25+ Distribution Business Ideas & Opportunities in 2020

Distribution Business Ideas

Looking for distribution business ideas? Distribution is a profitable business idea. Therefor distributors are placed in the middle of manufacturing and retailing. Additionally, distributors ensure the proper movement of goods. The movement of goods is the backbone of the economy.

This is a profitable business if you know what product distributorship you want to take. In this article, I will guide you about varies types of distribution business ideas.

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List of Distribution Business Ideas

There are various distribution business ideas we can take up to make a profit. In this article, I have shared a list of small yet profitable distribution of business ideas.

1. Art And Craft Distribution

If you love art and craft you can take over this distribution idea. Art and craft products have demanded all over the globe and can never go out of business. Art and craft businesses include costume jewelry, candle making, card making, etc.

2. Wine Distributorship

The most profitable business you can ever think of.  Just a license and a good location. Well, this business needs you to invest a considerable amount of money. Well, if you have all these conditions you are ready to make some profit.

3. Computer Accessories Distribution

It is very important to know the market at first. The products you are going to buy might not be original and you cannot keep an eye every single time. Therefore you need someone trustworthy.  Your distributorship will include items like a mouse, keyboard, motherboard, SMPS, monitors, cables, memory cards, RAMS, etc.

4. Furniture Distributorship

You should find out a good location before you start this particular business. Select products according to the locality. Keep varieties of furniture, do not only concentrate on wooden ones. This is one of the best profit-making business in the industry.

5. Garments  Distributorship

Start your distribution business by selling items for men, women, kids. Kid’s garments are highly-priced and selling them would be highly profitable. Items like belts, hosiery items, stoles, bags, etc also fall into the undergarment distributorship. This industry will never be out of a sale because the demand for garments will never stop. The success key of the industry is to provide the best quality garments at a cheaper rate.

6. Cosmetics Distributorship

One of the most trusted industry. Like garments, cosmetics will never be out of the sale. This is the fastest growing industry and once you enter it you will never have to look back again. The cosmetic industry consists of makeup, shampoo, moisturizers, foundation. Mascarraass, hair colors, toiletries, etc.

7. Leather Industry

Though there is a growing awareness about the use of animal leather, artificial leathers that are similar to original leather are already in the market. Products like bags, belts, shoes, garments, watch straps and many more items fall under this category. Therefore the demand for the leather industry never go out from the market

8. Packing Material Distributorship

Innovations in the packaging systems and looks are giving rise to a highly growing industry. People love things that are beautifully paced and are eco-friendly. Therefore when you decide to become a packaging distributor try to take the eco-friendly ones. Thay will dominate the market in a decade.

9. Sports Items Distributorship

The sports industry has a wide range of products. The sports industry includes fishing equipment,  musical equipment, indoor equipment, etc. However, it is very important for you to know the industry before getting a distributorship for this industry.

10. Agricultural Products Distribution

There is no big industry than agriculture worldwide. Ahri distributorship business has various products which include irrigation supplies, seeds, seedlings, pesticides, fertilizer, etc. these items are perfect for your distribution business and they are in demand worldwide.

11. Bakery Distributorship

Bakery items are in high demand during any festival especially 25th December or thanksgiving day. It is one of the most running businesses among others. if you can bake quality products this business is for you. Bakery goods include cookies, cakes, bread, biscuits, etc. Also, it falls under the most profitable business.

12. Construction Material Distributorship

Rapid urbanization is generating the demand for this industry. Distributorship of items like bricks, steel, timber, wood, cement, aggregates, metals, concrete, clay, etc.  The building material business can lead you to huge profit earning. The most profitable items are steel, cement, rods,  tiles, etc.

13. Crockery Items Distributorship

The essentials of the kitchen will always be in demand. Restaurants, hotels, cafes everywhere crockeries are necessary. Crockery includes cups, plates, mugs, glass, etc used in kitchen or ding space. You take up distributorship from one of the most used brands of your locality.

14. Fabric Distributorship

Garments cannot be made without fabric therefore fabric is the primary need for the garment industry. You can take up the fabric distribution business because it is a promising industry. You can keep different kinds of fabrics like cotton, polyester, spandex, etc.

15. Gift Items Distributorship

Gift items are never out of fashion because they keep evolving. This is a potential industry. Gift items include showpieces, wall hangings, toys, etc.

16. Beverage Distributorship

Beverages never go out of business. Youngstars will never stop drinking beverages like Coke or Pepsi. Because drinking beverage is the Among many distribution business ideas, this is quite profitable.

17. Dairy Products Distributorship

Similarly, you can start a dairy product distribution business. It is one of the most consumed daily product of every household worldwide. Milk and milk products are used all over the world. Dairy products include cottage cheese, mozzarella, cheese, curd, etc.

18. Energy Supply Distributorship

Energy supplying distributorship is a very profitable business. You can easily start it with minimal capital investment. However, I would recommend you to do conduct market research and analysis to get an approximated idea for the demand. Energy like bio-gas can be made with very minimum effort and vegetable waste.

19. Automobile Distributorship

Used cars, parts of cars, bikes, cycles, etc are always in demand.  Therefore I would recommend you start this business. But only if you are aware of all the odds this business.

20. Paint Distributorship

Paints are used all over the globe.  Therefore it is very much evident that you will never suffer a loss if you choose distributorship for the right company. You will be the distributor of paints for walls, and irons or any household items.

21. Home Appliance Distributorship

There are various appliances needed in a home. As the technology changes the appliance changes too. Therefore you need to update yourself regularly to prosper in this industry.  Products like refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, etc.

22. Interior Design Distributorship

There are various items involved in interior design. Items like curtains, bedsheets, carpets, furniture, etc. But a good market survey is always necessary because you need to keep items that will be used by the people of your locality. Heavy investment is needed to enter into this industry.

23. Handcraft Distributorship

Handcrafted items are always in demand. Handcrafted items can include home decors, gift items, etc. But keep in mind that these products are premium and expensive.

24. Gems Distributorship

Gems distribution is one of the oldest distributorship business but it requires huge capital investment. If you have that kind of capital investment you can consider starting it. But it is important to have a very good knowledge of precious gems. But you will have to associate with branded companies to get noticed and earn huge profits

25. FMGC Product Distributorship

Products like toothpaste, soaps, shampoos, etc will never lose its demand. With a moderate investment, you can build your own business. This is a competitive market but your variety of products can save you in this competition. These are the most lucrative distribution business for new entrepreneurs.


This article will help you sort out the type of distribution business you wish to start. However, starting a business needs proper planning, time, and money. Thank you for reading this article!

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