How to Get Adidas Franchise in India [Cost, Profit, & Process]

Adidas Franchise

Looking for a start-up idea with Adidas franchise? But can’t identify where to set up? You’re in the perfect stick. You might be inquisitive to experience what takes place in the fashion trade in calls of business. Well, to be exact, India is the second-largest donor to the economy in calls of the clothing business. Also, It has a productive market space with specific growth opportunities which makes clothing franchise a pleasant choice for you.

Be it clothing or footwear, People are becoming conscious about their choices. In earlier times, wearing branded shoes was a deal only for rich people. Most of the Indians refused to choose branded items due to high pricing. But now, people associate brands in terms of quality and the materials in use. If there are multiple options kept in a row, people will choose a brand that is popular and owes an excellent reputation.

Fashion is changing every other day. In fact, today’s trend has no value tomorrow. In such a scenario, most of the people are switching to basic wearables and spending good money on them. By good money, I mean, people spending on branded shoes. Additionally, the styles that big brands like Adidas create is worth a compliment. However, being an international apparel brand, its logo is enough to mark somebody’s style statement. In this budding fashion industry, the best you can do for yourself is to go for the Adidas franchise business. Moreover, it is profitable and you will help people to move with style too!

About Adidas

Adidas is a brand that needs no introduction. Over the years, it has been popular among entrepreneurs as it has high ROI compared to other brands in the industry.

Adidas Group is globally the leading brand in the sports good and activewear industry. Besides that, the brand offers a sharp portfolio with enormous room for a franchise. Also, Adidas merchandise is available worldwide. The company follows a straightforward strategy. Moreover, they focus on developing strong technical hold which improves their competitive position and money-making outcome.

Additionally, each year, Adidas produces over 900 million sports and lifestyle products with independent manufacturing all over the world. In 2018, Adidas had their overall sales of 21.915 billion euro. These performances are worth concluding that Adidas is a multifaceted company with a worldwide market. Also, Adidas is offering franchises to expand their market space. It is a significant time to kick start your career.

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Key Benefits of Adidas franchise

  • Firstly, turning on to the Adidas franchise will be the best decision for anybody.
  • Adidas needs no extra reputation. Because it is well-established and customers already know all about Adidas.
  • Adidas follows only trendy merchandise, or sometimes Adidas is the trendsetter.
  • Over the years, Adidas has maintained its quality, brand name, and has been a leader in the sports and fashion industry.
  • Lastly, anyone who’s willing to start the Adidas franchise has the brand name along with the top sale rate.

Moreover, if a worldwide famous brand promises good ROI, it is good to not let that go. With average investment for the Adidas franchise, you can get a shining career in your business field.

Demand of Adidas

Why is Adidas franchise the best opportunity? Let’s look at the importance of Adidas in the market.

Nowadays, Adidas is the leading brand for footwear. The demand for the Adidas franchise is at a peak every time. Adidas footwear goes hand in hand for fashionistas to minimalists. It is because their products are durable, stylish, and worth every penny.

Since Adidas is loyal to its quality, it has a higher sale rate in the market.

The market for Adidas is big on a worldwide scale. Hence, it is the best opportunity for a franchisor to go for the Adidas franchise.

Market Potential of Adidas

Adidas is a brand that has maintained its consistency in quality and price all over the years of success. In fact, with this consistency, it has removed the existence of several brands from the market and won the competition.

By turning into Adidas franchise, you never have to think about marketing for Adidas. Once customers see an Adidas franchise, they will avoid other brands and look at your outlet. Also, the brand consumes a lot of space in the industry, which saves your enormous investments in marketing for brand popularity. Also, these facilities will help you focus on product sales increase and ideal service to the company in retaining the brand name.

How to Get The Adidas Franchise?

How to get Adidas Franchise

You can apply for the Adidas franchise by filling up an online application form. Just visit their official website at and check out their details and information.

#1. Eligibility Criteria

To start up for the Adidas franchise, you will need a spacious area comfortable to accommodate the brand products. The Adidas franchise showroom should be of 1000 sq.ft to 1500 sq. ft area as suggested by Adidas franchise guidelines. But the location should be busy. In fact, Any center location is preferable; a shop in between a shopping center is also welcome.

#2. Adidas Franchise Cost

Total investment 30,00,000 – 50,00,000
Invests for Franchise fee – No

Equipment – No

Advertising/marketing – it will be done mutually by the franchisor and the company.

Furniture and decoration – include in the investment money


Capital investment 50,00,000
Payback time period One year
ROI Expectations 15%
Other investment requirements NA

#3. Profit Potential

An individual when investing in Adidas franchise showroom business can expect a break-even within 2 years. His period is entirely based on different factors including sales and promotions. It also depends on the location of your showroom and your contacts. Initially, you get a Return on Investment (ROI) around 15% for the first few years. However, it depends on the effort and increases in sales, ROI can increase. So, overall, there is no limit to the profit.

Contact Information

Address: Adidas India Marketing Ltd,

Plot No-93 Institutional Area,



Landline phone No.: 0124 4569100

Fax No.: 0124-4569160

Email: [email protected]


We expect you to be ready for investing in the Adidas franchise business or Adidas allowed Dealership. In case you have any queries regarding the business policy of the company, you can mail them at the address from the contact information section. Else try visiting the official website of Adidas.

They have cool information regarding clothing, footwear, franchise, and other business inquiry. Overall Adidas franchise is a substantial offer to start your business in a greater picture.

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