40+ Food Business Ideas & Opportunities in 2020

40+ Food Business Ideas

If you are looking for business ideas related to food then you have come to the right place. In this article, I have talked about 40 food business ideas that you can start.

The food business is something that never goes in loss. In other words, food is the most essential item for a human. But before jumping into any foods related business you must consider a few things like location, decoration, chef. investment and business strategy. After everything is decided you can choose any of the food-related businesses from the down below list.

The food business ideas I have mentioned in this article, are from low to high range of investment. So as per your budget, you can choose business ideas which suit best for you.

1. Pickles Manufacturing

Pickles manufacturing business is the most food profitable business idea with low investment. Because in India, almost every ladies know how to make tasty pickles. Also, the demand for homemade pickles is quite high hence you should consider starting the pickle manufacturing business from your home.


  • Fruits like mangoes, carrots and many others
  • A place to dry them (recommendation: terrace)
  • Spices like salt, red chili powder, turmeric powder, etc

2. Potato Chips

Potato chips are very famous among kids, younger’s and even in the old generations. These crisp chips are made with fine quality potatoes, oil, and flavorings. Certainly, there are many big companies who are making billions but If you have a medium range of budget you can start this business too.


  • Potato chips need high-quality potatoes
  • Washing, Peeling and dicing machines
  • Fine quality oil for deep frying
  • Packaging machines or manual
  • Spices for flavorings

3. Candy Making

Similarly, the candies are everyone’s favorite and you can’t hold yourself from eating these delicious candies. Therefore, starting a small candy producing unit is highly profitable but you have to come up with something new.


  • Candy making machines
  • Ingredients like, Sugar, water, candy powder & edible color
  • Labors to operate machines & packings

4. Papad Making

The papad manufacturing business is another food-related business idea on our list which you can start with moderate investment. Also, papad has huge varieties of flavors like rice papad, methi papad, masala papad, mango papad, etc.


  • Papad making machine (semi-automatic or manual)
  • Raw materials – a different type of pulse flour
  • Spices for flavorings

5. Ice-Cream Parlor

Opening an Ice-cream parlor is another food business idea for you. Whether is summer or winter everyone loves to eat ice-creams. If you have medium to low investment range then ice-cream parlor is the best option for you. You can make your own ice-cream and sell them on your parlor or you can just take franchises or any branded company


  • A place for your ice-cream parlor
  • Freezer (cost approx 40-60 thousand)
  • Ingredients for ice-creams
  • Or franchise (40-60 thousand for a branded company)

6. Tomato Sauce Making

Tomato sauce is widely used in hotels, restaurants, and our homes. Also, the demand for tomato sauce is increasing by 20%-30% every year. Therefore,  you should consider starting a small tomato sauce plant.


  • Ingredients like tomatoes, sugar, salt, vinegar, etc
  • Machines – washing tank, steamer tank, and juice extractor
  • Labor – for operating machines and other stuff

7. Tea & Coffee Shop

Opening a tea & coffee shop is a highly profitable business in which you can easily start with medium investment. In order to start this business, you have to find a perfect place for your shop and then you should initiate the next process.


  • A good place for your shop
  • Ingredients for preparing coffee & tea
  • Skilled labor for preparing tea & coffee
  • 1-2 unskilled labor

8. Homemade Chocolate

Chocolates are loved by everyone especially if they are freshly homemade with lots of nuts. Homemade chocolate is quite easy to make and has high demand in the market too. If you are interested you can start this business with moderate investment.


  • Chocolate making machine
  • Ingredients for the chocolate
  • Manpower (labor)

9. Popcorn Manufacturing

Popcorn is widely famous among us and we love to eat popcorns whether it’s flavored or plain salty. In order to start a popcorn business, you will be needed a popcorn machine and raw corn.


  • Popcorn machine
  • Raw corns
  • Flavors & cheese

10. Fruit Jam Making

Jams and jelly are consumed with bread and kids love them in their breakfast and Tiffin box. Fruit jams manufacturing is another low investment and high-profit business idea. With a medium investment, you can set your own fruit jam plant.


  • Fresh fruits (seasonal)
  • Ingredients for making jam
  • Jam making machine
  • Preservatives

11. Noodles Making

The demand for noodles is increasing every day and if you want you can easily start your noodle-making business. The process of noodle making is not hard and can easily do with semi-automated machines.


  • Dough kneading machine
  • Noodle making machine
  • Ingredients
  • Manpower for handling machines and packaging

12. Cake Making

If you have expertise in cake making then this business is perfect for you. Cake making business can be started from home on a small scale and then you can expand it to a large scale.


  • Dough making machine
  • Ingredients for cake
  • A shop for selling them

13. Wafer Making

Similarly, like cakes, wafer making business has high market potential. Each and everyone love to have a bite of wafer Also, you can start this business from your home. Therefore, starting a wafer manufacturing business is not a bad idea.


  • Wafer making machine
  • Ingredients – Wheat flour, Barley flour, vegetable oil, etc

14. Aam Papad Making

Aam papad is loved by every age group. The aam papad is sold everywhere in India and nowadays foreigners eating it too. The demand for aam papad is increasing very fast and the profit margin in this business is quite high.


  • Aam papad making machine: cost 50,000 thousand
  • Ingredients – mango, sugar, black salt and clarified butter (ghee)
  • 1-2 labor to operate the machine

15. Bread Manufacturing

Bread is one of the highest consumable food products all over the world because of the availability and nutritional value. Almost everyone loves to have freshly made bread at breakfast. Therefore, starting a bread-making business probably the best business opportunity.


  • Dough kneading machine
  • Bread making machine
  • Ingredients

16. Vinegar Manufacturing

Vinegar is of the most used ingredient in Chinese dishes. Manufacturing vinegar is an easy and high profitable business that you can start from a middle to large scale.


  • Juice extracting machine
  • Juice filtering machine
  •  Vinegar generator
  • Ingredients

17. Biscuit Making

The next idea on the list is the biscuit making business. There are many big companies that are doing very well in the biscuit industry but as a beginner, you can start your own biscuit making business. You can start biscuit making a business from small scale to big scale and the profit is almost 30%-40%


  • Dough kneading machine
  • Biscuit making machine and oven
  • Ingredients for biscuits

18 Vegetable Shop

The second best idea is opening a vegetable shop. The demand for high-quality organic veggies is increasing day by day and if you are looking for food-related business ideas then vegetable shop fits best for you. Selling vegetables directly from the farmer is the best and highly profitable idea. Vegetable shops have a margin of 30%-50% on their sales.


  • A place for your shop: (Rented or owned)
  • A vehicle for transport:  (again you can rent it)

19 Food Truck

Food trucks are one of the most popular and easy food-related business ideas. The most beautiful thing is that this truck can be a park anywhere and you can start selling. Also, food trucks cost way too little investment compare to other types of shops. If you are interested food trucks are the most profitable business ideas nowadays.


  • A food truck (cost depends on requirements)
  • Kitchen Tools
  • Labors
  • And of course vegetables for sale

20. Sweet Shop

Sweet shops are very famous and can be found in every corner of the city. Opening a sweet shop is very profitable but it requires medium to high investment


  • A place for your shop
  • Skilled labor for preparing sweets
  • Ingredients

21. Juice Shop

Fruit juice shop is another highly profitable business idea on our list. Opening a juice shop also doesn’t require high investment. Nowadays people prefer fresh fruit juice instead of a packaged one. If you want to start a fruit juice shop you can start it with a small and medium-range of investment.


  • A place for your shop
  • Fruit juice making a machine
  • Lots of fruits

22. Ice –Cream Cone Making

Starting an ice-cream cone manufacturing business is one of the highest profitable food-related business ideas today. If you are an ice-cream lover you definitely know the value of a crunchy and tasty cone.  Also, the demand for crunchy and tasty ice-cream cone is huge in the Indian market. Therefore, I suggest you start this growing business


  • A place for your machines
  • Cone making machine
  • Raw materials
  • Labor cost

23. Fast Food Shop

Fast food shops are growing very fast nowadays. Opening a fast food joint requires middle to large investment but the profit is about 50%. Hence if you have the budget to start a fast food joint you should go for it.


  • A place for your fast food joint
  • Interior and accessories
  • Professional chef & labors
  • Raw materials

24. Nuts Processing Business

The Nuts processing business is another highly profitable business idea that you can start with low to medium investment. Nuts are seasonal fruits that need processing before you can eat it. If you are interested you can start a nuts processing unit with just rupee 2 lakh ($4000).


  • Cashew processing machine
  • Perfect place for raw materials
  • Labor for handling the job
  • License

25. Ginger & Garlic Paste Making

Ginger and garlic paste is one of the most important spice items in cooking. Normally we prepare the paste at home and use it. But nowadays ginger and garlic paste is coming in packets. If you are interested you can easily set up a ginger & garlic paste plant.


  • A place for your machinery
  • Raw ingredients
  • Labor for operating machines

26. Coconut Powder Making

Coconut powder is used in many dishes. Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu are the major coconuts producing cities in India. If you can set a coconut processing unit near these stats then you can make a good profit with coconut making business.


  • Coconut powdering machine
  • Manpower (labor)
  • License

27. Frozen Food

Frozen food is another most beneficial and high demand business idea. The demand for frozen foods has been increased by 20%-30% in the last year. People now preferred frozen foods instead of wasting so much time preparing them. Thus starting a frozen food business is highly profitable.


  • License
  • Manpower (labors)
  • Place

28. Ice-Cream Kiosk

Opening an Ice-cream Kiosk is certainly the most popular business model around the world. You can simply set a Kiosk ice-cream machine in malls and other popular areas, as a result, you will keep earning passive money through it.


  • A crowded place like a mall
  • Ice-cream Kiosk machine

29. Catering Business

The catering business is a very popular food business ideas and it has high potential too. Before starting a catering business you should check the market competition in the catering business. If you have decided then you can start a catering business with a medium scale to a large scale.

  • A place for catering equipment and supplies
  • A kitchen for preparing food
  • Chef and other staffs
  • Permits and License

30. Office-Food Delivery

Office-food delivery is preferred by the most employed who neither have prepared food before leaving for the office or have a high budget to eat from expensive restaurants. Therefore, starting an office food delivery service can be a highly profitable business.


  • Kitchen for preparing foods
  • Packaging materials
  • Transportation

31. Fresh Seafood Selling

If you love seafood then you surely know the demand for fresh seafood around the world. Fresh seafood supplying is one of the best business ideas.  But the competition is high so to compete you have to provide fresh seafood at a cheaper price than others. The profit of seafood is about 30%-40%.


  • A place near the sea is best for the seafood business
  • Transportation

32. Hot Dog Stand

Hot dog stand is one of the most lucrative business ideas on our list. As a young, you should consider starting a hot dog stand because the business doesn’t require a high amount of investment to start.


  • A hot dog stand
  • Ingredients

33. Package Water Selling

Packaged drinking water manufacturing plant is one of the most lucrative business ideas on the list. Nowadays most people prefer bottled drinking water instead of tap water. Also, with a medium investment, you can start your own packaged drinking water business.


  • A place to set up your machinery
  • Workers
  • Water supply

34. Spice Powder Making

Spices are the most important needs of every household in India.  You can start a spice processing and packaging business. Also, the business requires a medium range of investment and capable of generating high profit as per demand.


  • A spice processing machine: cost approx $1500-2000
  • A place to set your machine (rented or owned)
  • Raw materials (as per requirement)
  • Labor cost

35. Cotton Candy Making

The cotton candy making business is a very easy and low investment idea. Cotton candy is loved by everyone and the demand for cotton candy is increasing very fast. Thus opening a cotton candy processing unit is very much profitable

  • A place for your shop
  • Cotton candy machine
  • Ingredients

36. Soda Shop

Soda shop is one of the best businesses right now. Opening a soda shop in your locality is quite profitable but you must check the market before initiating the business. Also, the soda shop business doesn’t require much investment hence you should consider starting it.


  • Soda making machine
  • A crowded place (school, market, college, etc)

37. Diet Food Supply Business

The demand for diet food is increasing very fast among the youngest. Therefore, starting a diet food business is certainly the best option for fitness freaks as well as diet-conscious peoples


  • Kitchen to prepare diet food
  • Transportation for food supply

38. Lemonade Making Business

Lemonade or Nimbu Pani is a flavored drink widely consumed during the summertime. Starting a lemonade shop or packaging lemonade business is profitable also easy to start a business idea. Therefore, you should consider starting a fresh lemonade making business.


  • A place for your shop
  • Ingredients – Water, soda, lemon, etc

39. Custard Powder Making

Custard powder making business is another small yet powerful food business ideas in our list. Producing custard powder requires ingredients like cornstarch, salt, and flavorings.


  • A semi-automated machine: cost approx $400-$600
  • Ingredients: as per requirements
  • Labor cost

40. Flour producing mill

Flour producing mill is another popular food business ideas on our list. Because with just one type of machine, you can make a different type of flours. Also, the flour producing business has a margin of 20%-30%.


  • A place for flour producing plant
  • Raw materials
  • Labors

Final words – So there are the top 40 food business ideas which you can start. First of all, every business has its cons and pros so if you want to start any business from the above list you can.

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