How to Get Mother Dairy Franchise [Cost, Profit & Process]

How to get mother dairy franchise

The dairy industry falls into that essential industry list that never sees a deterioration. Starting a mother dairy franchise is undoubtedly a highly profitable investment. we are dependent on mother dairy for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or anytime in between, there is no specific time to include dairy in your eating routine. It can be cottage cheese, milk or curd or just any ice cream!

Now, when we are talking about dairy, the first brand which leads the discussion is Mother Dairy. Over the years, they have glued to the tagline ‘Happy Food, Happy People’ maintaining supreme quality and trust. By now, Mother Dairy is every mothers’ first preferred dairy brand in India. Also, it has a diverse range of products to satisfy the taste of everyone irrespective of age. Mother Dairy has been growing rapidly since founded and the company will not go through a loss, shortly.

About the Company

Mother diary Fruit & vegetable Pvt. Ltd, aka Mother Dairy, came into the market since 1974. National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) owned it. Since the beginning, Mother Dairy made sure that the country should never run out of milk production. The source of liquid milk in Mother Dairy is from village farmers and dairy cooperatives. The company began with covering parts of North India. Later, the name sprung to other parts of the country with Mother Dairy franchise stores.

Besides liquid milk, paneer, ghee, ice cream, cheese, and butter are the products that Mother Dairy manufactures. Additionally, the company has now shifted manufacturing other edible products like vegetables, processed foods, jams, pickles, cooking oils, and fruit juices.

Mother Dairy has an arm called ‘Safal’ that sells fresh fruits and vegetables all over Delhi and Bengaluru. Safal is quite successful in not only India but 40 other countries like the US, Africa, Europe. Another brand that belongs to Mother Dairy is ‘Dhara’ that sells edible cooking oil across the country.

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Key Benefits of Mother Dairy Franchise

Mother Dairy is one of the most reputed brands in the Dairy industry. The company promises impressive deals to work with as an organization. If you own a Mother Dairy franchise, you will never have to work for brand recognition. What must you have to do is create an awareness of the franchisee in your locality and adjoining areas? Here too, the company officials itself will take the cost of promotion. So, overall, you save your time and excess investment.

In the FMCG industry, Mother Dairy is in the second-best position. According to a survey result, In 2015 Mother Dairy holds 39th place among the topmost 100 best companies that are worth working for. Working with Mother Dairy will be a bright opportunity for any businessman. It is worthwhile for the long ride, hence own a Mother Dairy franchise.

Besides these, the direct investment of Mother Dairy is not too high. The amount is affordable. The profit margin for the franchisor is splendid.

The Demand for Mother Dairy

Mother dairy has overall 1000 exclusive franchisees around 1400 retail outlets in Delhi. Since the business saw its peak from India’s capital country, there is a splendid demand for Mother Dairy products.

The company is looking for franchisors to operate all across India. The wide range of products and the reputation Mother Dairy has is enough to prosper anywhere in India. Also, there are no special criteria for finding the perfect location for the Mother Dairy franchise. However, you can find any place and the brand is good to flourish!

Market Potential of Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy Franchise

There is no doubt in the market position of Mother Dairy, which is exceptional. Customers judge the brand name over any other as it is authentic; they know the additives and their lineages.

Besides that, Mother Dairy covers a wide variety of products including their direct branding and sub-brands established by Mother Dairy. Additionally, all the products are available at any Mother Dairy franchise store or any supermarket which sells Mother Dairy products.

This is the list of the products the dairy sells:

Milk varieties –

  • Premium full cream milk
  • full cream milk
  • token milk
  • toned milk
  • super – T milk
  • standardized milk
  • cow milk
  • Dietz milk
  • live lite
  • fullYo milk
  • flavored milk bottles
  • Dahi –
  • Ultimate dahi
  • classic dahi
  • Misti doi
  • flavored Misti doi
  • fruit yogurt

Other ranges –

  • Lassi
  • plain chach
  • nutrifit
  • fresh paneer
  • butter
  • cheese spread
  • cheese slice
  • cow ghee
  • dairy whitener
  • milkshake

Besides the product range, the business model for the Mother Dairy franchise is worth taking an initiative. Their business model is money-making as it involves no middlemen. They collect milk directly from the farmers that profit them and the company. Additionally, with milk, the brand collects fresh fruits and vegetables from the farms.

How to Get the Mother Dairy Franchise?

Applying for the Mother Dairy franchise is not only easy but also affordable. Fill up an application form to get the Mother Dairy franchise. Firstly, visit their official website at and then fill in the details.

The process to attain the Mother Dairy franchise is very simple. Follow this instruction to get mother dairy franchise in your area:

  • Firstly, just head over to the official website of the company.
  • You will find an application form is especially for franchisors.
  • Fill the form with personal details and official necessities.
  • Remember to fill up genuine information to avoid obstacles during the verification process.
  • After the company accepts your application, then you (the franchisor) will receive training from the company.
  • This training is very much required for smoother progress in the field.
  • Lastly, you will get field help to gain maximum enjoyment of the location of your Mother Dairy franchise.

#1. Eligibility Criteria

There are no eligibility criteria for this. In fact, anyone can invest in the Mother Dairy franchise. But if you have any prior experience of business, it will help you in gaining field knowledge.

#2. Mother Dairy Franchise Cost

A total investment of 5 – 10 lakh is necessary to start the Mother Dairy franchise. Additionally, there is a franchisor fee of 50,000 which you have to pay for the company. If you are keen to open multiple franchisee units, the investment is up to 1 or 2 crore INR. Also, the cost can increase up to 5 crores or more depending on the city, store width, and location. Besides these, mother dairy takes the responsibility of promotions, machinery set up, and update of the store.

#3. Outlet Area-

Starting a Mother Dairy franchise doesn’t require much space. However, if you are applying for the dealership franchise then the owner must have a minimum 5,000 square feet area for the dealership.

#4. Staff Requirements –

you must hire at least one staff to run the Mother Dairy franchise. Also, they must know how to operate the vending machine and have a friendly approach to the customers.

Profit Potential

If you are wondering what is special in owning a Mother Dairy franchise then let me tell you that the distributorship margin of the company is worth mentioning. You will get a return of 30% on the investment in the first year of establishment. To reach the height of success, your Mother Dairy franchise will take at least two years. Besides that, the monthly profit amounts to Rs. 44,000 rupees. Sounds an impressive deal, isn’t it?

Contact Information

The corporate office


Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt. Ltd,

A-3, NDDB House, Sector- 1, Noida,

Uttar Pradesh – 201 301 (India)

Consumer service email[email protected]


If you are keen on entrepreneurship, owning a Mother Dairy franchise is a splendid deal. This sector of the food industry will never go out of the market since it has liquid milk as its principal product. If you already have an area, start-up today!

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