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Looking for the highest paying jobs in America? If yes, then this article is for you. America is one of the Super-power in the world. There is no shortage of jobs or business ideas in America but we always try to find something that pays well. Americans generally search for something that pays well. To earn a handsome amount in America, you need patience and hard work.

But recently, there has been a shift in the patterns that is the highest paying jobs are circling around technology. The technological revolution has already made an impact in the global market but has mostly impacted America.

Market surveys show that Apple, Amazon, and Facebook have gained a position in society and have employed the most number of people. Everything from healthcare to finance, depends on software and computers, in short, “technology”. No one can survive without technology in this era. There is a growing interest in the digital marketing sector too. There is a huge demand for web developers, graphic designers, application developers, and animation artists.

Healthcare has always topped the list in every country, obviously. The top 5 job occupations consist of the healthcare division. surgical jobs, psychotherapists, counselors, and physiotherapists are also in demand. Anesthesiologists ranked 1 on the list with an unbelievable annual income. Here are some of the highest-paying jobs in America. Scroll down to check out!

1. Anesthesiologists

high pay jobs and career in usa

Anesthesiologists perform a very crucial and critical task. They perform the perioperative care of patients before, during and after surgery. They help patients with intensive care, look after their preparation and the anesthetic process, emergency medicine and pain medicine.

Annual Salary- $261,730

2. Maxillofacial Surgeons And Oral Surgeons

Highest paying jobs in USA - Maxillofacial Surgeons And Oral Surgeons

Oral surgeons are limited to the inside of the mouth while maxillofacial surgeons are doctors of the jaw, face, skull, and mouth. Maxillofacial surgeons specialize in the following areas,

  • Cosmetic Facial surgery
  • Head and neck cancer- microvascular reconstruction
  • Cranio-maxillofacial trauma
  • Craniofacial surgery/ pediatric maxillofacial/ cleft surgery
  • Maxillofacial regeneration

To become a maxillofacial surgeon, you need to earn a degree in medicine and not dentistry.

Annual Salary- $230, 879

3. Surgeons

Highest paying jobs in america - Surgeons

Physicians who use surgical methods to resolve any medical issue from the body are known as surgeons. Surgeons are one of the most important doctors in the medical profession. This is the basic reason for them to rank top in the highest paying jobs in America.

Annual Salary- $235,456

4. Aviation Industry

Aviation Industry

The aviation industry is ruling every developed and developing country. They are among the highest-paying jobs in America. Pilots, co-pilots and aircraft engineers are in high demand. To enter this industry and become a pilot, you need hard-work, good physique, presence of mind and excellent eyesight.

Annual Salary- $174,870

5. Psychiatrist

Highest paying jobs

The more we tend towards an individualistic society, the more we get isolated and in turn depression, substance abuse, Mental health issues arise.  For the four last years, the number of psychiatrists has increased in America making APA (American Psychological Association) the largest psychiatrist organization in the world. Therefore giving an opportunity to the rising doctors decide their paths clearly.

Annual Salary- $220,430

6. Financial Manager

Financial Manager - High Pay Jobs in America

Finance is the fuel of any structured organization. Someone who manages the fuel of the car, called Company, does the most important task in the system. As a financial manager, you have to make reports, look after direct investment activities and development of different strategies to help the organization grow. You are one, who will look after the financial health of your organization. As we can see America is a growing market, many new business houses are coming into existence and hence, creating a need for financial managers.

Annual Salary- $147,358

7. Advertisement And Promotion Manager

Advertisement And Promotion Manage

Business is the fundamental structure or unit that runs the Economy. And advertisement is the nucleus of that Unit.

A business can not reach its optimum level until and unless people know about the Business. The Service or product a company provides to its prospective Client.

Advertisement and promotion help a business grow. Advertisement elevates the feeling of brand loyalty and that in turn helps in purchase and business. Promotions help to popularize the product and make it visually or physically accessible to potential customers.

Advertisement and promotion managers help to organize events of promotion. They plan the promotion. With the help of the Market Survey, advertisement and promotion managers try to promote products in a way that is visually attractive and also keeping in mind the emotional attachment of the customer to a  particular product.

Annual Salary- $141,890

8. Obstetrician-gynecologists


Obstetrics, the name itself depicts a lot of insight about this profession. Obstetrician Gynecologists are those gynecologists who have a specialization in Pregnancy and  Childbirth. They are the professionals who give you the exact Expert Opinion during the most Important Time of a Mother’s life. Especially if she is being the mother for the first time.

These professionals may seem that they are dealing with tiny little Humans but deep down they are actually doing the most important thing at the real root point. As people in this time are getting more aware, and acknowledging the importance of the concept of care from the womb, these jobs are getting really high in demand.

There is a huge Shortage of Qualified and Professional OB – GYNs in the US. According to professionals, the industry is going to hire 7% of Human Resources in Ten Years. This is amongst the highest paying jobs in America.

Annual Salary- $240,530

9. Chief Executive

Chief Executive

Chief Executing Officer, The CEO, sounds most cool as a profession. Isn’t it.? Yes, according to economic statistics and reports, the CEO is amongst the highest paying jobs in America, in terms of a none medical career. Now the question is, why such glamour and craze run behind the profession? Is it Only about the High-end Payment Structure.?

A Professional in this particular field earns around $105 – $113  per hour on an average. Though there are lots and lots of examples where CEOs are earning Billions and Billions per year, here we are considering the general structure.

But as we know, these huge paychecks come with a huge responsibility.

Being the CEO is like being the Captain of a Sailor Boat, where the company is the boat and project execution is the destination. The Captain has to cross an entire Ocean to reach his destination with his co sailors;i.e. The team. He has to be that professional to handle every single Up and Down as those Tides. With the Calmness of Nerve, watching intuitions becoming successful reality is that spark, for which people thrive for this profession.

Annual Salary- $258,390

10. Architect and City Planner

Architect and City Planner

Ever wondered, while roaming around your favorite food Court, How Beautiful it looks in the time of Sunset? From where so much wind comes when you are in front of your favorite shopping mall? How do they fit an entire gallery at the top of a Hill? If these questions are coming to your mind whenever you are experiencing those giant skyscrapers, you should know all these are brainchildren of those designers, The Architect and the City planner, who are planning and executing these giant pieces of art.

There are more things that a city Planner does. We can only see the top of the iceberg. These professionals are building up the entire city every day without affecting the livelihood of those people staying in those cities.

The fun part is, this brainstorming, reflects into their bank account in a very promising way. Hourly remuneration of a professional in this field is not less than $95 per hour. Renowned and world-famous architects are there. Here we are considering the average payout scale of a professional.

The statistic says that the city planner is now one of those most demanded professions in the US and this field is going to get to its peak by 2025.

Annual Salary- $232,600

11. Interior Designer

highest paying jobs in america

While City planners and architects are there, taking care of the external look of your glamorous city, Interior designers are putting the cherry on the top by designing your house and by transforming it to your home sweet home.

When we are talking about modern living, interior design is something that comes first in our mind. The outlook is no doubt the most important thing that comes out at the first place but interior designing is not only about the fancy look and the decoration, but it is also the most intelligent use of the available space so that every aspect of our daily life gets fulfilled with the minimum usage of resources. This is a charming profession of experimental Creativity with a very good payout. Professionals in this field earn $70 to $85 Per Hour.

With the boom of the real estate market in the US, Interior designing is going to be one of those highest Paying Jobs In America.

Annual Salary- $210,790


These professions mentioned above are the top eleven that we have sincerely picked up for your reference. There are a lot of these professions which are not only going to give you a real handsome bank balance but also fame. These are the most interesting professions that inspire you to make the best out of you in your everyday professional life.

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