20 Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit

Are you looking for business ideas with low investment and high profit? If you are tired of finding new ideas for your business and still undecided then you are in the right place. I’ve come up with 20 business ideas with low investment and high profit which you can start with right now.

   20 Business ideas with low investment and high profit

20 business ideas with low investment and high profit


1. Ice Cream Parlors

Ice creams, who doesn’t like ice–creams? A small ice-cream shop is never a bad investment. Ice-cream shop is never out of fashion and it doesn’t require much investment or manpower to open a small ice-cream shop in your locality.

Tip- Choose a crowded place to maximize your earnings

2. Laundry Services

Laundry services are getting more popular in metro cities. Starting a laundry service can be very beneficial and it’s an all-time running business which never loses its demand.

3. House cleaning services

Home cleaning service is a very old method of making money. All you have to do is supply manpower to your clients and you can earn commission through them also you can make it online with social media or small android application which doesn’t require much investment.

4. Party Planning

Party planning in metro cities is another good small business with low investment. People are throwing a party for every small occasion. If you are interested and have good communication skills you can start this business.

5. Second-hand car dealership

A second-hand car dealership is another small investment business which doesn’t require any specific skills. All you have to do is buy used cars and sell them to clients and get your commission.

6. Dance Class

If you have expertise in dancing why not make a profit out of it? You can rent a place with a small investment and start teaching students for money.

7. Courier Company

Courier service business is one of the most profitable business ideas on our list. You can start a small courier service business in your locality with a low budget. Courier service business requires some investment but worth it. You can start with your own car and small area and later you can upgrade if you want to expand the business.

8. Food Truck

If you are a street food lover you definitely know the demand for food trucks. Starting a food truck in a busy area is never a bad idea for food lovers also it doesn’t require much investment.

9. Social Media Manager

If you love to spend your time on social media then this could be the best job for you. Companies keep looking for social media managers to handle their social media account. You have to write a post for the company and you will get paid.

10. Electronic Store

Opening an electronic store in your locality is another great business idea. If you are interested in this business you may need to invest in the items you are going to supply but trust me even small electronic stores are making a good profit.

11. Used Book Store

If you are a book lover opening a small second-hand bookstore is best for you. You can buy or rent a place near a school, colleges for your store. Just buy used books and sell them again with little profit.

12. Teaching Service

If you have knowledge about subjects then teaching is the best option for your business. You can start teaching local students in your room or you can rent a room for this business.

13. Catering Services

Catering service is another low budget business idea on our list. A catering business can be started from small investment as well as with big investments and this is one of the most profitable business ideas right now.

14. Mobile repairing service

Mobiles users are increasing very fast and each and everyone has mobile phones. With this increasing rate of mobile users, mobile repairing business is in the top position. If you do not have the skill to repair mobile phones you can simply hire someone for it.

15. Security Agency

Security Agencies are making huge in metro cities. Opening a security agency is the best business ideas with low investment and high profit on our list. Everyone looking for a good security in metro cities, starting a security agency is never a bad idea. All you have to do is supply the manpower to the clients

16. Fitness centers

Fitness is very much important in our life and opening a small fitness center in your locality is the best option for you if you have knowledge about diet, fitness training, yoga etc. Also, you can hire a fitness coach for your business if you are interested in this field.

17. CCTV & surveillance

CCTV & surveillance business is now very popular and indeed every shop requires a CCTV. Opening a shop of CCTV cameras is highly profitable; you can also manage the installing of CCTV by yourself or by a hired skilled worker.

18. Stationery supply

Opening a stationery shop in your locality is another business ideas with low investment and high profit which doesn’t require much investment. If you choose a good area and can supply required stationery items you can make a good profit from this business.

19. Tourism service

A tourism service is a great business if you are passionate about going to new places, exploring new cultures and enjoying various types of foods.

20. Homemade Jams & pickles

Homemade jams & pickles are business is now very much popular. Nowadays people are looking for healthier and quality product rather than package products. So if you are conformable making these products and sell them on market then this business is very much profitable.

So these are the 20 Highly Profitable and Low Investment Business Ideas

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