How To Start Haldiram Franchise in India [Complete Information]

Opening a Haldiram franchise business in India can be a profitable choice that has a good ROI. The only thing that matters is the brand you are partnering with. One of the best brands to open a franchise outlet is Haldiram! Here it is why?

haldiram franchise

About Haldiram

Haldiram is serving its delicious and quality food since 1937. From western snacks to Indian sweets, they’ve covered a wide range of foods. Haldiram is one of the oldest and yet, dominating brand in its competition. The respect for brand increases when you get to know the constant goodwill they have created in the market throughout these years. Not only in India, but Haldiram is also spread in other countries like- Japan, the USA, UK, Sri Lanka, etc.

Haldiram has recently decided to start its franchise chain. The above reasons show the scope of starting a franchise business with the Haldiram. Moreover, the company is desperately looking to spread its work in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

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How To Open Haldiram Franchise

To make things right from the beginning, Haldiram has split into two different units– The first head office of Haldiram is set up in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, managing all the operations in North India. Another head office is located in Nagpur, Maharashtra. This unit looks over all the operations, running in South and West India.

The north unit of Haldiram has no plans to open its franchise in any means. Thus, you should approach the Nagpur head office for the franchise proposal. The size of your store should be 250sq ft to 500sq ft area and also make sure your store location is within a crowded area.

Haldiram works in two different business models, those are-

  1. Kiosk Business model

This business model is generally adopted by food chain restaurants. There is a small open outlet selling small and easily consumed foods, like fast foods and ‘namkeens’. All the package products and sweets are included in case of Haldiram

  1. Casual Dining

Casual Dining is the concept of restaurants that support sit and eat facility. Recently Haldiram has also started to serve its delicious meals which are perfectly run with casual dining concepts. It will be best for you if you made this opportunity, as these Haldiram outlets are very less in numbers.

The business model given above are of similar types, you can know more details on this by contacting them.

No matter which business model you choose, one thing is sure. By looking towards the love of people for the company, partnering with Haldiram will turn out to be a true profit business within a year.

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Benefits of Opening a Haldiram Franchise

  1. Low investment

Franchise business does need some investment in before starting out. It depends on the company you choose, the higher the brand value higher will be cost. But, don’t worry you don’t have to pay much for the brand like Haldiram.

  1. Zero Marketing Efforts

This is obvious, why you are choosing Haldiram over other brands. Almost every Indian is well aware of the brand and its quality, you just need to tell them there is a store nearby.  That too doesn’t need any efforts, people will know your store’s presence in a short period of time.

  1. Higher Returns

Let me share an amazing fact with you, Haldiram has barely faced any sales losses. This doesn’t imply that the franchise business is a risk-free business. But, the majority of the time you will earn more than your investment within the same year.

The direct profit you will get on package foods is 20%, whereas you will get 40% of the total price in case of non-package food

4. Training and Support

At last, training and support decide the future of a business. Haldiram will also provide great training to you and your employees on various topics like how to treat customers, how to manage the business, and how to make their non-package foods.

Starting Investment in Haldiram Franchise

It only takes 10 to 12 lakhs of investment. The expenses are divided into the following categories-

  • The expense of the store: To set up a full ‘ready to start’ a store will cost you around five to six lakhs. In which all the expenses like inventory and Haldiram’s products are also included.
  • Business Fee: Haldiram charge 3 lakhs as a business fee, this is quite low as compared to other food restaurant brands.
  • Security Fee: One lakh is the security fee for Haldiram charges in the beginning. This fee is taken to cope up the loss if in case any incident occurs

How to Contact

For franchise purposes, you should contact Haldiram head office, located in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

Head Office – Nagpur

Address:  Haldiram Foods International Pvt Ltd,

145/146, Old Pardi Naka,

Bhandara Road, Nagpur – 440032.

Telephone:  +91 9764449796, +91 9607778600, +91 9607678600

Fax:  0712 – 2680218

Customer Care No:  +91 9209109999, +91 7507090300

Email ID:  [email protected]

P.S- You can also consider contacting regional offices, according to your store’s area. Some of the contact details are given below-

Regional Office – Mumbai

Address:  Haldiram Foods International Pvt Ltd,

A-204/207 Shyam Kamal West Wing,

Agrawal Market, Tejpal Road,

Vile Parle (East), Mumbai – 400057.

Telephone:   022 – 26130771, 022 – 26170762

Fax:  022 – 20145116

Regional Office – Chennai

Address: Haldiram Foods International Pvt. Ltd., 044 31062867

No. ½ Peeran Street, Salligramam, Chennai 600 093

Inquiry form:

Bangalore – Office

Address: Haldiram Foods International Pvt. Ltd.

#1213, 100 Ft Road, H.A.L. 2nd Stage, Indira Nagar, Bangalore 560 038

I urge you to visit the head office for a business proposal and other queries. As the Haldiram is new in franchise things, visiting office and face to face interaction will give you a clear view of the whole ‘franchise’ thing. Besides, it will save you from various online frauds and scams.

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Haldiram give franchise?

Yes, Haldiram does give franchises. There are typically two types of franchise models available in Haldiram; Kiosk Business Model and Casual Dinning model

What is the cost of the Haldiram franchise?

The estimated cost of the Haldiram franchise is 10 to 12 lakhs including expenses of the stores which is approximately 5 to 6 lakhs, the business fee which is 3 lakhs, and 1 lakh security deposit to open the franchise.

How can I open Haldiram franchise?

Haldiram has recently decided to start its franchise chain. You can directly contact their respective head office to open the franchise. To increase their revenue the company is very much looking to spread franchises in tier 2 and tier 3 cities


The reason why I love Haldiram personally is the same quality of food everywhere. You’ll not find any difference in the taste of their products when visiting different areas. Moreover, Haldiram has received many awards and compliments from big authorities.

These things are indicating the amount of profit you can make. Ask yourself do you have a proper store with a suitable location and clear every single doubt, by contacting them!



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