Dairy Farming Business Plan & Opportunity – Stepwise Guide

Dairy Farming Business Plan

Want to start a dairy farming business? but don’t know how to start? Here in this article, you will find a step-wise guide for a dairy farming business. Milk and milk products are something that is consumed globally. Therefore this is the kind of business that can never go wrong.

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Before starting a dairy farming business it is important to think about the number of cows, employees, money, area, whatever is needed for setting up a dairy farm. You have to keep in mind that you cannot stop the cash flow because it is the building pillar of your business. First of all, you have to calculate your expenses of buying the cows and building a shelter for them.

It is important that you start the dairy farming business and make sure you are dedicated to it because if you are not you would be getting anything out of a form accepting the engagement of your money. It is true that initially this can be a huge investment but this business will return you in doubles.

There a few important things that you need to know before starting a dairy farming business.

  • First of all, you should know how to manage the farm. You can always look for the right kind of training program provided by the government.
  • Visit the nearest dairy farms and collect information about the problems they face. Now you are aware of the problem that you might face. Try to eliminate those problems.
  • Read magazines, newspapers, blogs, articles et cetera before starting your business.
  • Check the YouTube videos that provide information about dairy farming.
  • You will need large areas of green because I need to feed the cows.
  • Talk to the local cattle breeders and sellers and try to negotiate on the price of the cattle.
  • As you are going to start a farm, you need skilled and trained employees.
  • Check if there are any programs, schemes for loan facilities provided by the government for setting up a dairy farm.
What Are The Essentials Of Dairy Farming?

There are different essential steps before starting a dairy farm. Even if you are from their background it is essential that you consult an expert because the society in the markets has changed.

1. Taking Expert Opinion

As we have mentioned earlier it is important that you consult with an expert before you start a dairy business. You need to arrange nutritionists, veterinarians, agronomists, bankers and others who you might think are of importance to your business plan. You will have to make the dairy farm away from the city. The city is a  polluted area and it might not be healthy for your cattle which in turn is not healthy for your customers. Therefore talk to the existing cattle farmers dairy farmers about their perspective on setting up a dairy farm.

2. Setting Up A Farm With Cropping Field

Dairy cattle require a huge amount of nutrition. Therefore doctor the nutritionists about the amount of food they would require. We would suggest you go your own grass or cropping field for feeding the animals and buying fodder and crops requires huge investment. Now that you are thinking of growing your own fodder you will have to buy equipment for harvesting crops. If you think this is too much of an investment you can talk to someone who would provide you this equipment on rent. For example, it is estimated that 2 acres of land are sufficient for 15 cows.

There are generally two types of fodders

  • Dry fodder
  • Green fodder

Dry fodder can be used to feed the cows but green fodder will be the best for their health. Green fodder contains co3 and co4 which are utilized to make silage. Silage is important for your cattle because it yields milk production. Mineral mixtures are very essential for your cattle so that they do not suffer from mineral deficiency.

3. Water Supply To The Farm

We would advise you to set up your farm Subway near water tanks for natural water bodies. If natural water bodies are not available in that area you should always keep water tanks ready with clean water because maintaining hygiene is very important.

4. You Need A Waste Management Plan

We all know dairy farms will obviously produce a lot of manure therefore it would be wise of us if we start using that waste properly. If you are having a cropping field you can use the manure as nutrition to your crops. You can also set up a biogas center which will eventually increase your money returns. If you have a big farm there will be a lot of manure and obviously you are needed to invest a lot, now you can regain all those investments producing biogas and selling it. You will come to know about different schemes and rules in your country with the waste. Once you are aware of the rules and regulations of cattle waste, work according to it.

5. Select The Breeds You Want In Your Farm

The most important thing is the selection of the cattle breeds because they are your valuable assets. depending on the country you are in and the and available cattle breeds select the one that will help you grow your business. Select the breeds that will produce 20 to 25 liters of milk per day. There are also different ways of doing that scientifically, for which you need the veterinarian.

6. Caring For the Calves and Their Mother

It is very important that you take care of the mother and the child. You need to take care of your pregnant cattle. Treat them like your child and they will return that love in double.

7. Vaccine Programs are always important

It is very important that you keep your bottles safe from diseases. Therefore learn about the proper vaccination course. We have mentioned to you earlier that you will need a vet always, consult the team for the better health of your cattle. Deworming should be done frequently. The list below has been given for your help.

No Name of Disease Age at first dose Booster dose Subsequent dose
1 Foot and Mouth

Disease (FMD)

4 months and  above 1 month after the first dose Six monthly
2 Haemorrhagic

Septicemia (HS)

6 months and  above Annually in endemic areas.
3 Black Quarter (BQ) 6 months and  above Annually in endemic areas.
4 Brucellosis 4-8 months of age

(Only female calves)

Once in a lifetime
5 Theileriosis 3 months of age and above Once in a lifetime. Only required for crossbred and exotic cattle.
6 Anthrax 4 months and  above Annually in endemic areas.
7 IBR 3 months and  above 1 month after the first dose Six monthly (vaccine presently not produced in India)
8 Rabies (Post bite therapy only) Immediately after suspected bite. 4th day 7,14,28 and 90 (optional) days after first dose.

8.  Work as a manager

You will have to work hard to achieve these. You will have to work as a manager. Very strong managerial knowledge will help you prosper in the field. Maintaining the workers’ trainees and the whole process can be very stressful sometimes, but don’t worry you can do anything.

In a dairy farm, you not only sell milk and produce biogas but so you can sell dairy products. Dairy products like cottage cheese and cheese of different kinds will bring you a lot more profit. With perfect planning and your love for this particular work is bound to bring out success.

Proper marketing and good health of your cattle is the most important factor in this business. Direct selling of milk can be of greater profit.

Concluding the article, we would like to tell you that you are opting for a very bright future and we wish you all the very best for life.

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