30 Hot Business Ideas & Opportunity in Bangalore

If you want to start a business in the city like Bangalore then you definitely need to have some practical experiences. By only reading articles it’s not possible. But if you want to have some hot business ideas that you can start in Bangalore then you should definitely read this article. In this article, you will find 30 hot business ideas and opportunity in Bangalore that you can start with small to medium capital investment. So here are the hot 30 business ideas that you can start in Bangalore.

1. Automobile Shop

In Bangalore, you will find there are many vehicles running on the road. Starting a small automobile shop is highly profitable. The good point is that you can start this business small capital investment and the profit is instant.

2. Maid Agency

business ideas in Bangalore - Maid Agency

People are very busy in Bangalore thus the demand for maids are quite high. If you have good managing and communication skills then you should definitely try this out. Also, you are solving a big problem of finding a trustable maid for your clients.

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3. Beauty Parlor

As you know that the demand for beauty parlor is always high. If you have a budget problem you can always start it from your home and gradually expand it as your client increases. Investing in a beauty parlor is never a bad idea as it’s a forever running business model.

4. Tailoring

Tailoring is a forever green business with no recorded downfall in history. If you love sewing and stitching then this business is for you. Opening a tailoring shop in the city like Bangalore is never a bad idea. One of the best business ideas that you can do in Bangalore without investment.

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5. Event Planning Agency

Busy city means more events thus starting an event planning agency is a highly profitable business opportunity in Bangalore. Birthday party, wedding, meetings, private parties are considered mainly.

6. Massage Parlor

This is another hot business opportunity in Bangalore. A well-running massage parlor earns six figures every month. With a moderate investment, you should consider starting a massage parlor in Bangalore city.

7. Fast Food Shop

Just like any other city Bangalore also has fast food lovers. I’m sure you have seen a big number of people crowding near fast food shops. If you are a food lover like me then you should definitely consider starting this business. Among the list, fast food shop is considered one of the best business ideas in Bangalore.

8. Custom Gift Shop

This is another interesting business idea in Bangalore. A designed custom gift shop mainly focusing on events like valentine’s day, wedding anniversary, birthdays and parties are the business model. I would recommend you to start this business now because later maybe competition rises.

9. Manpower Service-Providing

Almost each and every industry needs manpower. In fact, without manpower, no industry can properly function. Starting a manpower supply agency is quite easy and it doesn’t require much investment either.

10. Wi-Fi Coffee Parlor

A small decorated coffee parlor that also provides free Wi-Fi to customers is the deal. Starting this business doesn’t require high capital investment or specific skills. Keep in mind proper planning and initiation is the key to success.

11. Laundry Services

People are very busy in Bangalore thus they hardly get time to laundry their clothes. It considers as one of the most profitable business opportunity. Starting a laundry business doesn’t require any qualification or skill. You can start this business from small to medium capital investment.

12. Mobile Repairing Shop

This business is growing very fast and I would say you should also start this business. There are many that are already doing this business but not all are making big. Proper customer dealing with good service at an affordable price is the key to success. Also, never try to cheat your customers; it may collapse your business.

13. Recruitment Firm

Recruitment firm is an agency who provides jobs to job seekers. Basically, they do the middle man job by sending the right candidate to the interview. The growth in recruitment firm agency in the recent year is huge thus this gives an opportunity to young the entrepreneurs who want to start their business.

14. Babysitting Agency

Babysitting agency has grown rapidly in recent years. The demand for babysitting service has increased due to lack of time. In popular cities, you will see that both parents are going to work to support their family. In this case, starting a small babysitting agency is a highly profitable business idea.

15. Organic Vegetable Shop

In Bangalore, you will find a large portion of the population is health conscious thus the market for organic veggies is quite big. Renting a small shop is required to start off your business. Purchasing directly from farmers is the best idea to increase your revenue.

16. Local Transportation Business

This is another profitable business idea that you can start in Bangalore. Transportation services like bus, truck or local auto. A young entrepreneur with little or no experience can start this business.

17. Open a Gym

Starting a gym is easy but making is successful is hard. One of the major factors that contribute to the success of a gym is located. It’s very important to find your ideal target clients. Also, it depends on your budget will decide the size of your gym. A fully loaded gym is more favorable by clients than the ordinary one.

18. Catering Business

Small or big every function, wedding, birthday party, etc needs the best catering service. Catering business may seem easy but trust me it’s not.  To start a successful catering business you need to preplan each and every step. Also, I would recommend you to have some real experience in the field before investing your money.

19. Bike Repairing Service

Starting a bike repairing service is a forever running and profitable business. You can start this business from very small capital investment. If you have skills and knowledge you can repair them yourself otherwise hiring a professional is the best option.

20. Market Research Agency

There are a lot of companies that do surveys from time to time to gather people’s experiences and feedback about their product or service. A market research agency collects all information from people for the companies

21. Used Car Dealership

Dealing is second-hand cars is another hot business opportunity that you can grab. Starting a used car dealership business doesn’t require any special skill or knowledge and almost anyone can start it with small capital investment.

22. Custom Jewelers Shop

For ladies, jewelry is an important part of their life but not everyone can afford to buy gold or silver jewelry thus custom jewelry come handy. The market is very big for custom jewelry also you can start this business with small to medium investment.

23. Internet Café

It’s a profitable business opportunity only when there is less or no competition in the area where you are planning to open the business. Internet café is an easy and steady business idea that provides effective active income. Also, you can start form fillings service to increase your revenue.

24. Xerox and Printing Shop

With a small capital investment, you can start this business. It has one of the highest market potentials in the city like Bangalore. But before investing I would advise you to check the competition. It is a profitable business only when there are no or fewer competitors around you.

25. Phone Recharge and Accessories Shop

A small roadside shop mainly focused on mobile phone recharging and accessories like earphones, charger, and battery are the business idea. It may seem small but trust me there many people who earn 30,000 to 50,000 per month. Also, you can start cell phone repairing too.

26. Start a Bakery

business ideas in Bangalore - Bakery

A bakery is another evergreen business idea that you can open in Bangalore. As you know Bangalore is a very busy city and people are crazy for foods and baked goodies are always desirable. With innovative designs and taste, you can jump into this business.

27. Cleaning Service

Cleaning occupies a wide area and the most important part is that you can start it from small capital investment. Firstly, it’s important to register your company name to get it authorized then you can invest in advertising to attract clients if you have budget otherwise mouth to mouth and free methods will work too.

28. Hair Salon

Starting a gent’s hair salon in Bangalore is another hot business opportunity and ideas. Not only women but men also started focusing on their styling and grooming. You can start this business from small to medium capital investment. Quality of grooming products, hygiene and cleaning is also important in the success of this business

29. Open a Boutique

Business Ideas in Bangalore - Boutique

This is another trendy business opportunity in Bangalore. Starting a boutique is a highly profitable business idea. There are various types of boutique options available so before starting it’s very important to choose your niche (category).

30. Smart Tutoring Service

Things are changing with time thus education style too. Nowadays parents prefer sending their kids to smart education centers. Smart tutoring includes using videos, pictures and other methods of teaching. In Bangalore, coaching center is the best business ideas among others.

Summing Up!

So the above is the list of top 30 Hot Business Ideas & Opportunity that you can start in Bangalore. Starting any business requires patience, hard work, and experience. Apart from business ideas in Bangalore, we have other interesting articles too. Hope you read them as well.

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