20 Business Ideas & Opportunity in New Zealand 2020

business ideas in New Zealand

Looking for business ideas in New Zealand? If yes then I have listed 20 business ideas & opportunities in New Zealand. New Zealand is the most appropriate nation for working together. This implies there is no better spot to begin a business right now than New Zealand. It has the biodiversity of creatures, contagious, and vegetation. The nation’s fluctuated geology and its sharp mountain tops, for example, the Southern Alps, owe a lot to the structural inspire of land and volcanic ejections. New Zealand’s capital city is Wellington, and its most crowded city is Auckland.

For young entrepreneurs, New Zealand offers various investment options and business opportunities. In this article, you will find 20 business ideas & opportunities in New Zealand.

1. Cosmetic Business

Starting a cosmetic business would be a start move in New Zealand. If you are in New Zealand you will see that the prices of cosmetics and fragrances are too high there. The demand for cosmetics is high thus you should consider starting a cosmetic related business.

2. Tourism

Every year many domestic and international tourist visits there. The tourism industry is growing rapidly in New Zealand and it contributes about $12.9 million of country gross domestic product (GDP). Apart from international visitors, domestic visitors also play a vital role in contributing to the economy.

3. Retail Store

A retail store is probably the best business idea in New Zealand because you will see that it has a very low competition market there.  Starting a retail store in New Zealand is a highly profitable business idea in the long term.

4. Tech Support & Repairing

Technical support & repairing is another great business idea in New Zealand. As you know the demand and uses of technology are quite high in New Zealand thus starting a service-based business related to computers, tablets, Smartphone and other devices is highly profitable.

5. Child Care

Childcare is a booming business for NZ people. A smart person with management skills can easily start this type of business. Basically, you have to provide childcare services on a contract basis.

6. Fragrance Business

Similarly to cosmetics, fragrances also have huge market demand in New Zealand. You can start fragrance related such as fragrance transporting, manufacturing or even marketing.

7. Cab Services

Cab service is another highly profitable business idea in New Zealand. People have to go to the office, school, home and other places for personal affairs and not everyone has a person car, thus they prefer booking cab services for quick and reliable service. You can start a cab service-related business and make it big.

8. Agriculture

Agriculture is an important aspect of NZ’s economy. It provides a wide range of opportunities to the investors as well to the farmers. With expanding awareness of the advantages of natural farming, there is blasting interest for Agric items grew naturally. You can start investing in organic farming (without harmful pesticides) such as vegetables and fruits for higher returns.

9. Clothe Business

Another interesting business in New Zealand is the clothing industry. The clothing industry is wide and lucrative and provides various types of business opportunities for young entrepreneurs. You can start to clothe manufacturing units or clothe supplying chain business depend upon your interest and capability.

10. Waste Management & Recycling

This is another great business opportunity for entrepreneurs in New Zealand. You can start recycling and waste management business from a small scale to large scale. Before initiating any recycling or waste management business it is very important to choose your sector.

There are many recycling and waste management sectors like paper recycling, plastic recycling, e-waste management, construction waste management and many more.

11. Processed Food

Processed food aka packed food has huge market potential in New Zealand.  You can start processed food manufacturing, packaging or even marketing. But before investing your money it’s very important to understand which type of processed foods have the highest demand, otherwise, you may lose your investment.

12. Financial Adviser

There is a huge demand for financial advisers in New Zealand. If you have knowledge and expertise in this field you can become a financial adviser of a company or an individual. A successful financial advisor requires skills such as analytic ability, investment plans, adaptable communication, self-management and more.

13. Repairing Services

This is such a great business opportunity in New Zealand. Providing repairing services of vehicles, plumbing, electronics, etc is in high demand. If you have any of these skills you can easily work as an individual and earn money. Later you can also start a chain of your services to expand your business.

14. Car Renting Service

Car renting is another great business idea in New Zealand. It is similar to a taxi service but not the same. There are many people who don’t have own vehicle also they avoid public transport for their office, school, etc. You can offer them direct transport to their office, home, school or even private sectors.

15. Manpower Business

Manpower supply business is another great business idea in New Zealand. Starting this business is easy but standing out takes time, energy, willpower, and resources. Also, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. You need strong communication skills, human management skills, etc. Apart from that, you also have to get a license.

16. Fence Installation

Fences are everywhere in New Zealand and they often get damaged due to various reasons. You can start a fence replacing the company and start making money. After registering your business you have to contact your clients and negotiate on the base of the measured area of the installation. This is probably the best and cheapest business model right now in New Zealand that you can easily start.

17. Wood Farming

The estimation of all wood export of New Zealand (logs, chips, sawn timber, panels, and paper products) for the year finished 31 March 2006 was $NZ 3.62 billion, ascending to $NZ 5 billion by 2018. Hardwood and softwood chips are very famous in New Zealand. You can start wood farming or even exporting business in New Zealand.

18. Milk Producing

New Zealand’s complete production was 1.8 billion kg of milk solids from 21.0 billion liters of milk. This makes the nation the world’s eighth-biggest milk maker, with about 3% of world production in the 2017 dairy season. You can start a dairy-related business in New Zealand for the highest returns.

19. Wood Processing

Wood processing and transporting is another highly profitable business idea in New Zealand. With a yearly profit of $3.6 billion, the wood service and wood processing industry in New Zealand’s third-biggest exporter. As an entrepreneur, you should consider starting a wood processing or wood exporting business in New Zealand.

20. Kiwi Fruit Exporting

Starting a Kiwifruit exporting business is another great opportunity in New Zealand. Kiwifruit or kiwi is a significant green export worker for New Zealand. There are around 12,185 hectares of kiwifruit in production. 81% of New Zealand-developed kiwifruit originates from the Bay of Plenty.

Conclusion: So that was the list guys. New Zealand offers a great opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs. I would suggest you gather detailed information about the business that you are thinking to start. Hope you enjoyed the article on 20 business ideas & opportunity in New Zealand.

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