20 Small Profitable Business Ideas in Mexico 2019

business ideas in mexico

Mexico is a great place for young entrepreneurs who want to start their business. Before starting any new business it’s very important to understand the business environment of Mexico. If you read this article of 20 business ideas in Mexico then you will definitely make your choice.

In this article, I have mentioned 20 business ideas in Mexico that you can start with small or big capital investment. Starting a small business in Mexico is highly profitable. Mexico is a business-friendly country resides in North America.

Starting a business is easy but growing it requires patience, strategy, and energy. So without wasting your valuable time, let us dig into the list of top 20 small business ideas in Mexico that are highly profitable.

20 Business ideas in Mexico

1) Fast Food

Mexicans are a food lover and their favorite fast foods are tacos, BBQ Burrito, Nacho and many more. If I talk about profit then fast food is the highest profitable business among others. Starting a fast food center is pretty simple and cost-effective. Almost anyone can start it with small capital investment. This is one of the highest profitable and most running business ideas in Mexico

2) Material Supply

This business can be started from a small to big scale. Collecting materials from the wholesale market and delivering them to small shops is the main business plan. The profit depends on the size of your business and how well you are running it.

3) Farming Business

Farming is an important aspect of Mexico. The demand for Mexican beans, maize, tomatoes, cocoa, and squash is very high. If you are about to invest a good amount of capital then farming in Mexico is undoubtedly a profitable business

4) Automobile Repairing & Sales

The automobile market is huge and cheap in Mexico. There are many small and big companies who are producing automobile parts and earning profits. I’m not telling you to start a production line but instead of that, you can start repairing and sales service of automobiles. It’s easy to start as well as cost-effective.

5) Computer Sales & Services

Mexico is one of the largest electronics production countries in the world. You will find many computer manufacturing companies there. Starting a small computer sales and service business is highly profitable in this area.

6) Hobby Classes

This is another interesting business idea that generates good income. Doing what you love not only makes you happy but also boosts confidence that’s why parents are paying well for hobby classes too. If you are a dancer, singer, musician or anything related to art then you should definitely try this business.

7) Themed Coffee Shop

Themed coffee shops are more popular than the normal one. Starting a themed coffee shop or maybe expensive but trust me the outcome is really awesome. In my city, we have a Harry Potter themed coffee shop and it’s always crowded

8) Import & Export

Starting import and export business is highly profitable in Mexico as it provides huge variety in export business. Some of the most important export products of Mexico are electronics, auto parts, oil, oil products, fruits, vegetables, cotton, coffee, plastic, etc.

9) Tour & Travel

Mexico is the sixth most popular country visited by tourist in the world. It offers many heritage places like beach sports, ancient ruins, colonies, architecture and many more.

After collecting enough knowledge (practical knowledge of course) of popular heritage, hotels and traveling one can easily start a tourism business in Mexico.

10) E-commerce

E-commerce is another sector that is growing rapidly in Mexico. There are many one-click platforms are available on the internet. It’s a very good opportunity for anyone who wants to start a business in Mexico. Initially, selling consumable commodities and goods is affordable and cheaper.

11) Bakery

This is another small yet high profitable business idea. It requires very less capital to start but it’s very important to learn the modern techniques to produce high-quality products in less time. Maintaining the quality of baked goods is very important to succeed in this business.

12) Event Organizer

Whether it’s Mexico or any other country event organizing a business is always on the top. Starting an event organizing business requires patience, hard work, managing skills, and capital.

If you think you have these qualities you should definitely try this business. A properly written plan is highly recommended before investing in this business.

13) Oil Factory

Mexico is the 11th largest oil-producing country among others and generates about 10% export income alone. It’s a golden opportunity for a young entrepreneur who wants to start their own business.

14) Electrical Items

In Mexico, you will find electronics items cheaper there than the USA since the production line is quite large. If you want you can easily start electronics manufacturing company there or start supplying these to small dealers.

15) Cloth Industry

There is no doubt that the cloth industry is highly profitable if one does it properly. If you have capital then start a clothing manufacturing unit otherwise go with exporting clothing goods in other states and countries.

16) Healthcare

The health industry is very large in Mexico thus starting a healthcare business is highly profitable. Dengue, Chikungunya, and Zika are the major challenges for Mexico. Starting from medical shops to high profile clinics everything is an opportunity. You can select any sector according to your budget and location.

17) Themed Restaurant

Similarly, you will find themed restaurants are likely to get more visitors than the regular one. It may seem expensive but the outcome is really amazing. Here are some suggestions. Pop up restaurants; dine style restaurants, Halloween restaurants and much more.

18) Coffee Bike

This is another interesting business idea growing rapidly in Mexico. Coffee bikes are similar to food trucks but instead of the food you serve fresh hot coffee to your customers. The best thing about this coffee bike business is that it doesn’t require high capital investment or shops to start it.

19) Food Truck

A Food truck is proven to be a better idea than opening a grand restaurant. It’s a large vehicle loaded with kitchen equipment to cook and serve foods to the customers. You can purchase and modify a food truck as per your requirement within $20,000- $50,000. If you want to start a food-related business then a fully equipped food truck is highly recommended.

20) Manufacturing Business

Starting a manufacturing business is another idea in Mexico that is highly profitable. Before starting any manufacturing business it’s very important to understand the basic economic environment of the Mexican market as well as the licenses required to start the production line.

Summing Up!

The above list of the top 20 business ideas in Mexico will definitely help you decide your dream project. But before starting any business I highly recommend you to get all legal papers ready otherwise you may have to face difficulties. Also, if you can get practical experience then it will be much better because it will boost your confidence and success rate.

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