15 Best Startup Business Ideas in Kolkata – Low Investment

So you have decided to start your own business in Kolkata. If you are looking for business ideas in Kolkata then you have come to the right place. Kolkata is the most beautiful and populated city in West Bengal and starting a small business in this city is everyone’s dream.

In this article, I have talked about 15 best startup business ideas in Kolkata which you can start with low to medium investment. There are many business ideas in Kolkata which people are doing and earning very well but in this article, I will discuss on some easy to initiate business ideas. So, here are the 15 best startup business ideas in Kolkata which you should be doing.

              15 Best Startup Business Ideas in Kolkata

15 Best Startup Business Ideas in Kolkata

1. Tea Stall

Tea Stall is very famous small and profitable business in Kolkata. Starting a tea small doesn’t require high capital investment and almost everyone can start it. If you want to start your business but you don’t have much to invest then this business is best for you.

2. Snacks Shop

In Kolkata every individual like to have snacks with tea or without tea. So starting a snack shop in Kolkata is really profitable. There are many types of snacks items like Samosa, Kachori, Papdi, Bhel Puri and the list goes on.

Snacks shop is highly popular in Kolkata and almost everyone eats them every day.

3. Sweet Shop

Everyone loves sweets but in Kolkata, you will see that people love to consume them after dinner. Opening a sweet shop in Kolkata is very profitable. Before jumping into the sweet business you should always check the market potential and the competition around you.

To succeed in this area you need to deliver fresh and tasty sweets to your costumers otherwise they will find another shop.

4. Mobile Repairing Shop

Mobiles are everywhere and starting a mobile phone repairing shop is profitable.  If you don’t know how to repair it you can hire someone or you can learn it too. A small course of mobile repairing which you can complete in 6 months will train you how to repair the mobile phone.

To succeed in this business you should not lie to your costumes and ask for high price. If you can provide a good service at an affordable price then you surely can make your position. Initially, if you get 5-10 customers daily that will make you about 1,500 to 2,000 and that is good.

5. Electrical Parts Store

Electrical Store is another popular business idea which you can start. Opening an electrical selling store requires good investment but the profit is really high. In order to succeed in this field, you have to provide a quality product at an affordable price.

6. Salon

In Kolkata Salon is a very popular business idea which makes good money. Starting a salon doesn’t require much investment. If you want to start your own you definitely need a good Barbour and a good Barbour will take your salon into the next level.

A good salon can make around 50 thousand to 1 lakh a month and on occasions, the earnings go really high.

7. Sports Store

Sports store is another high-profit business idea in Kolkata. The Sports store is a medium investment business idea and if you have the investment you should definitely go for it.

8. Xerox (Photocopy) Shop

Xerox shop is another small investment business idea which you can start. Opening a Xerox store near governmental offices is really profitable. Initially, you can just rent a place near any government office like court or schools for high profit.

The success rule of Xerox business is to provide cheap rates from others also maintain the photocopy and paper quality.

9. Fast Food Joint

Fast food center is the fastest growing business idea in Kolkata. Chowmein, Roll, Moglai Paratha are the highest selling foods in Kolkata. If you want to start a food-related business then starting a fast food joint in Kolkata is best.

The profit of fast food is about 40% to 50%. If you can cook tasty food then you should definitely try it.

10. Readymade Garment

The readymade garment has one of the biggest markets in India. The demand for readymade garments is increasing daily. The profit is really good for readymade garment and you don’t need any special skills too.

11. Artificial & Imitation Accessories

Artificial and imitation jewelry and accessories are very famous in Kolkata. If you want to open an artificial and imitation jewelry shop you should first check the demand as well as the completion in this market before investing your hard earned money.

12. Grocery Store

Grocery is every day’s need and starting grocery store in your locality is another popular business idea. You can start a grocery business with low to medium investment. The profit margin in a grocery store is nearly 15% to 25% depending on the product.

13. Beauty Parlor

In Kolkata ladies love to visit beauty parlors. If you have beauty parlor skills then you can definitely start your own beauty parlor in Kolkata. The success depends on how good you are in the field also the price rate.

A happy customer will always bring more costumers. So you should always try to provide the best to your customers in cheap rate

14. Breakfast Joint

Breakfast joint is another popular low to medium investment business idea for Kolkata. Whether you are looking for tea and bread or a typical Bengali kochuri torkari a breakfast joint is always in the top. There are many types of breakfast joints like South Indian joint, aloo paratha or kochuri joint and much more to start from.

15. Tailoring Business.

Starting a tailoring shop is another popular business idea in Kolkata. Though most of us buy readymade clothes directly from the shop in Kolkata. But there are still many people who go to tailor for fit clothes. Starting a tailoring business doesn’t require much investment and you can start it too.

If you don’t know to tailor then you always can hire a professional for the job and pay him the salary. The average salary of a skilled tailor is about 10,000-15,000 thousand but trust me you can make way to high profit on occasions like Durga Puja, Kali Puja etc.

Final Word:  There are many more business ideas in Kolkata which you can start but in this article, I have given information about 15 best business ideas in Kolkata and if you want to know about more business ideas then comment below and let me know.

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