25 Low Investment Business Ideas in Delhi 2019 -Updated

So you are looking for business ideas in Delhi right? Delhi is the capital of India. If you live in Delhi then starting a small business is a highly profitable idea. Delhi has many opportunities to start the business with small to medium scale of investment

25 Low Investment Business Ideas in Delhi 2019 -Updated

In this article, I will be sharing the top 25 low investment business ideas for Delhi which you can start right away. So let’s check the list of top 25 business ideas in Delhi

1. CCTV camera business

The demand for CCTV cameras has been increased rapidly from 2015-2018. So starting a CCTV camera selling and installing business is a highly profitable idea. Not many people are doing this business so it’s your chance to grab the opportunity at the right time.

2. Online Tutoring and Consulting

You can do online everything and online teaching platform is getting bigger day by day. If you have expertise in any subject also you are interested in teaching or providing guidance to the new generation then this is the right business for you.

3. Breakfast Joint

Starting a breakfast join is another small business idea for Delhi. If you can cook delicious food you should definitely try opening your breakfast joint. If you are looking for a small investment business then this is for you.

4. Real Estate Agent

If you have knowledge about real estate you can become a real estate agent. To become a real estate agent you first have to register yourself with RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority). The real estate industry is really big and it provides great opportunities.

5. Homemade Sweets & Savories

If you look carefully you can see many sweets and savories shops near you. The demand for sweets is really high and in the season is it increases by 200%. So starting a sweet and savories shop is highly profitable but it requires a medium level of investment.

6. Pickles, Jams & Sauces

This is another easy to start business idea for Delhi. The demand for homemade pickles is always high due to its taste and authenticity. Also, starting pickles, jam & sauce business doesn’t require much investment. You can start it at home with the help of a few more members.

7. Mobile Phone Repairs

Nowadays the mobile phone is everyone’s need and you and I can’t live without a mobile phone. According to research, the demand for mobile phones is increased by 100 times from 2015 to 2018 and it will keep increase rapidly. Starting a small mobile repairing shop doesn’t much investment and anyone can start it with a small six-month course.

8. Spice Powders

Spice powders making is another easy small business ideas for Delhi. You can start this business with a small investment and it doesn’t require any skills. To start you just have to buy a powder making machine (cost about 40,000-50,000 rupee) and 200 square feet room to set up the machine.

9. Start Paper Bags Business

The popularity of Delhi also suits for the paper bag business. Starting own paper bag making business doesn’t require too much investment. The demand for paper bags in Delhi side area is really high.

10. Homemade Chocolate Idea

Chocolates are always in demand and on occasions, the demand increases rapidly. If you can make good chocolates and passionate about it then it’s best to convert the passion into a profession.

11. Insurance Agent

Life insurance agents earn more than government officers do. The only thing in this business requires is good communication skills. Becoming an insurance agent doesn’t cost a penny. You get a commission every time your client pays the EMI.

12. Papad Making Business

Papad making business is another small yet powerful business model for Delhi. Starting papad business doesn’t require high investment too. But keep in mind, there are already many big and small companies who are doing the business.

13. Coaching Classes

Do you love reading and teaching? Then you should definitely start your coaching classes. If you are passionate about teaching new students and love to engage with them then this is the best business opportunity for you.

14. Stationery Shop

A stationery shop is an always running business idea. Starting your stationery shop in Delhi is highly profitable. You can start this business with low to medium range of investment.

15. Electrical Maintenance

Electrical maintenance is another high profit and almost no investment business plan. If you have expertise in this field you can start your own business with just a repair kit. Initially, you can contact people and gradually build up your client base. Later you can open your own store and sell electrical parts to increase the income.

16. Automobile Repairs

There are many cars in Delhi and people are buying more vehicles. So, starting an automobile repairing garage is an in opportunity in Delhi which you should grab. If you have skills you can repair vehicle yourself or you can always hire an expert for this job.

17. Food Truck Business Idea

A food truck is easy to start a business ideas in Delhi. Also, you can start it with low investment because you don’t have a buy or rent a place for this. There are many types of food trucks in Delhi like chhole kulche, phuchka, dahi vale and more.

18. Catering Services

Whether it is a party, wedding or anniversary the demand for catering service is always high. To start catering business you will require kitchen equipment and a skilled chief with few members.

19. YouTube Business Idea

People prefer spending most of their time on Youtube instead of TV. Starting your own Youtube channel doesn’t cost a penny. If you have anything valuable to share with people then you should definitely try this. Initially, you can use your smartphone to record videos.

20. Event Organizer

Organizing capability is the most important skills in this business and if you think you have it then go for it. An event organizer spent most of his time and skills to organize things in party, wedding or anniversary.

21. Tea Shop Business Idea

The tea shop is another small investment business idea in Delhi. A perfect place for a tea shop is near a college, office or governmental office. A well-running tea shop earns about 40,000 to 60,000 per month

22. Beauty Parlor

For ladies starting a beauty parlor is the best business opportunity in Delhi. The demand for beauty parlor never goes down. You can start your ladies beauty parlor with low to medium range of investment.

23. Soda Shop Business

There are many big soda companies who are doing this business. But you can start your small soda shop business too. Starting a soda shop business doesn’t require much investment. Soda shop demand is really high due to its low-cost availability.

24. Pest Control

Pest control business is a very uncommon business idea which you can start too. To start this business you may require several licenses.

25. Ice – Cream Parlor

Ice –cream parlor is another easy and profitable business idea in Delhi. Homemade ice-cream is always in top demand but if you don’t want to make ice-creams yourself then there are many franchises available too.

Conclusion:- So the above are the top 25 Low investment Business Ideas in Delhi. If you liked the article please do share it with your friends and help them too.  Comment if you think we missed out any important business ideas for Delhi.

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