25+ Best Hotel Business Ideas & Opportunities in 2020

Hotel business ideas

Looking for hotel business ideas? If yes, then this article is for you. The hospitality business is a booming and very well acquitted one, with ever-increasing scope for creativity and newer applications. Any place be it in the exotic popular location or the common metropolitan space, hotels are needed everywhere. Plainly, people are mobile beings, they love traveling and enjoying all the places.

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So if you are wondering why hotels? Is that a good idea? Then, yes. It is the idea that you can work with.  Here are some of the best hotel business ideas that will help you to carry on the venture.

1. Business Hotels

These are the largest types of hotels. Their target is typically business clients and is located in special business or commercial areas. They mostly provide for professional guests. Hotels are equipped with huge halls and dining places, with separating doors. Sometimes conferences also take place at such hotels due to the provision of large spaces. Guest amenities that may include in business hotels are daily newspapers, free wifi, free phone calls, breakfast, and coffee.

2. Airport Hotels

These types of hotels typically target business clients, airline passengers, overnight staying passengers, air hostesses, airline crew members or airport staff. They are located at a convenient distance from the airport. They have tie-ups with certain airline companies as well. Sometimes they provide a free ride from the airport to the hotel. Mostly the guests stay for a short term period.

3. Suite Hotels

These hotels are the most popular and trending ones. They provide two separate rooms, a bedroom and a drawing space, with sofas, tv and other entertainment units. Professionals such as accountants, lawyers, and business executives find it specifically attractive among others.

4. Extended Stay Hotels

These are similar to suites but also provide kitchen and dining space. They are for longer staying guests who usually do not indulge in hotel amenities. The rooms are provided with most of the daily used equipment.

5. Resort Hotels

These are covered over a large area and are full of different types of activities. Located at mountains, sea beaches, executive locations or popular places, they provide the ultimate vacation feeling to their guests. These hotels have recreational facilities like golf, tennis, spa, gym and most importantly swimming pools.

6. Hanging Hotels

These are something to think about. On the cliffs of Jakarta and over the sacred valley of Peru there are glass pods with enough space, beds, tables, and bathrooms. They are a type of adventure hotels were in to get access you need to hike up to your destinations. With immense beauty all around and a magical feeling in every moment, this is possibly among one of the best hotel business ideas.

7. Floating Hotels

There are spectacular floating hotels across the Maldives, Australian reefs, Pemba Islands and many other places. These provide a serene ambiance of the night sky with an open deck like-place under the stars. Some have direct access to the world’s greatest oceans. You can go swimming and scuba diving in the oceans. Sometimes they even have an underwater room, where there are windows to enjoy the underwater scenery.

8. Ski Hotels

They offer easy access to ski sports and are located in snow-clad regions. They also include other winter activities like snowshoeing, ice skating or snowboarding.

9. Themed Hotels

Themed hotels target specific category guests. They may be themed on gastro(for the food-loving), spa(mainly near the sea beaches for a relaxing ambiance), gaming(with a variety of gaming options, from video games to play stations), wine hotels(sometimes located near the vineyard) or retro hotels. These new types of hotels can be a very good hotel business idea.

10. Casino Hotels

Hotels that have gambling facilities are called casino hotels. Since they mainly focus on the gambling scenario, they do not have an extravagant variety of food or other facilities.

11. Residential Hotels

Residential hotels provide long term accommodation for guests. Usually, a guest remains at the hotel under a lease agreement which ranges from one to up to a year. Rooms generally include a dining room, drawing room and bedroom with other basic amenities like refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, etc.

12. Boutique Hotels

These hotels tend to be smaller and have a special unique decor, mostly historical.some may have been related to celebrities. Like the Puerto Vallarta’s Casa Kimberley was the love nest of Elizabeth Tylor and Richard Burton. That is now a famous tourist spot. The idea of building hotels after a famous personality stays is an amazing hotel business idea.

13. Hotels on Private Islands

For the ultimate luxury, vacation at a private luxury hotel on an island can be the best. These facilities are available on the islands of Maldives, Singapore, and the Caribean sea.

14. Sustainable Hotels

These hotels try tp go green and provide the delicacy of living in and with nature. They use sustainable resources like solar powers and check on wastage. Guests are often guided through the sustainable way of living in these hotels. This is a much-appreciated idea of the hotel business and helps one to contribute from their part.

15. Family Hotels and Resorts

While most hotels welcome guests of all ages, these hotels are specially built family-friendly. They have better-sized rooms, extra beds, swimming pools. Family resorts have Disney themed parks, different rides, and water parks. They often arrange art or clay making classes for the family.

16. Inns and B&Bs

These are independent hotels with basic living arrangements and facilities. They provide breakfast as the only form and course of food. These are pocket friendly and mostly used by a bachelor or layover guests.

17. Underground Hotels

There are unusual but underground living arrangements in some parts of the world like in Italy, where there is an underground hotel which was previously occupied by medieval times people. The Grand Canyon provides such hotels inside the canyon, like a cave. The rooms have almost all the facilities required with a touch of rugged rocks. The eerie environment is something to live and experience.

18. Treehouse Hotels

Incredible houses are built on the supporting tree, reviving the spirit of the child in you, these treehouse hotels or pods are to die for. They have wonderful height and can even act as a watchtower. Mainly located at the edge of forests they have a great view. Norway, Sweden, Germany, England and many forests around the world have these facilities.

19. Igloo Hotels

Well, we have heard about ice hotels but have you tried living inside an actual igloo? There is a place in Finland that provides igloos for staying. Experiencing such an event can be very mesmerizing as the domes often have an open glass ceiling on them. These are not yet common but are very special.

20. Budget Hotels

These are hotels with very basic providings and are cheap in pockets. They are as popular and well-utilized as any other hotel. Budget hotels are located near trekking or hiking spots and any other random places. They are also found near railway stations.

21. Lodge with Live Animals

There are some hotels which are at exotic wild places and allows the animals to harness with the guests. One such is the lodging of Kenya that has long windows at the breakfast room through which endangered giraffes peep in search of food. The instructors teach the guests how to feed giraffes and enjoy nursing mother nature.

22. Train Hotels

Train buffs Disneyland can be these train hotels. Turning each caboose into a private lodging, these train hotels are giving new hotel business ideas, with low coast and reusable compartments.

23. Cave Hotels

Living in actual caves have now been made possible with the help of some hotel companies. A family sharing a cave that was once used by actual ancient human beings is nothing but a thrilling experience. These are found mostly atop or in the middle of hills are unique ways of providing hospitality.

24. Palace Hotels

Living in the palaces of legendary kings and sharing their way of royal living can be an experience for you. There are many such palaces which are now used as hotels, all across the world, especially in India. Overlooking mirror blues lakes, surrounded by hills, the palaces of Jaipur provides an extravagant feeling. The decor, vintage cars, and the king’s used items will make the guests feel their royalty within. These hotels give a chance for people to learn and understand the heritage and history of the place.

25. Pet-Friendly Hotels

Want to travel with your lovely pet? No worries. Pet-friendly hotels are now on the rise. These hotels provide special places for walking of dogs and they even have an activity unit for the use of pets. There are different kinds of pet services available. People will look after your pet while you can enjoy yourself in the swimming pool. A variety of pet foods is also available. Experienced trainers are present who can teach a thing or two to your darling.


These are some of the amazing hotel business ideas that you can use accordingly, with the desired place, time and trend.

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