20+ Trending Business Ideas in Pakistan – Low Investment

Looking for business ideas in Pakistan? If yes, then this article is for you. Pakistan is no doubt it is slowly developing but getting a decent job is still a problem. If you live in Pakistan and want to start your own business then you should definitely read this article. So in this article, I have gathered the top business ideas in Pakistan which you should start.

There are many business ideas which you can start in Pakistan but you should always look for your interest and your budget for the business. Before starting any business in Pakistan you definitely check the demand of your product also the competition. So here are the 20 trendy business ideas in Pakistan.

1. Toy Shop

toy shop

A Toy shop is definitely a profitable business if you can execute it well. Starting a toy shop doesn’t require much investment and almost anyone can do it. All you need to do is find a suitable place for your toy shop and you are good to go. I would recommend you to choose a place where kids visit very often like kids park, Schools, child specialist clinics and so on.

2. Tailoring

Tailoring and stitching business is always popular. In Pakistan, the business of tailoring has more profits due to demand. In Ramadan, the demand for tailor goes really high and that is the time to make the profit. Starting a tailoring business does not require much investment but the profit is immensely high.

3. Canteen Business

Another small yet popular business idea in Pakistan is a canteen business. If you can cook delicious foods then you should definitely start your canteen. Firstly, you will need a kitchen for cooking and some helpers. Initially, you can target small schools, a private institute, and offices.

4. Security Agency

Starting a security agency in Pakistan is another profitable business idea. Almost everyone needs security and thus the demand for this business is increasing very fast. Opening a security agency requires low investment and if you have good communication skills then you should definitely try it.

Security agency business takes time to set up but once you start growing there is no stopping. The profit in a security agency depends on which type of security you are providing.

5. Sell Old Cars

Selling old cars is always a trendy business and in Pakistan, it goes very well. If you plan to start this business you need some solid information about cars also the market for cars, its price, and competition. You can start used a car dealing business with small to medium investment. The best part of this business is that you can expand it to the next level without investing a huge amount.

6. Tea & Snack Stall

business idea in pakistan

As I always say Tea is the national beverage of Indians and Pakistani’s. So starting a tea and snack stall is always profitable. Almost everyone loves to have snacks with tea.  If you low budget problem then tea & snack stall suites best for you. You can start a tea & snack stall business with a very small amount of investment and the profit is almost 40%-50% if you can initiate it well.

7. Water Supply Business

Water supply is another small business that you can start in Pakistan. Quality drinking water is always needed and especially in Karachi. Starting a drinking water supply doesn’t require much investment also if you live in Karachi then its the best business idea for you.

8. Computer Service

Computers are everywhere that’s why the demand for computer service is increasing rapidly. It’s a small scale investment business idea that has a high profit. If you have IT skills of repairing computers then you can do it on your own otherwise you have to hire a professional for it. I would recommend you learn the basics of hardware and you can easily make good money through computer repairing and servicing.

9. Restaurant

Restaurants are the highest profitable business in Pakistan. If you are willing to invest medium to a high amount of money then you should definitely try this. Before starting a restaurant business let me warn you. It’s not easy to start a successful restaurant business. I would recommend you to have a proper plan for the restaurant before investing your hard-earned money.

10. Hair Salon for Men

business ideas in pakistan

Hair Salon is another small investment business idea in Pakistan. Starting a hair salon is very easy and the profit is really high. The success mantra of the hair salon is all about the Barbour.  A small salon with stylish decoration will attract more people toward your salon.

11. Catering Business

If you cook delicious food then this business is for you. Starting a catering business is easy but making it successful is hard. Initially, you can start a catering business from your home then slowly you can expand it. If you can cook then good otherwise hiring a professional cook is advisable.

If you want to succeed in the catering business you have to provide tasty food at an affordable price and excellent customer service.

12. Computer Printing & Xerox

Computer printing & Xerox service is another small investment business ideas in Pakistan. It’s very easy to initiate business and almost anyone can do it. The best place to open a computer & Xerox shop is near college, schools or any government’s office for maximum income.

13. Candle Making

It’s a small yet powerful business idea. Candle making business doesn’t require much investment also does not require any professional skill. To start candle making business you will need a candle making machine which is not expensive at all. The demands of candles are always high and on occasion, the demand increased to almost double.

14. Teaching & Tutoring

No other business is better than teaching if you have expertise in the education field. Teaching is a business that you can start with almost no investment. All you need is a small room, good subject knowledge, and communication skill. The income in the teaching profession is really high and it depends on you how much time and effort you are giving to the profession.

15. Mobile Repair Shop

Another small investment business idea in Pakistan is the Mobiles repairing shop. A mobile repairing shop is a trendy business in Pakistan. Nowadays everyone uses smartphones and so the demand for a good mobile repairing shop is very high.

Firstly, if you want to repair the mobile phones yourself you have to learn which is again not that hard. A small 6-month course will teach you everything otherwise you can hire a professional for the work which will cost you about 10,000 to 15,000 thousand per month.

16. Wedding Decoration

Decorating stuff at weddings is another business idea for Pakistan. If you are creative and like to arrange and design things then this is the best business idea for you. As a wedding decorator, you have to do is deciding the design of the wedding gate, hall design, and other small things.

17. Soft Drink Shop

Soft drinks are the most consuming drink in the Asian region and there are many big companies that are making a huge profit with it. But many small companies are making their position too.  To start you will have to buy a soft drink machine and also a place to set up the machine. There are different various machines available in the market from 15,000 to 150,000 rupees. You can choose any of them as per your budget and start your business.

18. Party Planner

Starting a party planning service is another business ideas in Pakistan. If you have good communication skills and you like to arrange things for people this you should definitely try this business. At the start, it doesn’t really need any investment but you have to meet different people every day and build your clients. Good communication skills and quality service is the success key for this business.

19. Fitness & Gym

Nowadays people are giving more attention to their fitness. Starting a small Gym in your locality is highly profitable. A gym is a medium investment business idea so if you have the budget you should definitely go for it. It’s always advisable that you check the competition in the market before investing money.

Proper machinery and a good fitness trainer will attract more visitors to the gym. With the gym, you can also provide diet food to increase your earnings.

20. Ticket Booking Centre

A small ticket booking center is another business ideas in Pakistan. Now with the technology ticket booking is very easy and you can do it too. In order to start your ticket booking agency, you will need a small room for an office and a computer to operate. Later you can tie up with an agency that is already doing this business to expand your business.

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So these were the top 20 business ideas in Pakistan which you can start. I hope the above list will help you to decide your idol business ideas in Pakistan.

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