25+ Small Business Ideas for Teens Entrepreneur in 2020

business ideas for teens

Looking for business ideas for teens? if yes, this article is for you. The first thing to get closure is that you do not need to be an adult to start your own business. With easily accessible bank accounts, financial helping agencies and so much need of hands, one can start off a bit early if they have the right idea.

Teenagers need the money for spending it in their own way, or saving up for college or maybe buying a new gadget, and every time asking parents for the allowances might seem pretty awkward. Parents are not getting any younger, are they? Why hassle them for our needs, there is already so much at hand, right? Here is the list of 25 Business Ideas for Teens

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Well, the tables might turn if we care to choose a way of starting a business.

1. Social Media Consultant

Being born in the 21st century has a lot of sparks in it, the major being able to use the internet and especially social media. Things are pretty easy so to say and are mostly known to you.

To get started: you can search for websites and youtube videos which teaches you the process. There are classes or courses that you can opt for to learn the mechanism for effectively using social networking as a promotional tool. Udemy teaches online courses for digital marketing and alike. Learning how to apply these skills you help your neighbouring companies in expanding their businesses or offer to maintain a Facebook page, a blog or a Twitter account for a monthly fee.

2. Kids Carpool Service

Parents are always having crunched time, so why not take the chance and help them out.you can take the children to the elementary school and sometimes even provide a shuttle for their piano, karate or other activity classes. Working in the neighbourhood might also provide reliability from the parent’s side as well, as they know you. This can be one of the very basic business ideas for teens.

3. Running Errands For The Old Ones

This can be a great and valuable initiative to run the errands and get the outside works done for your neighbouring old people. Since old ones often face problem in going to stores, doing groceries and paying bills on a daily basis, this can be a helpful way to think about them.

4. Academic Tutor

This is the time to teach your fellow young ones a thing or two about your best-known subjects. You can choose some specific time of the day and go to their place for helping out. Even a better option can be if you can start teaching a batch of students of the same grade. Gradually you can evolve this as your academic centre in the near future.

5. Moving Assistant

Moving or shifting at a new place can mean a lot of trouble and if that involves the packers & movers, it can be costly as well. So if you have a car and want to earn some, this can be your way. You can start by talking to the local broker and telling him to give your detail the arriving customers. You can also advertise at the local departmental store and may help people adjusting their furniture or so.

6. Birthday Planning

If you are good with planning this can be your thing. First, you can start with lesser prices and maybe organise birthday parties of your friends. Remember to clean up after the party, that always gets grace points and you may get recommended soon. People in your neighbourhood whom you know have kids, go and tell them about your plan and wages. You can also collect a group of your friends, give a name to your company and start your way with it.

7. Podcaster

If you like to create audio contents feel free to create your own podcasts. There are many YouTube tutorials which can teach you about voice modifications. In this world of digitalisation, this can be a good business idea for teens having a positive effect on their life.

8. House Cleaner

Like to keep your own house clean, why not make some money by cleaning other houses as well. This can be a good start of the profession for teenagers who are flexible and like to keep things organised and clean. Due to people’s busy schedules, they often do not find time to clean the house. You can come to the rescue. This way later on you may also start by working with other people and making a company out of it.

9. Cake Making

If you love to bake, then turning it into a business can be a piece of cake for you. It is never early to start a baking business. Cakes are needed for most of the occasions.  you can offer services for events, birthdays and bakeries.

10. Laundry Services

You can get these services done for your local clients along with your own. This help people take rest assured while their job is being taken cared off.

11. Catering

The inner chef in you can always step up and do a little something to fill your pockets.if you are thinking of working with food later on, why not start now? You can probably start by providing food to the neighbouring clients and never know how that may expand and take you to.

12. Handmade Soap Making

A soap-making business can be a great opportunity for anyone who loves using essential oils and work with their hands. And since being green is now in trend, a better way would be to make organic soaps as well. The materials to make soap are fairly cheap. So gathering the materials and working the process might not be a hectic job. It will ease out with time. You can start with local clients, friends and relatives, and then can expand in other regions.

13. Lawn Care

Lawn caring is a pretty straightforward job if you love gardening and have the equipment for it. This can be a good business idea for teens.

14. Dog Walking

Many people own dogs but often finds it difficult to walk them at specific times. You can help them out in exchange for some charges. You can focus on gaining local clients as well as pet shops for offering the service on a daily or weekly basis. This is one of the best business ideas for teens.

15. Jam Making

The start-up cost for a jam business is very low. For the starting time, you can avail the local weekly market and contact some neighbours. Jam is an everyday item, so you can provide this to people on a monthly or weekly basis. For better results, you can also contact the local restaurants and bakeries to purchase and expand your business.

16. Blogging

Writing a blog is a comfortable business opportunity at all ages. You can start your own blog about any topic that interests you. You can earn money through advertisements, product sales and affiliate links. Starting early might result in a better stage for the coming future.

17. Teaching Computer to Old People

Ageing people often find it difficult to keep at par with technology. They are not able to gel with people because of insufficient technical knowledge. However, if you can teach them a computer, maybe it’ll be easier for them to spend time and also remain updated.

18. Sewing Business

If you have a sewing machine and love stitching and making dresses, make it large, by calling out your neighbours and telling them to come to you at once it they face difficulty in a dress. You can start small by offering simple repairs and patch-ups. Later on, you may start designing clothes for other people as well and this can really lead as one of the best business ideas for teens.

19. Art Lessons

If you love art and enjoy working with people, you may start taking classes of artwork among the neighbouring children. There is no money required to start this initiative. People will love being able to learn some art from you. You may also teach older people if they like.

20. Doing Taxes

You are good with numbers and do the tax of your family? Why not do it for the rest of the neighbours? Doing taxes takes a lot of time and working couples, families often find it difficult to maintain regular taxes and sometimes, even get sloppy on the way. Doing other people’s taxes can generate enough amount of money to start ownership reaching out to a larger audience and doing theirs.

21. Car Washing

Hand car wash is still a very loved service that will never fade out. You can gather a bunch of your mates and provide exclusive car wash and even what is now called ‘car-spa’ around your place. This will save up a lot of money for the owner as he/she does not have to take the car somewhere to clean up. This can be a wonderful business idea for teens as car washing is common all across, and turning it into a business can make things more exciting.

22. Jewellery Business

You can start making simple pieces of jewellery like earrings, bracelets, anklets and rings. This requires very basic equipment and is a low-cost startup. If you have an eye for fashion, grab whatever you find fitting, create a design and make your own jewellery company. You may start by selling at your school and neighbourhood, later on, can also sell your items online.

23. Recycling Business

Start a neighbourhood recycling centre of old items at the nearby park on Sundays or at your garage itself. There are many recycling business ideas like

24. Food for Dogs

Don’t like the regular cookie tour? Try making food for dogs and selling them to your nearby dog owners. There are many recipes out there on the internet, you may try those. And if things go well maybe you will have your own dog food company in no time.

25. Online Store

You can start owning an online store if you have enough friends or members with their capable resources to sell like cookies, toys, crafts, or any other selling items. With a web presence and a PayPal account, the online store is almost done.


So this was the list of 25+ business ideas for teens. Also, it is better to find a skill within yourself for which you have a knack, and start thinking it in business terms about them. Never think of any time to be not appropriate, in any time you can start a business, any skill is a good business idea for teens.

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