if you want to stand out in this field you must provide good service at a cheap price.


  1. A place for your shop: (rent or own)
  2. Repairing tools: cost approx 5k-10k

9. Popcorn machine

Mobile popcorn business is very much trendy nowadays and you can start this too with just a small amount of investment. The biggest advantage of this popcorn machine is that you can move around to sell the popcorns.


  1. Popcorn machines: cost around 15 thousand
  2. Ingredients: 5 thousand (approximately)

10. Xerox and Printing

Xerox and printing business is a very common business which you can start with a small investment. If you want to start Xerox and printing shop you will require a Xerox machine which cost approximately 12k-15k and a computer for printing cost around 18k -20k


  1. A place for your shop (rent or own)
  2. Xerox machine: 12k – 15k
  3. Computer for printings: 18k-20k

11. Garment Tailoring

Garment tailoring is another business which you can start with 50k capital or even less. It is one of the best businesses with 50 thousand rupees. The demand always goes up during the vacations. All you have to do it to find a suitable place for your shop (own or rental) and a chewing machine. If you know sticking you can do it by yourself otherwise you have to hire a professional for the business.


  1. A chewing machines:  Estimated cost 15k
  2. Tailoring items: Estimated cost 10k
  3. Rent for a place: 3 to 4 thousand (per month)

12. Egg dishes Stall

After pani puri stall, Egg dishes stall is another famous business ideas with 50000 thousand. If you are interested in egg dish stall you can start it at your locality. If you have cooking skills you can cook the dishes yourself or you can always hire a good cook (His salary about 6k to 10k).


  • Wood Stall: estimated cost 30 thousand
  • Ingredients: estimated cost 10 thousand for everything
  • Pots (bartan) estimated to cost 10 thousand for all

Conclusion: so that’s was the 12 business with 50000 rupees investment which you can start immediately. If you have any questions related to the articles do comment below and let us know.

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