How to Get Kidzee Franchise | Cost, Process & Eligibility

KidZEE Franchise

Kidzee Franchise is known to be the largest and one of the most profitable preschool chains in India. It is also considered as the largest preschool chain in the whole of Asia. Kidzee has more than 1900 branch units covering more than 750 cities across India.

Opening a well-reputed educational centre is not only profitable for you. Also, you get a chance to shape up the sweet like flowers who are the only future of the nation.

About KidZee Franchise

It has been a part of children’s lives and building them up in a good way for almost a decade now. This institution has touched more than 900000 children’s lives. Kidzee is not only known for making a child’s life better. It also gives an amazing opportunity to the ones who are looking for owning an institution. If you are looking for a teaching profession to the young ones then it will the best opportunity for you.

Kidzee brings in the lives of its partners by qualifying them to introduce good changes in the lives of the teachers of the present generation and help them develop the brains of the future of the country. This business is expanding at a shocking rate of 8% where the demand for preschool by parents acts as the catalyst.

This article deals with the details you need to know if you are interested in owning a Kidzee franchise. So, let’s not waste a minute and get straight into the business.

Benefits of Starting a Kidzee Franchise

Teaching little kids is not a matter of joke. A person needs to have immense patience to handle little kids. It is way harder than teaching teenagers. Kidzee expects to bring in the strategy required in this specific section of providing education in order to make things simpler for both the teachers and the kids.

The chief executive officer of Zee Learn Limited speaks about the problems that are experienced along with the ways the problems can be prevented. He said that these issues can only be eliminated by improved, systematic, and structural teaching techniques and that is exactly what is done in Kidzee.

#1. Kidzee Unique Programs

This educational institution for kids finds out what’s unique and special about each and every child getting admitted to the institute. Every Kidzee franchise comes up with three different unique programs for each child catering to their age group. The three groups are:

  1. Playgroup for 1.5 to 2.5 years old
  2. The nursery for 2.5 to 3.5 years old
  3. And lastly, the kindergarten for 3.5 to 5.5 years old

#2. Kidzee Franchise ROI

One more reason for choosing a Kidzee franchising unit is their returns on investment which is having an excellent turnout which comes to 200%. If you purchase a franchise you get a good advantage from a 6-years renewable franchise agreement. There are no royalty fees in owning a Kidzee franchise.

How to Start a Kidzee Franchise?

KidZEE Franchise

If you are dreaming of starting your own school business by owning a Kidzee franchise, you have to keep the following things in mind discussed below. These are including the area requirements, investment, and also a bit about the training sessions.

#1. Area Required

For buying this franchise you have to own land for opening a Kidzee centre that is approximately around 2000 Sq ft to 3000 Sq ft. It is completely up to you whether you are owning the built-up or taking it upon lease.

The area must be on the ground floor surrounded by high walls and strongly locked gates for the increased safety of the kids in the school.

#2. Eligibility and Training

Kidzee only looks for female candidates as they say every woman has the heart of a mother and that’s what is mainly required in order to manage and look after hundreds of children’s progress.

The candidate applying should have at least a degree of H.S.C. with good scores and should be above 18 years of age. The mother organization always looks for a person who is truly passionate about their jobs. Kidzee gives 60 – 80 hours of training to a future Kidzee teacher.

#3. Excellent Communication Skills

For owning a Kidzee franchise, handling kids is not the only thing you should know. But, you also should have to tend to each and every kid’s requirements. You need to meet with the parents on a regular basis to have a talk about the progress their children are making.

You should also know how to deal with them in speaking about guiding children at home as it proves fruitful in their holistic development. Knowing to integrate primary skills in kids like recognising various colours, shapes, numbers, and letters is another important thing.

#4. Teaching Staffs & Hygen

Being hygienic is another very significant point you should remember as kids can catch diseases or allergies quite easily. Your Kidzee centre should have one principal and one vice-principal, 3 – 4 office members, 2 – 3 maids, and the total staff members should be at least 40 to 45.

Kidzee Franchise Cost

The investment capital you have to pay depends on the land and the built-up needed for your Kidzee centre. It varies from Rs. 12 Lakhs to Rs. 15 Lakhs.

This amount includes the following:

  • Kidzee school’s franchise fees,
  • advertisement fees,
  • any help that is required in regards to legal documentation
  • and the plan of the school’s infrastructure and design

After you are purchasing the franchise you are getting to provide the kids in your centre with books, puzzles and e-kidzee software. The software is a default methodology made by Kidzee known as iLLUME.

You can invest in owning a Kidzee franchise without any worries. As you saw it has turned to be an amazingly profitable investment if you look through all the branches in detail.

Annual Expenses

Apart from franchise cost, there are annual expenses as well to run the franchise. You have to pay for the rent of Rs. 840000 for the leased land of 2000 Sq ft. Salary for 30 employees is Rs. 540000 (Rs. 15k per staff monthly). Salary for 10 unskilled staff is Rs. 600000 (Rs. 5k per staff monthly). Other extra expenditures include approximately around Rs. 160000.

But the total profit you make from a Kidzee centre every year is Rs. 24500000. So, investing money for owning a Kidzee centre will always turn fruitful.

Type Fees
Land Lease 840,000 (2000 Sq ft.)
Skill Employee Salary 15,000 Rs per month
Unskilled Employee Salaries 6,000 Rs per month
Other Expenses 160,000 Rs
Yearly Profit 24500000 Rs

Awards Achieved

If you have earned enough knowledge about the institution, you might also know that it recently got an award for being the “Franchisor of the Year” in 2014.

  • It also got the award of National Early Child Playschool Chain 2019 – by Franchise India in February 2019.
  • The Most Admired Preschool Brand – by White Page International in December 2018 is another recognition Kidzee achieved.

These are another bunch of reasons you should be a part of this wonderful organization.

Kidzee Terms & Conditions

Like any other company or school, Kidzee also has a quality franchise deal. Owning a franchise means signing an agreement that is contracted for 6 years. You can also renew once the time period of the contract is over.

Contact Details

There are various ways to contact Kidzee for getting the franchise. To contact them you can follow the chart below

Kidzee physical address:

Also, you can visit their official website:


So, here is a descriptive account of how you will be able to own a Kidzee Franchise. As you already know that this institution has more than 1900 centres all over the nation. More centres are about to open in many other regions of India.

Owning an amazing institute for teaching kids with low investment and high profit is also something very much attractive in a businessman’s point of view. So, hurry and start your own business with Kidzee. And at the same time help a bunch of kids to grow as strong as a rock.

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