25 Hot Business Ideas and Opportunity in Chennai 2019

25 Hot Business Ideas and Opportunity in Chennai 2019
                                                     25 Hot Business Ideas and Opportunity in Chennai 2019

Looking for business ideas in Chennai? Are you thinking to start your own business in Chennai? If you are confused in selecting a profitable business then this article will help you. In this article, I have talked about 25 hot business ideas in Chennai which you can start with small to mid-range of capital investment.

Chennai with a population of 71 lakhs offers a great opportunity for the small and big entrepreneur. Chennai, also known as the capital of Tamil Nadu is the most favorite destination spot of foreigners. Also, it has one of the largest market potentials for the transportation business

1. Maid Agency

In Chennai, most of the women also do jobs thus the demand for housemaids is very high in the metropolitan city like Chennai. Finding a good maid for housework is a difficult task and as a small entrepreneur you should grab the opportunity and convert it into a business model.

2. Fast Food Center

If you want to be rich then opening a fast food center in Chennai is the best opportunity. Serving fast food at an affordable price with good hygiene is the plan. There are many types of fast foods that people of Chennai loves to eat.

Location is the first important thing in the success of any fast food center so choose a location with a running crowd. Apart from location, it’s necessary to care about cleaning & hygiene.

3. Hair Salon

Not only ladies but gents visit salon very often to keep up their style with the latest trend. Starting a small gent’s salon in Chennai is highly profitable. With a small capital investment, you can easily start this business. The initial capital investment would be like 1 to 2 lakhs including shop rent, equipment, decoration and salary of the hair stylist.

4. Disposable Plates

The demand for the disposable paper plate is increasing rapidly because of their availability in the market. These types of plates are mainly used to serve foods thus; the market potential for the disposable paper plate is wide. Starting your disposable paper plates manufacturing is a great business opportunity in Chennai.

5. Automobile Repairing

Automobile repairing is always on top. If you want to invest a handsome amount then I would advise you to consider starting an automobile repairing business.

6. Mobile Repairing

After jio, the user base of smartphones has been increased rapidly. More smartphones mean more customers for mobile repairing centers. Starting a mobile repairing business is very easy and cost effective which means you can start it with 30,000-50,000 rupees which includes shop deposit, rent, requirements etc.

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7. Babysitting Agency

Babysitting agency is another hot business idea in Chennai. For working ladies, it’s very important to hire a babysitter to handle their babies while they are on work. Initialing a babysitting agency is an excellent business idea in Chennai. I would advise you to do proper market research to understand how much other maid agencies are charging and competition.

8. Tiffin Delivery Service

Tiffin delivery service is another hot business opportunity in the city like Chennai. People often leave early for office and don’t get enough time to pack their tiffin box. By starting a tiffin delivery service you can solve this problem also you can earn handsome amount of money.

9. Security Agency

Security agency provides security guards to housing blocks, corporate structure, and individuals. Strong management and communication skills are required to acquire potential clients. Also, it’s advisable to register your company to legalize your business; also it will boost client trust in your company.

10. Travelling Agency

Chennai is the most visited city by foreigners so starting a traveling agency is highly profitable. If you have a tourism background or experience in traveling then you should consider opening a traveling agency in Chennai. Services that you can provide are; hotel booking, flight, train, cab booking, tour guide services etc.

11. Grocery Shop

Whether it’s Chennai or any other city a grocery shop runs everywhere. If you want to go with a safe option then you should go with a grocery shop. Starting a grocery store is the least risky business opportunity.

12. Chicken & Mutton Shop

This business is not for everyone but if you think you are ok with it then you can start it. Starting a chicken and mutton shop is the most profitable business idea. For regular selling, it’s recommended to tie up with a hotel or restaurant.

13. Tea Stall

Don’t underestimate a tea stall. You will never know the profit until you start it. With the highest profit margin tea stall is one of the best small yet powerful business ideas. Everyone loves a “kadak chai” first in the morning. Along with tea, you can also start selling snacks to increase your income. One of the best business ideas that you can do in Chennai.

14. Book Shop

Even now when you can find almost everything on the internet there are many books lovers. Apart from those big entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Warrant Buffet reads penalty of books and they know the importance of useful books.

Gradually with time, more people will understand the importance of books and within three to five years the demand for books will rise rapidly. If you want to start a book shop then the right time is now.

15. Transportation Service

Transport is considered the fastest growing business in Chennai. With medium to high capital investment, you can start the transportation business. There are many types of transport services and you have to select one of two niches in transport.

Transportation business is extremely expensive and risky business I would not recommend you to dive into the business without any prior experience. this is the highest profitability business compare to other business ideas in Chennai

16. Biryani Stall

Starting a biryani stall in Chennai is an extremely profitable business idea. Also, you can start this business with 5,000 to 10,000 rupees only. Initially, cook the biryani at your home and rent out a van/mobile food cart to sell your biryani. Once you start getting popular you can invest in the business to expand it.

17. Event Planner

An event planner is in the top position in the list of 25 business ideas in Chennai. For different types of events, you have to provide a different type of services, example for weddings; hall decoration, planning, and arranging of rituals, food arrangements (sometimes) etc. If you think you are good at planning things and can work under pressure then you should definitely try this.

18. Laundry Service

Laundry business is a cost-effective business idea in Chennai. Due to lack of time working people often prefer laundry service. Before initiating the business I would strongly recommend you to do market research to understand the demand and competition of the business in your area.

19. Beauty Parlor

A beauty parlor is definitely a profitable business idea in Chennai. Whether it’s man or women both are using beauty services. Of course, they have different beauty parlors but yeah they are using it. With a moderate capital investment, you can start a beauty parlor.

20. Xerox and Typing Shop

With a small investment, you can start a shop that provides services like Xerox, print outs, form fillup, scanning and internet surfing. Choosing a location near school, college or government office is highly recommended. But before investing your money in this business it’s very important to research the area to get knowledge about competition. This business is good only if the competition is low.

21. Breakfast Joint

Starting breakfast join in Chennai is definitely a profitable business idea. But it’s very important to understand the market. Analyzing what type of breakfast other shops are selling and what people actually want. If you can figure out the needs of people then your breakfast joint will surely hit.

22. Organic Food Shop

People are more health conscious nowadays thus they always prefer fresh and organic foods even if it’s slightly high in price. Since many foreign visitors visit there you should consider starting a fresh & organic food shop for health conscious people.

23. Small Hotel

Starting a small hotel near the IT sectors is another hot business idea in Chennai. There are many people that do not bring lunch with them and mostly eat in hotels. If you can offer tasty food at affordable prince then there is no chance to fail. Since it’s near an IT sector you will get more customers for lunch.

24. Recruitment Firms

A good recruitment firm helps big companies to select a proper candidate without taking many interviews. Also, it saves time, energy and money. Once your candidate gets a job you will automatically get handsome money from the company itself.

25. Mobile Food Cart

If you want to start a food-related business with low capital investment then you should definitely go with a mobile food cart. You can design your food vehicle in the budget to attract more customers. A mobile food cart is a cost-effective business model because it doesn’t require a steady place. I have seen many small mobile food carts that earn 50,000 per month. Among other business ideas in Chennai, you will find this business very easy to start.

Conclusion:  So, this is the list of 25 hot business ideas and opportunity in Chennai 2019. Before initiating any business it’s very important to write down a proper plan about investment, location, requirements etc. A well-defined plan is always an advantage for any business. Apart from this, I have more business ideas which you can start in Chennai.

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