How To Start Domino’s Pizza Franchise | Complete Information

Do you want to start domino’s pizza franchise business? If yes, here is the plan. As you already know that domino’s highly popular for its pizza and other delicious products. Domino’s pizza was established in 1960 as a small store when it was taken over by two brothers Tom Monaghan and James from the previous owner Dominick DiVarti.

How to start domino's pizza franchise

Domino’s is most famous for its Veg and Non-Veg pizzas but apart from pizza they also offer a variety of Italian- American dishes, baked sandwiches, pasta, cakes, garlic bread, chicken items, beverages, Indians, tacos, desserts, etc.

Organization Name: Domino’s Pizza
Founded: 9 Dec, 1960
Founders: Tom Monaghan, James Monaghan
Industry: Food
Total Franchises: 17,000
Revenue: $361.8 Crores USD

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How To Start Domino’s Pizza Franchise –

Currently, dominos now have over 17,000 franchises only in the United States and above 1200 in India. Here are the few reasons why you should consider domino’s pizza franchise

Why Choose Dominos?

  • Domino’s is one of the most famous and reputed brands in the world
  • The Domino’s pizza offers low-cost franchises facilities that have huge ROI
  • Domino’s offers excellent training modules for new franchises
  • Domino’s have attractive offers like “30 minutes or free
  • They have a strong support system and marketing strategy

#1. Types of Domino’s Franchises Models available

Domino’s pizza offers franchising services under its LLC policy. Under this model, the franchises are permitted to open Domino’s pizza stores and sell pizzas and other authorized products through the store and carry-out services.

Domino’s pizzas have four different types of franchises models for the franchisee. Choosing the right franchises is very important according to your requirements otherwise you may face difficulties.

1) Traditional Stores

These are mainly retail stores located in a shopping mall, city center, and other suitable locations with suitable parking for vehicles. They mostly sell pizzas and other authorized items through delivery services.

2) Non- Traditional Stores

Apart from traditional locations, A Non-traditional stores sell pizzas to the non-tradition (corporate locations mainly) like offices, shopping malls, stadiums, airports, zoos, and toll roads too.

They mostly offer carry-out services but sometimes they may offer sitting facilities too if available.

3) Large Public Franchises

In this franchises model, they issue licenses to large public sectors like entertainment stadiums and sell pizzas and other authorized franchises products by carrying out service.

4) Transitional Stores

A transitional store is different than the other above two models. In this model, you can customized the menu as per the location’s demands. Transitional stores, usually do carry-out services and expand the delivery service to the position where the whole delivery is approved.

At that time the franchises have the opportunity to convert transitional stores to a traditional store at the same location they were approved before.

#2. Domino’s Franchise Eligibility

Dominos is looking for talented, passionate and energetic entrepreneurs to join their franchisee and to join their mission of becoming the leader of “internet food”

The Dominos Company is looking for people who will value and understand the franchisee and want a long relationship

Dominos looking for an entrepreneur who has a positive attitude, skills and encouraging mindset to grow the family

#3. Domino’s Franchise Application Process

  1. Fill up the application form and once it is done they will send you a franchise information brochure and information statement
  2. One of the franchise recruitment officers will assist you with your application documentation for a telephonic interview.
  3. Once the documentation part is completed then a recruitment officer will take the telephonic interview. So be prepared for the interview. Also if you have questions you can directly ask them during the interview.
  4. After the telephonic interview. They will invite you to meet the chief development officer and discuss business strategy, location, and store information. If the meeting is successful you will be given a store-specific financial data.
  5. A two-day orientation program will be arranged with other franchise to understand the operation functions in your area.
  6. The franchisee program has started and you will be meeting the market manager, developing a business plan, completing the cash flow, and confirming the franchisee agreement.
  7. Now the final step is the training process. They will give you intense training on how orientation, delivery, franchisee orientation program, and job management assessment.

#4. Investment for Domino’s Pizza

The investment cost for starting a dominos franchise is estimated from $102,000 to $550,000 or 77,84436 INR – INR 4,19,74900 depending on the franchise model. It includes leasehold improvements, furniture, equipment, 3-month rent, security deposit, training expenses, insurance, etc.

Additionally, there are other charges like royalty fee which is 5.5% of weekly sales, advertisement 4% of a weekly royalty fee, monthly servicing fee, transaction fee, credit card process fee, etc.

#5. Starting Domino’s Franchises in Various County

Domino’s pizza is so popular that it has its franchises over 5800+ cities and among them, 2800 are in the United States alone. Also, in other 83 countries including India, Denmark, United Kingdom, and Bangladesh, etc.

Domino’s have mainly 4 master franchise. So if you want to start a domino’s pizza franchise then you must contact their master franchise respectively.

If you are interested to start a domino franchise in Australia, Denmark, New Zealand, France, Belgium, Netherland, and Monaco then you have to contact “Dominos Pizza Enterprise” the master franchise.The owner of this master franchise is Australia and the only way to get the franchise license and approval in these countries.

For starting a Domino’s Pizza franchise in the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, and Ireland, etc then you have to contact “Dominos Pizza Group“. If you are interested to start a Domino’s franchise then it is the only way to start.

To start a Domino’s franchise in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka you have to contact Jubilant FoodWorks as they are the only master franchise operates in India.

For Bangladesh, you have to contact its master franchise for approval  that is Jubilant FoodWorks and Golden Harvest Limited.

#6. Contact Details For Domino’s Franchise

Contact Details for Domino’s franchise in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka

Jubilant FoodWorks Limited Registered & Corporate Office

B 214, Phase II, Noida – 201 305
Ph: +91-120-4090500 Fax : +91-120-4090599

Visit the official website for more information

Email Address for Franchises Information

[email protected]

Contact Details for Domino’s franchise in Australia, New Zealand, France, Belgium, Netherlands, and Monaco

Domino’s Pizza Enterprise


Starting Domino’s pizza franchise is definitely a profitable business opportunity under franchise but keep in mind that it’s a capital intense franchise plan. Therefore, if you have $1,00000 to 5,00000 in hand to invest in the business then think about Domino’s franchise otherwise there are a bunch of other franchise modes are available too.

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