20+ Best Business Ideas & Opportunities in Africa 2020

Looking for business ideas in Africa? If yes then this article is for you. I’m going to share with you small profitable business ideas that you can start in Africa. I’m going to share with you today is investment opportunities. These are the investment opportunities that you can invest in Africa.

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So what are these business Ideas and opportunities in Africa that we are talking about today? This business opportunity is almost the 20 sectors of investment that every country should have.

1. Agriculture

business ideas in africa

The first investment opportunity that I want to talk to you is agriculture. You can invest in the farming sector because of its huge fertile land and the availability and cheap labor. You can invest in the farming of export products. Then harvest them and sell them at a higher price. Because of incurring a minimum cost of producing or harvesting certain products.

2. Food Processing

Food processing is one thing that is required in Africa because every year we are facing a lot of droughts and a lot of disasters.  Processing this type of food will also help them to maintain or litigate that kind of disaster.

If you look at the import of Africa, all imported products are the crops that are grown in Africa so I mean processing those types of food is going to be a business opportunity for you. Because they always import this type of products

3. Clinics

There are several business ideas that you can invest within the sector of health but today I’m going to talk about only some few which I felt are very crucial and essential for the people and it is undeniable and demand for the communities in Africa.

The first one is setting up clinics. This is a center where people can access to diagnose themselves get treatment get medication. This is one business opportunity that is of high demand there’s a lot of risks. A lot of diseases related to the most rural areas and that is untreated. So providing accessible health centers will be a very big business opportunity

4. Hospitals

Setting up a new hospital is also another business opportunity that you can invest in Africa. A new hospital is of high demand. A lot of the African towns or rural areas don’t have accessible hospitals so providing them accessible hospitals around the region’s locations will be of high profitable to the entrepreneur

5. Pharmacy

business ideas in Africa

so the other business opportunities you can start within the sector of health care is set up a pharmacy.  If you can’t provide or if you can’t establish hospitals, you can at least establish pharmacy.

This is a dispensary where you only dispense tablets or the medication by prescription that has been written to their patient. You can also incorporate or add value in terms of bringing medical personnel to help them prescribe the type of drugs that they want. So that is about health business opportunities that you can invest in.

6. Transport Sector

The transport sector has got a huge demand it has got also a high market within Africa due to the growing population and due to the movement of people. Everyone sending products from villages or from rural areas.  This high demand for investing in the transport sector in Africa

7. Distribution Services

Another business opportunity that you can invest in Africa is the distribution service. Distribution service can be transporting parcels and packages from one town to the other. It can be provisions of transport facilities from the ports to the towns or from one town to the other.

8. Travel Agencies

travel agency

The travel agency is a digest that provides only transport to huge tons of transport of passengers within the city. So there’s now the diamond is a huge gap because several towns or several rural in a stone of access to transport facilities provision of travel companies tribal agencies who provide shuttle services will be a profitable business opportunity within Africa

9. Educational Business

The next business opportunity that you can invest in Africa is the education business.  The educational investment opportunity is one thing of high demand almost 50% of the people in Africa are youth who really demand quality education. So having them access to education will be of high demand or high need.

Therefore, setting up primary schools, secondary schools, universities as well as vocational training will be a business opportunity that you need to consider to make a profit out of that huge demand and that gap that we have within Africa

10. Animal and Fisheries

Animal and Fisheries is a highly profitable business in Africa. African people are either agriculturalists or they are livestock keepers also need to have access to some other things such as veterinary services having food or otherwise mean food products for the animals.

11. Animal Food Processing

The animal food production is another business that you need to consider and also processing. You can also start processing some food products for the animal’s wealthiest that’s for chicken or it was kind of for livestock goats camel or cows. You have to establish a business that provides feed processing to the African market.

12. Residential Investment

So the other business idea that I’m going to share with you that is also profitable within Africa is residential. This is due to a high increase in urbanization and people are moving into urban centers. But could not afford the high cost of rental so providing or starting a business that provides low-cost services or building houses to people is also another business opportunity in Africa.

13. Finance Sector

business ideas in africa

Another investment opportunity that you can invest in Africa is the financial sector. The financial investment opportunities that I have for you today include ensuring companies or setting up insurance.

Africa insurance companies of high demand most of the companies that operate are always all small companies and only a few who have got reinsurance with other foreign companies. Starting a reinsurance company or the insurance company itself within Africa is a highly profitable business opportunity.

14. Mortgage

The mortgage is another business that you need to consider in provision to the real estate. People who are trying to build their own houses are one service that also of high demand.  It is one thing that is abdomen and it’s like not accessible due to a lot of restrictions that had been placed by some companies or some banks that are playing someone monopolies role within Africa.  So starting a mortgage business in Africa is definitely a valuable business opportunity.

15. Lending services

Another business opportunity that does well within the African market is lending services. If you can provide a set amount of money and wait for a certain period of time. You can make money out of it. The interest is or the surcharge that you are going to charge on someone using for your money. Also, sharing profit whatever type of regulation or whatever type of decree that you believe in

16. Tourism

tourism has been one of the booming businesses for African countries. But still, there is a gap in terms of investing within the tourism industry. You can invest in setting up travel and tourist agencies as well as for the cultural event. The hotel’s transport facilities such as shuttle services and booking for the tourist. You can also help them to hire company transport facilities.

17. Furniture Business

The furniture business has been making tremendous progress in their designs and quality. It is expected to give about 10.4% in the African market. As a result, you should consider investing in the furniture business for better growth.

18. Drones


The Drone technology is gradually being used by the African continent to supply first aids as well as for enhanced the farms. You can consider investing in Drones. This technology is still a new concept for Africans but a young entrepreneur explores it further to bring out an extra-ordinary business opportunity from it.

19. FinTech Businesses

FinTech is where technology and finance are combined to provide better user experience of the banking services.  Many of the African people still don’t have access to financial services. Also there and a bunch of people who are still using cash. Thus this creates a huge gap that can be filled by an entrepreneur.

20. Procurement and Logistics

In Africa, there is a huge gap in procurement and logistic services but the demand is high. By starting procurement and logistic services to international organizations and local small business you can make a huge profit.


Starting a business may seem easy but not an easy task. But if you had made up your mind then the above list of 20 business ideas in Africa which will definitely help you choose your dream business. Also. I would recommend you to gain practical knowledge and experience before investing in any business.

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