Cafe Coffee Day Franchise – Cost | Eligibility & Process

Cafe Coffee Day Franchise

Thinking to start Cafe Coffee Day Franchise but don’t know how to start? Getting into the food franchise business is an excellent choice, especially when stepping into the business world. In addition, the dream of having your restaurant with a brand’s support and training is one of the most profitable businesses. But, one of the main questions arises, “Which brand, you should choose?”

About Cafe Coffee Day

Cafe Coffee Day is one of the oldest coffee shops in India since 1993. More than 1500 outlets have opened until now, all around the country. Also, the company has become a symbol of  ‘providing pure quality’ that makes the brand so famous and special, not only in India, but Cafe Coffee Day has spread its reach to other countries like Egypt, Austria(Vienna), Malaysia, and Nepal.

Therefore, this is one of the trusted brands that you can get to do business with, in such a low investment.

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How To Open Cafe Coffee Day Franchise

Cafe Coffee Day doesn’t sell their franchise to others. However, this didn’t mean that they are not open to collaborations. You can do business with CCD by providing them a restaurant cafe on a partnership or a monthly basis fee. The reason to adopt this business model is that because they don’t want to affect their quality in any mean.

This is the main reason for Cafe Coffee Day’s success. Moreover, this business model is a proven and trusted model that ensures you a high percentage of ROI (Return Of Investment), if partnered.

Benefits with Coffee Day Franchise

A  business having numerous benefits is always successful in the long run business. Fortunately partnering with Cafe Coffe Day provides all the opportunities. Some of the key benefits are-

  1. Zero to Minimum Risk

As CCD doesn’t franchise but uses a rental or partnership policy, the amount of risk becomes almost negligible. If you want to use a CCD outlet, as a monthly rental fee, the sales will not affect your earnings at all. However, one of the drawbacks of the rental fee is you can’t expect any extra earnings, as the rent is always fixed.

In the case of partnering with CCD, the chances of gaining profits become drastically high with a moderate level of risk.

  1. No worrying about running a store

You don’t need any efforts to run a store, as CCD’s team will do all the efforts. Also, this is one of the major benefits of the Cafe Coffee Day business model. Invest in the beginning and set it free!

  1. Get the advertisement support of CCD

CCD is the best in providing support. You can convert your running cafe or any other business store into a CCD franchise easily. Also, they allow you to use their famous logo for the interiors. This may include banners, their napkins, 3D table logo, and many other essentials

  1. Using CCD’s Coffee Machine

Getting a Cafe Coffee Day machine can be the best little investment for your coffee or cafe shop. Besides, any of the further opportunities, you can easily increase your sales with the quality and trusted coffee vending machine.

Requirements For Coffee Day Franchise

The best thing for applying CCD business is fewer terms and conditions. Apart from having a good image in front of banks and society. The only thing they look for is store specifications. However, the store should strictly fall under these terms and conditions-

  1. The store should be from 1000 to 1500 sq feet area.
  2. There should be at least 25 ft of the front area.
  3. Your store location should also have ample parking space

By fulfilling these specifications, you are all set to contact CCD for a business proposal. However, for other CCD businesses like an advertisement or buying a coffee vending machine, you’ll need to contact them directly. However, there are no such special guidelines mentioned in the official site.

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Investment Cost:

The total cost for opening a CCD store is around seven to ten lakhs. In which three to four lakhs are normally spent on getting a cafe. After that, almost two to three lakhs rupees are enough for the interior work and buying essential types of equipment.

Similarly, another way of working with Cafe Coffee Day is ‘advertisement’. This is not only for restaurants or cafes but any type of business store. In addition, CCD has an exotic range of advertisable items, from wall banners to tissue paper, that you can use for your good.

Contact Details

As you know, the franchise rule for Cafe Coffee Day is a bit different from a regular franchise business. However, to contact them, you’ll have to contact key people in charge. Also, consider approaching your nearby CCD business dealer.

Regions Contact Person Contact No. Email
South India Karthik B.S +919900033861 [email protected]
Tamil Nadu / Chennai Ramesh +919840399093 [email protected]
Chennai David +919047627127 [email protected]
Hyderabad Mohammed Faslh +917032573057 [email protected]
Kerela Dinto +919946222658 [email protected]
North India / NCR Jatan Sondhi +919650416577 [email protected]
Punjab / J&K Satish Chand +919646260031 [email protected]


[email protected]

Kolkata Surajit Banerjee +919051256382
Mumbai Pradeep Sudhakar


Santosh Dange

Prabhu Meti





[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Rest of Maharashtra Vikas Adsule +919225660466 [email protected]
Gujarat Bhavin Masani +918200700422 [email protected]
International Bharath Gowda [email protected]

Note: These contacts are taken from the official website of Cafe Coffee Day, Do not look for other contacts except the given above. You can end up trapped in a scam.


In conclusion, I can proudly say that Cafe Coffee Day is one of the known locations for youth chillout. Around 3 crores of youth spend 45 minutes daily in a CCD cafe. In other words, this is a tremendous number in your favor and describes the scope, of opening a cafe with a brand like this. In addition, the main thing, worth mentioning here is your decision. What will you choose, ‘Partnership’ or ‘Monthly Rent’?

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