20+ Small Business Ideas & Opportunity for Girls in 2020

business ideas for girls

Looking for business ideas for girls? If yes, then this article is for you. Firstly, it is important to identify the age group generally termed as girls. Any woman under the age of 25 falls under the category of girls. Therefore these business ideas are specially picked for college and university students.

These business ideas we have picked for you girls do not require any investments or can be done with very minimal investment.

These business ideas are also designed in a way that they don’t eat up your whole day, you can keep them as your part-time jobs. Do something that you love doing. Your part-timer should also be your passion. Only then you can become successful. Navigate through all of these ideas and pick the one that interests you most.

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Women need to be economically independent in every stage of their life. Therefore we will encourage you to start your own business and who knows you might become “Indra Nooyi”! Without wasting any more time, let’s start discussing these ideas briefly.

1#.List of the best business ideas for girls

Make your profession your passion or your passion for your profession to become successful. Let’s check what suggestions we have for you!

1. Freelance Blogger

Since you are at the college or university, you are into writing. We think it will be easy for you to grasp this profession because here you need to write about your favorite topics. You can work as a freelancer because that will provide you the flexibility of time. Freelancers earn well and also enjoy the freedom of work. You can even create your own blog about anything you would love to speak about and connect with larger masses.

2. Freelance Journalist

Are you a student of journalism? Utilize your spare time, earn practical knowledge. Working as a freelancer will provide you the freedom to work on your desired day. You can create your own youtube channel and publish your works. These must be authentic because anything false might get you into legal trouble.

3. Day-care For Senior Citizens

Do you love to work as a social worker? You should enroll yourself for day-care services for senior citizens. There are various agencies that operate this service and you can be their social worker. As a social worker, you will have to stay with them and help them in doing their daily activities. Their daily activities include grocery shopping, activities related to the bank, taking them on an evening walk, helping them get dressed, helping them while bathing, eating, etc.

A most important job is to make friends with them. No one listens to them, listens to them and half of your work is already done. Social workers are paid well.

4. Review Films

Do you have a vast knowledge of movies? Do you love watching movies? Can you watch movies at a stretch? Well, we have something to tell you about your dream job. You can literally become a freelance movie critique. Watch movies all day and then help people find out the right movies to watch.

A film critic generally reviews the movies they watch for your better understanding. You should create a blog where you can talk about movies. It should be an interactive platform where people can talk and share their views on different movies. You can even create Youtube videos on movie reviews.

5. Online Survey

Relax and provide your opinion to earn money. This needs no investment. You just need to have a laptop and an internet connection. Here you need to provide your opinion about various products and services.

6. Jewelry Making

Can you make unique and attractive pieces of Jewellery? Don’t waste an opportunity to earn money from this. Handmade jewelry is always in demand. You can sell them at your college fest, local stores or on various online sites like Etsy. If you have money we would suggest you open your own store. If you have free space at your place, you can set up the store at your home.

7. Candy And Chocolate Making

Everyone loves chocolates and candies. Making candies and chocolates is not very tough. You can collect the raw materials online and make a workshop right at your home. Sell these candies at local shops and you can even sell them yourself after setting up a stall obviously with local authorities’ permission. Chocolates and candies are loved by all regardless of age, sex or gender. Sell them online using social media. Paid promotions are also available.

8. Grow Organic Vegetables

Do you love agriculture or growing crops? If you have space, grow Organic Vegetables. Organic vegetables have high demand in the market. Becoming a supplier of you can produce a huge amount otherwise we would suggest you put a trolley in the market place and sell your vegetables. Grow crops or vegetables that are consumed locally.

9. Tattoo Artist

Do you love body art? Can you do it? If yes, open up a tattoo parlor. If you are a good artist, trust me you will never run out of customers. Body art is always appreciable. Just be careful with the needles and all the licenses you need for the store.

10. Nail Artist

Creative nail art artists are in high demand. It is also a form of art. In the beginning, don’t invest in opposing a store. Primarily, do nail art providing at-home Services. Later when you ultimately save some money, you can open a store. Nail artists earn well.

11. Selling Books

Are you a book-worm? Do you know you can make money by selling used books? Sell your academic books. Take books from your friends and sell them in the market. You can earn handsomely!

12. Teach English To Foreign Students

English is the most preferred language in the world. Therefore it is necessary to learn the language. Many students face criticism and issues if they don’t know English. You can provide English learning classes that will help these Foreign students cope in your country.

13. T-Shirt Printing And Painting

This is a multi-billionaire industry now. Various designs are printed every single day and the most amazing part is it gets sold very easily. You need to put some catchy phrases or lines or graphics. You need to buy a printing machine.

Hand-painted T-Shirts are also very much profitable. Hand-made items are always sold at premium prices.

14. Become A Tutor

Tuition is a great passive way to earn money. You just need subject expertise and nothing more. You do it in your home. Advertise about your service through posters, social media announcements on Facebook and Instagram and Distribute flyers. When you have a large batch, open a Tuition center and employ teachers of various subjects.

15. Proofreaders

Every media house needs a proofreader. They are well paid and freelance Proofreaders have the freedom to choose their desired sites and time slots. Your earning will be on a daily basis.

16. Start A Travel Vlog

If you love traveling, capture your passion and let others realize the value of it. Many people just love to watch beautiful places. You will earn from your blog and as well youtube popularity.

17. Dog Walker

If you love animals, this is your job. You can take multiple dogs out for a walk daily at the same time while earning a good amount in return.

18. Sell Your Paintings

If you paint, utilize it to earn money. You can sell your creations online or offline. Organize exhibition cum sales at different art galleries. You can make bookmarks, greetings cards, etc and sell them. You can even sell your painting after you open your own store. Sell your painting on Etsy, Amazon, etc.

19. Handcrafted Souvenirs

Let your creative mind explore the corners of artistry already present. Make gift items and sell them online. You can supply them to local gift shops for selling. You can set your store at your college fest. The peak time for sale will be during any festival like Christmas, easter, st. Peters day etc. Valentine’s day is a special occasion for youngsters. Go grab the market!

20. Try Modelling

Become a freelance model and earn a huge salary. You can sign contracts with different ad agencies or help portrait photographers in their job and get paid in return. If you do good who knows you might click into television ads and sign contracts with different magazines. This will help you clear your way out into the fashion and glamour world.

These are some of the interesting business ideas for girls with no or little investment.  These business ideas require very little time and can produce huge profits. College and University students need the money and we can’t deny it. Therefore it is best to start building your business so that you can expand it after studies. Always do something that you love.


So, that was the list of business ideas for girls. A strong girl will make a strong woman. Owning a  business will make you a strong woman because you will eventually learn how to deal with the world. Once you taste the sweetness of economic independence you can never be tamed!

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