20+ Small Business Ideas for Housewives & Moms in 2020

Looking for business ideas for housewives? If yes, then this article is for you. The taste of Economic independence should be tasted by all, especially women. Women need to be economically independent. A woman can make a better society, no this isn’t stereotyping but a fact check!

Many women who are sitting at home and not contributing to the economy of a country need to understand the urgency of involvement of women in the economic strata. Doing Household chores is itself such a hectic job, but we will encourage you to open a business for your economic independence and development.

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There are thousands of business ideas but you being a housewife might not be able to choose the right kind for you, therefore we are here with the best business ideas for housewives. We have made this article keeping in mind every issue that a housewife can face and still carry on with the business operating from home itself. Look for your niche below and start exploring.

Here Are The Best Business Ideas For Housewives

These business ideas are specially filtered from an expert’s view. Here’s the list.

1. Child Care

business ideas for housewives

Starting with child care because you might be a new mother and cannot leave your kids right away. Oh, Don’t worry we have something special for you. Child daycare center at your home. You can invite people by putting up advertisements for this facility. You can earn while you get time to spend with your kid. Expand your business once your kid reaches the age of 10.

2. Online Dance Academy

If dancing is your passion and you have always wanted to be a dancer, the digital world gives you this opportunity. Now you can put up videos or start live classes with a  group of people. One thing to keep in mind, to authorize your classes you need to legalize everything. Market about your class all over social media and put your best video for the showcase.

3. Online Tutorials

Is teaching your passion? Start living your passion and all thanks to technological developments. You can now create online tutorials and connect with hundreds of students all over the world. There are hundreds of sites that hire tutors or you can go on in your own platform. Your subject specialization is very important in this field. Once you earn a reputation, there’s no stopping you.

4. Online Yoga Classes

If you care for would-be-moms mental and physical health? Prenatal and Postpartum can have huge stress on mothers and who knows this better than you! You create a website where you will help would-be-moms to cope with stress related to childbirth. There are online academies who hire yoga teachers, you can join them for offering your special classes on prenatal and postpartum stress in women or else be independent.

5. Stand-up Comedy

Have you ever been praised for your humor? Why waste it when you can utilize it? Many bars or gatherings hire stand-up comedians for entertainment. You can be one of them. Stand-up comedians are highly paid. You can even open your own youtube channel and earn some extra!

6. Motivational Speaker

It is very obvious that you, yourself is one hell of a motivation. Why? Because you urged to do something rather than sitting at home! You have speaking skills, do this Nobel job. Just imagine, you motivating other housewives to go out and do something for them. Coming to the point, motivational speakers are hired for various corporate programs or college and university programs and they are paid well.

7. Sell Paintings

business ideas for housewife

Do you love to paint? Have you ever thought of selling them? If not, you should! Paintings are sold at a good amount. You can conduct your own exhibitions cum sale. Good marketing is required for selling paintings. Spread words in your social media for gathering attractions. You can even make little souvenirs for special purposes and sell them on websites that sell handcrafted gift items.

8. Paid-to-click

There are different sites, which provide money for just clicking their sites. You don’t need any special skills for this. Visit a valid and genuine PTC site and register with them. You will have to create an account and there you will see different ads showing in your account, just click on each of them and get paid! You need online money transaction apps to receive the commission.

9. Data Entry Freelancing

You don’t need any special knowledge for data entry. You need a computer, some knowledge of excel sheet and an internet connection. Sign up with genuine sources of job and start earning sitting right at your home. You don’t need any kind of investment before starting this job.

10. Legal Advisor

Did you study law for grads? Utilize your knowledge and become a legal advisor. You can open your online advising website and get paid while you help people come out of legal issues. You can even open a chamber at your home to provide legal support. This is one of the amazing business ideas for housewives among others.

11. Craft Making Teacher And Seller

If you are innovative and you have ideas that can be transformed into reality, be the magician. Teach students to make crafts online and offline.  Also, sell those crafts on Etsy, Amazon or other online shopping sites. If you can spare some money you can even buy a domain name for your online craft store.

12. Become A Make-up Artist Cum Consultant

business ideas for housewives

There has been an increase in revenue in the makeup industry which tells makeup artists to have so much opportunity now. You can create your blog, youtube channel, physically provide classes at your home, do makeup assignments and even become a celebrity makeup artist you have potential.

13. Cooking Blog

Do you love Cooking? You can open your own cooking blog. Provide information related to cooking and once you reach a certain point, you can start affiliate marketing. Providing links to cooking utensils, accessories, etc. When you will be able to create AdSense for your blog, you will start earning. Provide recipes, healthy diets, etc.

14. Food Vlog

Do you like to try new restaurants? Create a vlog and start earning money. You can make a vlogging site on youtube and obviously you should have your own official page. Food vlogging is something everybody will checkout now and then. You will be paid a huge amount when you are invited by different restaurants to review them.

15. Develop Apps

Women these days are trained app developers and if you have this skill, utilize it. Apps are always needed and hundreds of apps are created daily. You can at least contribute to 5% of it. Make a portfolio and obviously you will have to start marketing about your skills.

16. Provide Beauty Services At-home

If you are a skilled beautician, don’t waste your talent. You can provide At-home services by setting up advertisements or signing up with companies like Urbanclap. Once you establish yourself, develop a community or a consultancy and provide employment to other willing women.

17. Freelance Para-vet

Do you love animals? Become a Para-vet. A Para-vet is actually an assistant for a veterinarian doctor and they are paid well. If you couldn’t study medicine for animals, you can become a Paramedic using all your practical experiences.

18. Freelance Photographer

Freelance Photographer

Do you love photography? Then you should start your photography career. above all, photographers are called for parties, family gatherings, and others. If you love nature photography, you can exhibit your photographs globally. You can start your own photography blog too. The affiliate market your blog by helping aspiring photographers to buy appropriate equipment for better photography.

19. Freelance Movie Critique

Do you know people love to check movie reviews before watching any movie? Then, you can guide them to watch the right movie. Are you a movie geek? You should try this option because you will get a chance to watch movies all day while providing a critique and also earning money through it. Make a movie review blog and provide honest reviews. you can even make a YouTube channel to gain quick popularity. This is a real deal!

20. Bakery

If you love baking, show it off because the baking industry is growing. Baking includes cakes, cookies, pastries, muffins, cupcakes, cheesecakes, etc. You can sell setting up a store or you can provide products to local bakery sellers to sell your product.

Once you gain popularity, start giving bakery classes. Set up your class in your home if you have free space or you can rent someplace. Open a website and prove information regarding baking and your bakery class. Put up live videos and help women all over the world gather, to learn baking. You can open your own youtube channel. Once you reach a certain point in popularity, you will be approached by various restaurants and bakeries for workshops. Who knows you might end up being a “Masterchef”!

Ending Note

These are some of the amazing business ideas for housewives. If you discover your niche, don’t wait, straight right now. These business ideas are handpicked and require minimum to zero investments. Hence, providing you a favorable condition to start your business.

Women were always meant to rule, do what you were meant to be!

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