How to Get Flipkart Delivery Franchise [Cost, Eligibility & Process]

Flipkart Delivery Franchise
Getting a chance to work with the world’s largest company is an opportunity and Amazon delivery franchise is the way to connect with them. In fact, you can tie up to a Flipkart delivery franchise and receive accurate benefits from this correct business stop.
There is no refusing to the matter that time is important and you don’t want to waste it by going to shop your everyday needs. Nowadays everybody is unavailable because of their busy schedule. In that case, it is somewhat challenging to allow time to actually visit a shopping market for our everyday requirements. But thank god Flipkart is our savior! Also, ordering and directing is now just a few clicks away.
If it engrosses you into lending on Flipkart delivery franchise, give this piece a see. Today, we will pen-down all that you would desire to perceive before having launched with Flipkart delivery franchisee.
Flipkart Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian delivery chain company in the e-commerce industry. It started in 2007 with its head-quarter at Bangalore, Karnataka. Besides that, the Flipkart company came into light under the initiative of Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal who worked on Amazon.
The two founders finished their college from IIT Delhi. Initially, Flipkart started by selling books. But, with time, the company progressed into selling other categories of products. They sell almost everything including fashion, lifestyle, groceries, electronic appliances, and home decors.

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Key Benefits of Flipkart Delivery Franchise

To benefit the customers, brands like Flipkart save our time by delivering well at our doorstep. When a customer places an order at their e-commerce website. Flipkart receives the order and delivers the goods to the given address. I highly recommend you partner with Flipkart because it won’t be a wrong decision. You would be handling thousands of demands of your locality or in the city area. The business is not only limited to clothing and groceries. In fact, about 82% of Indians buy their electronic appliances and furniture from Flipkart.
Before you start, there is a list that you should know-
  • Flipkart does not entertain any franchise application form from the public. If you are looking to own the Flipkart delivery franchise, you have to contact the company officials. Be aware of fraud in the market who try to fool you in the brand’s name.
  • Flipkart maintains privacy in discussing the Flipkart delivery franchise. You will not find any details until you email the officials in the mentioned email address on their official website.
  • You can download the Flipkart franchise approval guideline from the website. It will give you a fair idea about the terms and conditions of the company for a better understanding.

Demand & Market Potential of Flipkart

Flipkart is the biggest online store in India. Their hard-work and business policy have shown the innovation of the success it deserves. Today, Flipkart delivers millions of orders to millions of Indians at their doorstep. The company has opened its gateway to the delivery franchise because of increased popularity and branch their supply chain. They have started their Logistics called Ekart courier service. Since Flipkart has an excellent reputation, franchisors are sneaking the opportunity of Flipkart delivery franchise.

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Why You Should Start Flipkart Delivery Franchise

Flipkart is a very trusted online delivery website. Now, the company is looking for franchisors who have enough space, capital, and manpower to force Flipkart. Besides that, here are a few more reasons for starting a business with the Flipkart delivery franchise
  • It has spent over 100 million dollars into the logistic supply chain.
  • They got an excellent platform to boom their startup.
  • Delivery companies that associated with Flipkart have already made their positions
Thus, if you have spare space and investment capital. do not miss a single chance to start Flipkart delivery franchisee. If you can follow the terms and conditions of Flipkart delivery franchise services, it is an extremely profitable business.

How to Get Flipkart Delivery Franchise

how to get flipkart franchise

Owning the Flipkart delivery franchise is highly beneficial. The brand value of Flipkart is enough to serve as the main course and dessert in the plate of franchisors. You can generate sales and get more and more business from the Flipkart delivery franchise store. The investment money is not a lump sum. Just the least security deposit is ready to own the franchise business.

Flipkart uses the latest technology to maintain official data of the public dealings. To understand their methodologies, a franchise owner has to go through training programs that the company will conduct. This is important so you understand the logistics better and the business can run smoothly.

#1. Application Process

To start, an individual has to visit the official Flipkart website and fill up the Flipkart delivery franchise form. For that, you need a handful of documents which are set below:
  • Firstly, the identity proof – An ID proof is necessary to prove you as an Indian citizen. So, it can be your Adhaar card, Driver’s license, Ration card, or voter card.
  • Verified documents for business ownership.
  • Demand draft and bank canceled cheque are important.
  • To prove your address, an electricity bill or driver’s license is necessary.
  • But, if the space for the delivery franchise is on rent, show the valid rental documents.

#2. Eligibility Criteria

The basic needs to start the Flipkart delivery franchise are:
  • Hire at least 5 delivery boys for on-time services.
  • Go for the insurance policy.
  • To run the Flipkart delivery franchise, a least of 400 sqft to 700sqft storage space is necessary.
  • The employees should be well-experienced to manage their duties and look after the outlet by heart.
  • Other computer accessories like computers, printers, powerful internet connection, paper, barcode scanner, etc. are also necessary.

#3. Flipkart Delivery Franchise cost

To start the Flipkart delivery franchise, an individual will need 50,000 to 1 lakh rupees as a raw investment. By investing this money, you will be the owner of a logistics franchise of Flipkart. But, the investment amount can be more depending on the location of your franchise store.

#4. Profit Potential

Unlike Amazon, Flipkart does not share any profit potentiality online. As mentioned earlier, the company is secretive about providing franchise details. But, since Flipkart is one of the biggest companies in the e-commerce chain, investors can expect a market share of 40 percent as profit. Also, it is quite a generous amount from a company with a reputed brand name in the market to own the Flipkart delivery franchise.

Contact Information

The official address of Flipkart store is

Flipkart Internet Private Limited,

Vaishnavi Summit, Ground Floor,

7th Main, 80 Feet Road, 3rd Block,

Koramangala, Bengaluru – 560034  


CIN: U51109KA2012PTC066107
Telephone: 1800 208 9898
Official website:
it is advisable to connect the company for Flipkart delivery franchise through email. Since Flipkart has not proclaimed their franchise offer on their webpage, take the manual approach. Besides that, the Toll-free number available on the internet is for product and service improvement. They have no information about the Flipkart delivery franchise. Hence, email is the only option to connect the company directly.


To the final conclusion, Flipkart is the brand of trust and high-end customer service. Also, they sell high-quality products that have made a loyal customer ground for their future progress.
Additionally, with time the logistics franchises will go on increasing. People will try to save more money and more time and delivery company like Flipkart will snatch their golden opportunity to progress. So, now is the grand time for investors to invest the money into the Flipkart delivery franchise to kickstart their business.
Thus, invest little money on Flipkart delivery services today and enjoy uninterrupted profit lifetime.
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