How to Start Candle Making Business in 2019 – 8 Steps Guide

So you are thinking to start your candle making business right?  Anyone can start candle making business without any skills.

Starting candles making is a creative business and a good artist can be turned into a good candle maker. Candles making business requires creative knowledge of designs and colors. Before starting candle making business it’s important to learn the process.

You can start the candle making business from home. Starting candle making business doesn’t require too much space. But in this article, we will discuss commercial candle making business. You can start this business with small to medium range of investment.

1. Market Potential for Candles

The market potential for candles depends on the various factors like which type of candles you are about to produce, the price of the candle and its design and aroma. The demands of white long candles are very high but nowadays people tend to buy beautifully designed and creative candles too. There are many types of candles like stick candles, tappers (also known as dinner candles), floaters and many more.

2. Plan for Candle Making Business

Firstly, it’s very important to have a written plan for the business. Before starting you I would advise you to research the market and understand what type of candles are most of the shops are selling. Also, which company is more active in your locality. Think about the initial investment and ongoing investment too. Don’t forget to make a proper marketing strategy to maximize your selling.

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3. Learn “How to make candles”

It’s very important to learn the proper technique of making candles. One of the easiest ways to learn how to make candles is to take a candle making a course. You can find various local communities who will teach you how to make candles commercially. Also, you can take advantage of the internet. You can look for various different designs and other different types of candles available around the world. Learning more about candles will boost your creativity which will eventually increase sales in the future.

4. Candle Making Machines

candle making business
Candle making machines

Before initiating your candle making business it’s very important to choose the right candle making machines. There are various types of machinery available in the market. You can choose machines according to your candle type. Also, you can purchase machines as per your budget. There are 3 types of machinery available for candle making business.

  • Manual candle making machine
  • Semi-automated candle making machine
  • Fully automated candle making machine

You can set up these machines in less than 200 square feet room. The price of machines depends on their types which you can check at The approximated price of a manual candle making machine is about 40,000 which can make 6,000 piece candles per shift.

5. Candle Making Process

The process of candle making is pretty simple but since you are working with wax it’s important to be careful. Follow these simple steps to start candle making business.

  1. Measure and melt the wax
  2. Add fragranced oil once the wax is melted
  3. Attached the wick in the mold
  4. Pour the hot wax into the mold
  5. Let it sit and cool down
  6. Remove it from the mold and you will get your candle

6. Raw Materials for candles

After machinery, you will require raw materials for candles which I have listed below.

  • Wax
  • Wicks
  • Colors – required for colorful candles
  • Scents – for decorative candles

7. License Required for Candle Making Business

For a commercial candle making business, you have to get several licenses before you can start making money.

  • Brand Registration
  • Trade License
  • GST Registration

8. Marketing of Candles

Nowadays promoting anything isn’t a hard task anymore. There are several ways you can sell your candles. For candle selling, you can contact the stationery store, grocery store, and malls. Also, you can contact the local candle distributor for your marketing.

Also, you can promote your candles on social media for the fastest growth. Always try to promote designer and creative candles with eye-catching pictures for quick reaction.

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