How to Get Ekart Logistics Franchise [Cost, Profit & Process]

Ekart Logistics Franchise

Today, India’s second popular email company is the Ekart Logistics Franchise supply chain. This chain has a monthly delivery of 10 million shipments. The enterprise was founded in 2009 and has approximately 4,000 operating pin codes throughout India. Popular services such as cash upon delivery are available in a day guarantee on the same day. You are the unit of the Flipkart. They are also an individual brand outside the group Flipkart. People engage in their franchise business for consistent delivery service.

The very profitable franchise program is a reputable business itself. Consequently, you have made the correct call if you are preparing to open franchising with Ekart Company. You must have minimal experience in the logistics sector before implementing your franchise application.

About Ekart

Ekart Courier has become one of India’s largest providers of express delivery services. Flipkart Private Limited is officially managed. Flipkart continues to operate internally and to handle the logistics and supply chain in the country. There are over 3,900 qualities of PIN code services nationwide.

Today we will talk about how to process Ekart logistical franchising and application logistics. If you want to start a franchise with Ekart Courier Company, you can read the entire post. But let us take a look at these fascinating facts about Ekart and its past before we continue.

  • Escort Supply Chain Logistics, India’s favorite mail service with one of the best Ekart logistics tracking system.
  • 10 + Lakh shipping each month efficiently.
  • As a fully trained PIN-code service Escort was created in India in 2009 and 4000.
  • The supply chain of Flipkart home begins as a branch.
  • Flipkart Group’s outdoor brands, suppliers, connectivity platforms, and customers also provide the same.
  • Ekart is at the Flipkart affiliated party.

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Benefits of Selecting Ekart Franchise

You should know the absolute franchise advantages before you engage with any company. It will help you get your franchise. We want to notify Ekart Company that eKart is a fast, safe and efficient courier company in India. You will, therefore, receive a range of benefits if you apply for the franchise.

  • Firstly, they offer full training and support for businesses
  • You may continue with limited deposit funds. Investment costs are not too big
  • Easy contract terms can make you understand your strategy
  • Shipping service providers in all widely known Indian cities
  • The highest concern is consumer satisfaction, which is why you have the choice of express delivery.
  • Get more money from every payment.
  • The best platform for maintenance and technology
  • For every successful delivery, you get the maximum profit
  • Initial low investment
  • No danger during franchise maintenance
  • Help for consumers 24×7
  • The approved team franchise training.
  • You may continue with limited deposit funds. Investment costs are not too big

How to Get Ekart Logistics Franchise?

How to Get Ekart Logistics Franchise

A phase of acceptance specifically linked to the support staff of Ekart. The only way to submit via email for relationships. In 7 days, Flipkart’s Ekart team will answer you. Lastly, you can even send your request by e-mail.

Although, you have to take certain measures to purchase the Ekart Logistics franchise. Below is a list of the things a person must understand to be the owner of a franchise of Ekart Delivery:

  1. First and foremost, a person looking to buy an Ekart Courier dealer needs to have Ekart Logistics franchise application form that can be filled in and submitted by an individual wanting to become an Ekart logistics partner.
  2. In matters of the dealership, Ekart Courier is very rigid. The company does not even want to share with the public any information regarding the company’s choice of distributors. Also, Ekart needs disciplined individuals who can execute on time as collaborators.
  3. This does not mean that an individual is not allowed a courier franchise from Ekart. The Ekart franchise approval guide is one way that he or she can purchase. It is possible in PDF format on the Internet.

Ekart is Flipkart ‘s designated mail affiliate. If you want to be a courier partner with the Flipkart then you can follow the steps below to request an e-mail from Ekart Dealer:-

Email Address of the Dealer: [email protected]

You should get your reply, whether you are eligible or not for a franchise. However, you can send your email and expect to wait for seven workdays.

Ekart Logistics Franchise Requirements

To become the proprietor of a franchise, a person often has other conditions to meet. Ekart Logistics is the same thing.

  • The first big requirement for an individual to become a partner of Ekart Logistics is the region or outlet required to build the store.
  • The shop should be space-free enough to accommodate all the equipment and products required, as well as to allow employees to roam freely during their duties.
  • The area required to buy an Ekart Logistics dealer is about 400 to 600 square feet in the case of Ekart logistics.
  • The organization typically has a franchise deal spanning 3 or 4 years.

An available space or enough land space is the most essential part of the courier business. By renting a room, you may qualify for the franchise. However, you must show all valid documents in case of a rented place so that you cannot have any problems in the future.

Anyone who needs to be an Ekart logistics partner must meet another requirement in terms of equipment.

#1. Equipment Requirements

Starting Ekart Logistics Franchise doesn’t require too many items. However, there are few things that a franchise owner must-have. The basic requirements that a person should meet to ensure that the store is operated smoothly are

  • Computers
  • Printers
  • bar-codes
  • shipping labels
  • scanners etc.

#2. Documentation

Aadhar card or Pan-card is needed for identification proof, property paper for position possession inspection. Also, project or bank front page scanned and property papers are required for the inspection of the land.

#3. Training

In your favorite city, Ekart will provide training. Depending on your franchise location. Also, they will select a place for training purposes.

#4. Contract

Like every other company, Ekart has its criteria for agreement. You will start the company immediately with the basic franchise agreement. The length of the deal ranges from 3 to 4 years. After that, you can always renew it.

Ekart Logistics Investment Cost:

Ekart will not disclose the exact capital investment for the public. However, It depends on the scale of the company. If you submit under the sub-region, you can start a business with low investment. Ekart allows you to choose a master franchise. Both have strong potential for income. But it will cost a small amount to compare the subsidiary franchise if you are using the master franchise. We cannot say exactly the amount, so it could be different for the real money deposited.

Although the amount of investments required to set up an Ekart delivery franchise shop is not specific on the internet, experts are saying it is approximated at about 50.000 to 1 lakh of rupees. It is not the same amount, and there is a different percentage of the deposit. Additionally, every company that provides franchise options receives a security deposit under a certain agreement.

However, two types of franchises are offered by Ekart, namely master franchise and standard franchise. Although these two franchise choices give franchise owners a decent chance for the benefit, the cost of starting a franchise can vary.

Profit Potential

The franchisors scheme, which is very cost-effective, is a reputable business itself. Consequently, you have made the correct decision if you are preparing to open franchising with Ekart Company.  The very profitable franchise program is a reputable business itself. Therefore, you have made the correct call if you are planning on starting franchising with Ekart Company.

The productivity of an Ekart logistics franchise is not illustrated by a single amount or figures on the Internet. But that doesn’t imply the profitability of the business. Also, the company’s popularity with Flipkart is a good example that an individual who invests in Ekart Logistics will benefit considerably.

Buying a franchise of one of the big players in the field has proven to be a profitable venture than that of starting a business from scratch. There are so many players in the field of courier service. You could buy a franchise to reduce the costs of your startup even further.

Contact details

There are also situations in which an individual has questions or an inquiry regarding a product but cannot reach the client to get the answer to the problem or issue. However, If you have any queries and would like to contact Ekart Logistics’ support staff to address these questions, they can use the following information:

Customer Care 1800 420 1111 / Toll-Free Helpline– 08067982222

Office Address: Ekart Logistics Registered Office Address Brigade Manae Court, First Floor, No.111, Koramangala Industrial Layout, Bangalore- 560 095, Karnataka, India


Ekart is one of the best-known and most beneficial courier services. In fact, the most incredible thing about this business is the cheap shipping of couriers in overseas.

Ekart Logistics is India’s most favored supply chain service. It delivers over 10 million messages to some 4000 pin codes throughout India every month. As a franchise partner with Ekart, you require less investment than other big franchise companies and thus fast returns and good profit margins.

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