20 Profitable Business Ideas for Single Moms in 2020

20+ Business Ideas for  Moms

Looking for business ideas for single moms? If yes, this article is for you. Being a mom is already a hectic job, but if you are a single mom you need to earn for your child too. Every woman should be economically independent in this century. There is nothing better than doing business and raising your kid as well. Small business does not need huge investments or thousands of employees. You can operate it alone while taking care of your child.

First of all, you have to think about the type of business you are interested in. do something that gives you more power and aspire you to excel in it.  Moms doing business are generally known as “mompreneur”. The term is just applicable to moms who are doing a dual job –  a businesswoman and a full-time mother too.

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We have tried to put some of the business ideas that can be operated from home and with very low or no investment. Follow this article below and you might discover your niche! Go out and conquer the world and build an empire for you and your child!

20 Small Business Ideas for Single Moms

There are hundreds of small business ideas for single moms, but we sorted out 25 best ideas just for you. If you are thinking of opening a store or something, you need to keep the documents ready for legal formalities. Follow the article to know more.

1. Freelancer

The best option for a mom is to work as a freelancer because this will allow you to stay at home with your child as well as help you earn. Freelancing is a growing industry and very much prevalent in developed countries. This is a system you get paid on an hourly basis. Therefore, you don’t even need to employ your whole day. You can pick your preferable working hours and get paid according to that. Freelancing does not need any investment.

2. Blogging

Like freelancing, this is also a stay at home job. You can earn huge as a blogger if you know the right tricks about it. This is also a good option for moms who do not want to go out and work. You can earn 2K-50K in a month just by blogging. These are passive income ideas and are best for single moms until your child is ready to walk. Your year-old blogs can bring you money every single day. This is a  very easy way to earn if you have good writing skills.

3. Online Tuition

You can connect with your students all over the world virtually and help them in their academics. You can be a career adviser, or a nutritionist, etc. your income will depend upon your popularity as a coach. It also depends on your country. You can connect with your clients or students once a week or fortnightly to monthly according to their demands and your contract with them. Advancements in technology are making every impossible thing possible. You can sit in Iceland and still connect with someone residing in South Africa.

4. Affiliate Marketing

This is something similar to blogging but a bit different from it. Affiliate marketing is something when you post a  link for any product and that is visible to your viewers. Big manufacturers and brands when you get paid. Ads from different companies on your blog will bring you money. For example, if you are a review blogger, you will add the link from where your viewers can buy that product when they click on that particular link you earn. If you make a sale you get a profit percentage.

5. Handcrafted Products

If you are a creative mom, you have a bright future because boutique items are in high demand.  Make things that make you happy and you can even earn by selling them. Your unique product can make someone smile. You can try to post all your items on websites. You can even open a store. Also, you can sell your items on Amazon or eBay. If you see your items are in high demand you will have to employ someone along with you. This is how a business grows and who knows one day the world will know your brand.

6. You Can Be Reseller

Visit your nearest stores who keep rejected items or second-hand items. You can buy them and resell them on eBay.  Selling items online is easier than selling them from the garage.  It is very important that you learn the intrigues of selling second-hand items online.

7. Become A Proofreader

You can become a proofreader if you can easily catch mistakes. You don’t even need to go out of your home and still can earn. Proofreaders are needed for many organizations and they get handsomely paid for this job.

8. Rent Baby Equipments To New Mothers

Once your child is grown, what is the use of the equipment you bought for him a few years back? Well, you can rent these to new mothers and some money out of it. You can also rent this equipment to the tourists.  Always leave an ad so that people can find you easily.

9. Child Care Center At Home

This is a good idea for moms who love kids and want their children to grow among other kids. This will be a good socialization process. You can employ some people as well and can provide a homely atmosphere for the kids. You will be an angel to the working parents!

10. Baking Classes

Do you love baking? Do you love making pastries? You can learn just by putting out a notice about your skill. Interested people will contact you to learn this skill. You will not need a very huge investment. You can start these classes right at your home besides your kid.

11. Dog walker

One of the easiest ways to stay fit and earn as well. Pick out your suitable time in the evening and take your kid to the playground and as well take the pets for a walk.  You can earn while you take your kid to park.

12. Web Designer

You can earn your living on web designing. This is a flourishing field and you can earn while you stay with your kid at home. You just need to be good at your work and people will come following your work. If you are tech-savvy trust me, you can earn huge with very little effort.

13. Graphic designing

If you know technology, you are in high demand. Graphic design is a  very important aspect of the online industry. If you can make awesome logos and marketing materials you are in high demand.

14. Influencer

You can earn fame and money by becoming an influencer. You can be any kind of influencer. Do what you like.  For example, you can be a fashion influencer or an influencer for new parents. You will earn through affiliate marketing and blogging sitting right at your home.

15. Start Your Youtube Channel

You can create a youtube channel and earn from it as well.  You just need to learn the process of editing. Remember to keep your contents appealing to your viewers and in no time you will be all over youtube.

16. Mom Blogger

Start your blogging channel with your realization as a mother. New mothers or to be mothers will love to learn something from your experience as a single mom.

17. Start Your Own Online Course

You can start your journey online by proving your viewers with online courses. Pick the subject you know well and start spreading it among people. You can take classes on youtube or through virtual media directly. Make money by spreading the knowledge that you have.

18. Makeup Artists

Generally known as MUA, it can do magic on faces. Makeup artists are nothing but artists who can turn someone more beautiful on their special days. People will book your appointments on their special occasions and you can earn huge from it. Just get a certificate.

19. Sell Your Art Works

If you are an artist, you can sell your artworks- online and offline both. You can arrange classes for aspiring artists too.

20. Open A Grocery Store

Grow veggies and flowers at your home and set up a small store at your place and sell them. They are 100% organic and therefore your veggies will be in high demand. When you will attain a certain profit level you can arrange home deliveries too!


Did we trigger your niche? If yes don’t think to start acting. You are brave enough to start a business and as well perform as a fulltime mother.

Well, here we will end this article of business ideas for single moms. We have provided you with some amazing ideas you can try if you are a single mom and want to spend time with your kid. Al the very best to your motherhood and your career as a businesswoman.

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