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Looking for the highest paying jobs in India? If yes then this article is for you. We do everything all our childhood just for this day, to earn a six-digit salary annually. Either you are born with a silver spoon or you prepare yourself for the most important battle of your life.

Before this technological boom happened, career options were restricted to doctors, engineers, lawyers and teachings among the Indians. No one would ever think of becoming anything else.

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Indian students and children need to set their target on Medial or Engineering from a very tender age, say standard 8-9. But after digital revolutions, everything changed. Many new industries are evolving rapidly and mostly in the digital world. Every profession is developing some professional skills and that is where professionalism enters the Indian job market.

Are you really looking for something that will help you earn a six-digit and the most appealing thing about it is, it can be pursued from any field be it Science, Commerce or Humanities. Let’s start exploring all the options you can have to decide your bank balance in the future. We have mentioned, both private and government jobs to help you present a wide array of choices that are known to be the highest paying jobs in India.

1. Aviation Industry

Aviation Industry - Highest paying jobs in India

The aviation industry gives you a promising career. Starting from the staff to pilots. But among all, commercial pilots are highly paid. Didn’t we think about becoming a pilot when young? Go live your dream. To Become a pilot, a lot of physical fitness is required with great eyesight. Investment is quite big for achieving this because the returns will be in doubles. If you can’t afford this huge expense, air hostess, steward or ground staff for commercial airlines are paid well. The scenario of the aviation industry changed drastically after the privatization of the aviation industry.

Skills Required
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Calmness and control of emotions
  • Good hearing and eyesight
Expected Salary

There are various posts in the aviation industry.  The can expect from 10-50 lakhs annually depending on your experience.

2. Merchant Navy

Merchant Navy

Did you dream to rule the sea as a child? Or become a pirate? That means you always dreamt of being on the sea and you are meant to be on the sea. The merchant shipping sector from the beginning is paying off quite well.

There are various posts in the merchant navy sector. You can become a marine engineer or a navigation officer or a Captain as you always wanted to be! You have to be the best of the lot to click this job. For pursuing a career in the merchant navy, you need to take up marine engineering courses.

Well, these courses are quite costly but if you want a career that provides you comfort and peace of mind, you should invest. You will get the returns in double. The shipping industry is quite an industry with a huge salary and respect above all.

Skills Required
  • Teamwork and leadership abilities
  • Ability to remain calm in difficult situations
  • Ability to make decisions knowledge of mechanical stuff
Expected Salary

There are various posts available in the merchant navy. The average pay scale of a merchant navy varies from 20000 to 8 lakhs per month

3. Medical Practitioner

Medical Practitioner

This is one of the highest paying jobs in India. As said about the profession “god’s of Earth” has proven its worth in the past years too. If you are aiming to choose a profession that is Noble and as well serve your purpose of choosing a high paying job in India, go for it. The ratio of doctor to per 1000 patients is not quite appreciable. This ratio is far worse in rural areas. To serve humanity is to serve the poor.

Utilize your knowledge to help the poor while you can earn quite well from the hospitals you visit, your chambers in hundreds of places and also when you are a government doctor.

Private hospitals pay well to doctors. There are various types of doctors. You can do specialization after a general MBBS degree. There are various branches of specializations like cardiologist, gastroenterologist, neurologist, orthopedics, gynecologist, etcetera.

Ayurvedic doctors, BHMS (homeopathy) and even physiotherapists earn quite well and obviously are quite famous in India. You can open a chamber at your home and also visit different clinics to expand your area. Online consulting is an emerging pattern for doctors. Online consultation also charges high rates.

Skills Required
  • Excellent Practical Skills
  • Good Communications skills
  • Positive attitude and Ethics
  • Ability to underpressure for longer hours
Expected Salary

The rates of a doctor depend on his/her popularity which comes from experience. Even the dentist earns a handsome monthly. An experienced doctor can earn up to 50 lakhs monthly.

4. Chartered Accounts

Charter Accountant - Highest Paying Jobs in India

This profession has not yet lost its charm because a mediocre student cannot be a CA. It takes a huge struggle and studiousness to crack a CA exam in India. They basically help companies keep track of their financial affairs. If you are working with a very big corporation, you will have to work with them and you cannot work with any other companies or corporations. But with small companies, they do not have such strict rules.

To pursue CA you need to choose the commerce stream. You will have to study really hard to get this job because the best can only become a CA. You have to be persistent, you cannot give up if you fail once. Also, you will have to try again with zeal.

Skills Required
  • Excellent Communication Skill
  • Learning Attitude
  • Hardworking, Descepeline and analytic skills
Expected Salary

CA’s earns about 6 lakhs p.a for the beginners. But with experience and expertise in your field, your monthly salary figure can go up to 6 digits. This is also among one of the highest paying jobs in India.

5. Actors/Film Professionals

Acting - Highest Paying Jobs in India

This is one of the highest paying jobs in India and also the world! India knows the best profession, its Bollywood. Do you think you can become a model? Do you work as a freelance model? Modeling is the first step towards a career in the Bollywood industry. Start with fashion shows and then slowly establish your face and career with signing different ad shoots and then if you have a good face and great acting skills you are welcome to Bollywood.

People are leaving their profession in pursuing acting. For example, Amisha Patel is a gold medalist in economics, what is she now? An actor and earning much more than she has previously chosen profession. Bollywood doesn’t require education or your face, it focuses only on your acting skills. Actors like Manoj Bajpayee or Nawazuddin Siddiqui would not have come into the limelight if it was just the face that matters to Bollywood.

Skills Required
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Theater knowledge and experience
  • Dedication and attitude of learning
  • Energy and self-confidence
Expected Salary

The salary of an actor depends on various factors like demand, popularity, characterization, etc. The average Indian actors get paid  about 10 to 25 crores depending on the budget of the movie

6. Profession Associated With Justice


You want to know about the highest Paying Jobs in India, become an Advocate. Lawyers, advocates, and the bureaucrats consist of the justice body in India. You can pursue law after your 12th standard and practice as an advocate. Advocates are highly influential and have social respect in India. While practicing you can earn huge money.

There is a basic difference between an advocate and a lawyer. An advocate is someone who has a license to stand in front of justice and fight a case. But a lawyer is someone who does not have a license and is just a graduate in law. Lawyers cannot suit a file. One thing a lawyer can do, earn a lot by consulting.

Skills Required
  • Excellent communicational skills
  • Ability to research and analyze
  • Time and stress management skills
  • Logical and critical thinking ability
Expected Salary

Lawyers can open consulting firms to help people in need of legal advice. Generally, a legal advisor charges 2000- 5000 depending on the gravity of the case. Therefore if you receive a minimum of 5 clients a day, you will be making around 20-25 thousand a day!

Advocates can work for the government. Government advocates or Public Prosecutor are well paid, other than this, they can open a consulting firm. Studying corporate law will be a good decision if you want to earn a lot of money. Every corporate house has its own lawyers and they are paid handsomely. You can earn up to 5 lakhs a month depending on your experience and expertise.

7. Highly Paid Government Jobs

Government Jobs - Highest Paying Jobs in India

There are several highly- paid government jobs. If you are working for RBI or you can be an Administrative officer like IPS, IFS, IAS, IRS, etc. These are considered one of the prestigious jobs in the whole world which includes India too.

These civil services are hard to crack. They need time, patience and hard work. If you think you can give some important years from your life for the preparation, then you should surely opt for these jobs. Working with state banks or Indian Railways or Airlines, etc anything that is maintained and owned by the central government is amongst the highly paid jobs.

You can be an engineer in the government sector or a doctor, expect a good package. Any higher official in working with the government will get paid according to their pay scale.

Indian Army, Navy and Indian Airforce have quite good salary packages along with social status and respect. But you should not opt for it because of money, if only you love your country, you should step towards the Armed Forces recruitment.

Skills Required
  • Learning attitude and focus
  • Strong communicational and organizing skills
  • Leadership and team player ability
  • Creative and decision-making skills
Expected Salary

You can expect an annual salary of 27 lakhs/annum maximum depending on your grade. Government jobs fall under the category of highest paying jobs in India.

8. Full-stack Developer


Full-stack developers have the ability to work on all aspects of application development. They have to look at both front-end and back-end development as well as database networking and system infrastructure.

Skills Required
  • Basics of web development database
  • Technologies API
  • Knowledge of angular react JS mongo band node.js
Expected Salary

The average pay of a hundred and twelve thousand US Dollars and nearly 9 lakhs in India

9. Software Architect

Software Architect

The software architect deals with clients as well as developers to optimize development processes by making various high-level design choices. A software architect is required to think about all the aspect of the design.

Skills Required
  • Technical knowledge of good analytical
  • Programming skills as well as
  • Communication and management
Expected Salary

The average salary of a Software Architect is hundred and thirty-nine thousand dollars in the US and 25 lakh rupees in India for this profile

10. Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain Engineer

So basically these Engineers construct and deploy the system architecture decentralized applications while also collaborating with colleagues to guarantee to streamline implementation of applications.

Skills Required
  • Knowledge of various technologies.
  • Bitcoin triple and thorium
  • Analytical skill
Expected Salary

The salary of blockchain engineer’s offering an average payoff $157,000 in the US and 10 lakhs in India


There are other professions too which can serve your purpose. The best would be to become a politician!

One thing you should always keep in mind, don’t choose professions looking at the salary, choose what moves your soul!

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