How To Start Babysitting – Pro Tips To Success in 2020

how to start babysitting

Want to start your own babysitting business? If yes then this article is for you. Have enough free timeslots and looking for a parttime job to earn some money, babysitting can be your thing. Babysitting is not a new subject, most of us are aware of it. Taking care of a baby for some time of the day is a bit o a job now. As the demand for care-giving or babysitter is increasing, qualifications, certifications and agencies are also building up. The most resilient part of the job is that you can be of any age.

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Babysitting has become more of a profession as the field of child development is being immensely researched and many people are taking interest in the quality development of their children. It is a good job with very high moral and respect attached to it.

1# Pro Steps To Start Babysitting Business

1. Do Your Own Research

The best way to get a first-hand idea of your job is by doing research about it. Surf up the internet it has several different kinds of information. Go and talk to the agencies, see how much they charge and run through their policies as well. You may conduct a survey among parents as well as babysitters who apply to babysit or have been a former one. They can provide you with the necessary ups and downs of the work.

2. Learn The Basics of Caring for a Child

Google up the basics of children, look through some interviews of paediatricians and also become aware of the latest information about child development. There are both online and offline courses available for babysitting too. It would be great if you enrol in one. Note down the important points. It is also helpful to do a short course of first aid as well.

3. Volunteer For Babysitting

Start visiting and taking care of your baby cousins or neighbourhood children. Spend time with them at the park every evening. Visit daycares and volunteer to look after the kids. Learn a few techniques of taking care of babies from the experienced members of the daycare.

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4. Get a Certificate Or Licence

Being certified and licenced definitely make things go easier. But if you really need a licence to start babysitting it depends upon the place you stay. But you can be well assured that people do babysit without being certified. Check whether you need one and if so, immediately start applying.

5. Make Your Resume

After you have gained experience in babysitting and you are confident to take up that job, start writing your resume. The resume should be very simple and clear. Your personal details, travel proximity, vehicle availability, working hours and fees must be mentions. You may check out a few templates on the internet.

You must provide your work experience and get a copy of the recommendation from your employers if any. If you are not an adult, you may provide your parents’ details. Try to add you wonder skills to the resume and also mention why you like this job. Do not forget to mention the range of ages that you want to babysit.

6. Start Advertising Your Service

Make attractive and colourful leaflets and distribute them. You can make posters and advertise in the local stores. Prepare few visiting cards in case you need to hand them over in short notice. A paediatrician’s chamber can be a good opportunity to advertise.

Spread the word in your neighbourhood as well. If you have the experience, call the former families and tell them to let you know of anyone requiring babysitting services. Use Facebook and other social media options to advertise, there are many pages that can help you out.

7. Interviewing With Parents

Before going to the first interview, practice a few times with family. Sit back and relax at the interview session. Be very supportive, kind and understand what and how the parents like to raise their child. You may always ask questions if you have them in mind. Try to clear out your side of do’s and don’t’s. Stick to your time schedule, if they seem persistent, tell them that you’ll have to think over it. Remain assured and try to make them feel alike because after all, they are going to rely with their child on you.

Keep an open mind, do not hesitate or be hurt if someone does not respect you. Remember you are doing a very honoured service, and no matter how old you are, nobody should take you for granted and you must have the respect in your workspace. Otherwise, do not bother to entertain.

8. Schedule Your Appointments

Always carry a planner with you, that should be especially for babysitting. Maintain and update the planner regularly. Check your available timing and then confirm your schedule to the parents. Make sure to record the dates and hours of babysitting every time you get hired for your services. Keep reminders on for the dates of your schedules so that you do not miss.

9. Be Patient and Puncuative With Your Time

Keeping your calm at the workplace is very important for all of us, especially when you are working with children, patience is a key virtue. Do not worry about scolding them, talk about strictness and your tackling method with the parents beforehand. You can take some advice from them also. Also, you will have to be particular with your time, as the parents are dependent on you. They have also set their time according to your timing.

Do not stay any longer than you are required. If any case they come late, that is a different issue. But if that repeats please let them know politely that it becomes inconvenient for you.

10. Being a Good Babysitter

Keep a notebook with you and save a few pages for each of the children whom you babysit. Maintain a note of their favourite food and those they are allergic to. Prepare small treats, make them participate with you and have them while watching funny cartoons. You may also play some soft music and poems and see their reaction to it. Play with them, teach a thing or two, make structures out of clay, make crafts, go for a walk in the garden, talk and understand their thinking and finally make sure both of you enjoy the company.

11. Be Prepared in Case of Emergency

Have a proper laid out talk with the parents about the emergency exits and things to do during such. Check the first aid kits of each house and if there isn’t a good emergency plan, try to make one with the parents. Keep your mobile phone within your reach all the time and have more than two numbers of your clients.

12. Avoid Being on Phone

I know it is difficult to stay away from the phone for so long, but trust me, once you start spending time with a kid time will fly. Also, you should be keeping an eye over the child as they always tend to move about and go to places where they are not supposed to.

13. Tidy Before You Leave

Keep the place tidy and clean before you leave home. You may freely move about and play around but make sure to keep things in places before leaving. This will create a good impression of you.

14. Try To Maintain A Register

Maintain a register and keep a schedule of the fees that are paid. Do not indulge in late payment. It there is a problem with cash availability, try online services.

15. Inform Police and Parents

You should always go to the police station and keep them informed about your work and at which houses you serve. So that in case of emergency they will help you out. Also, it is a matter of your safety as well, so keep your parents informed about the houses you visit.

16. Do Not Overburden

Whatever the thing may, spending time with a child is quite exhausting. Try to keep a free and light schedule. Do not overburden yourself with consecutive appointments. Keep fixed holidays for yourself. Do not forget to spend time with your family as well. Take care of your studies or anything which you may do along with babysitting.


Babysitting is a wonderful job, more of a natural playdate it may seem. Enjoy your work and try to stay focussed on it. If you are facing troubles and need to take some time off, let the kid’s family know beforehand. Have confidence in yourself and that would help the same to grow on a kid.

In case of assault or any kind of misbehaviour report immediately to the nearby police and your family. You must take care of your health as well as be safe. Remember to give yourself enough credit as you are doing a great job for the future of our nations.

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