20+ Small Business Ideas for College Students In 2020

business ideas for college students

Looking for business ideas for college students? Are you a college student aspiring to start your own business?  Making up your mind about business is a good idea. You can start building your business empire even when you are in college. The business industry is genuinely welcoming new entrepreneurs and there are financial facilities too.

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College or university will provide you a good ground for expanding your business from the beginning. We will talk about some of the unique business ideas for college students that you can start doing on a small or a large scale even during your college days.

20+ Small Business Ideas For College Students

To have fun we need money, and your college or university years are one of the most precious times. We generally need money to keep up with our lifestyle. Therefore we will help you earn with these simple business tricks. A part-time business will be your financial supporter amidst all these expenses.

1. Youtube Channel

It is very easy to earn handsomely from your youtube channel. If you are creative with your content, trust me you will start engaging a lot of people and in turn start earning. The ad facility by youtube will help you earn this money along with their own monetization schemes.you can choose any one topic you would love to make videos about.

2. Book Reseller

You can start your business by selling old books to book works. Set up your store if you want to or you can sell them online via different websites. Sales can be done physically too. Start by selling your old textbooks when you go up in your semester level. This will help students get books at a lower price and you are too getting half of the original price of your book.

3. Home Tutor

You can start home tutoring. This is a very easy way to earn. You are obviously having knowledge about a specific subject, don’t let it waste start sharpening your knowledge too with tuitions. You can help them get through their academic courses.

4. Social Media Influencer

If you think you have the ability to influence people to follow you, you should think of becoming a social media influencer. Different brands will approach you and this will help you earn a huge amount of money. Influencer helps change the lives of different people if you can target the right social cause and audience.

5. Podcasting

This is an easy way to show your potential to people. This is a work from the home facility and you can adjust the schedule according to availability at home.

6. Nanny Services

If you love children you can opt for this part-time business. Becoming a nanny needs a certificate which can be collected easily within 2 weeks. A short course in child care will help you.  You can work in your spare time and money while studying.

7. Dog Walker

If you love animals, you should think of dog walking as your side business. This is a very pleasant business idea and an ideal one for college students. You can sign up with local pet owners or pet stores. You can get leads from them and expand your business. This will even help you stay physically fit.

8. Pet Groomer

Again if you love animals, this is your best chance to stay in touch with them. Pet grooming services are highly demanding service. Pet grooming services include washing them, cutting their hairs and nails. Trust me you will enjoy this particular work if you love animals.

9. Website Developer

Tech-savvy students can start doing this fantastic business. Today the world is inclining towards online marketing and advertising. In this scenario, website development is a good business if you can click the right customers. You can earn a lot of money from this.

10. Graphic Designer

Do you know how to design logos? Trust me this is the time when you should enter this industry. This growing industry demands versatility and uniqueness in each of your work. If you are creative and have potential, start making money from this skill you already have.

11. Application Developer

Are you highly skilled in mobile technology? Then you should try developing applications for various customers who pay a handsome amount. Mobile apps make it easy for customers to reach you in just a touch. You can even make your own application and sell it in an app store.

12. T-shirt Designer

Do you like making customized T-shirts for yourself? Think of expanding your vision and start, making these for sale too. You can hand paint them or you can machine print them. Machines will cost a moderate amount of many. If you can afford it, start your own customized T-shirt making business.  This is a good business idea for college students.

13. Handcrafted Jewelleries

Do you love making and wearing different customized pieces of jewelry? Then, you would love to make it your part-time profession as well. You can sell these physically locally, also you can take the help of different websites that sell these kinds of customized pieces of jewelry. Amazon is a great website for you.

14. Blogging

If you love writing you should try out blogging as your part-time job. Blogging is one of the easiest ways to make money through online marketing. You write about your favorite topic and people while searching the internet ends up reading your blog. Also, you need good SEO  knowledge for making your blog searchable. You will earn money through it. Your blog will get different ads when you reach a certain point.  These companies will provide you money for showing their ads on your blog.

15. Affiliate Marketing

Blogging can also be a form of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can easily be described as the process by which your blog helps sell products for different manufactures when you review them. You just need to put a link from where they can buy the product and ta-da you will earn some money whenever they click on the link. You will also earn money when they make a sale through your website.

16. Home-made Soaps

Soap making does not need any course or any hard to find chemicals. You can easily make soaps at your home with very minimum raw material. Make the packing eco-friendly, add essence most popularly loved by all, make cute structures for kids and sell them. Sell them online or at events or craft stores or you can set up your own store.

17. Candle Maker

Candles are always in demand and if you have decorative candles your business is a success. Candles are generally used for decorative purposes for family parties or for date nights. Your unique designs can mesmerize two hearts in the light of your candle. Sell them personally or contact a candle seller or you can sell them online.

18. Photography

This is a trending business for youngsters. If you love doing photography give it a try and make it you can make it your profession as well. Photographers are always in demand. You just need to buy a good camera with a high-quality lens and learn some editing. You are ready to go!

19. Proofreader

Proofreaders are in high demand by various magazines or media companies. You can do this sitting right at your home. Online proofreaders are in high demand and they are even highly paid.

20. Freelance Content Writer

You will never have to go out to work. freelancers are not bound to work for any company.  You are not specified at a particular time. Also, you can work from home and earn up to 50K per month. You just need to prove your potential once and that’s it you are into this industry.  This is the best type of business idea for college students.


These 20 small and unique business ideas for college students are the ones in demand. If you look around, you will find plenty of business ideas suitable for you. We here in this article have literally tried to assemble some of the business ideas that need very small investments or no investments at all. You are your best judge. The type of business you are inclined to should only be decided by you.

We wish you all the best on our behalf.

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