How to Start DTDC Franchise [Cost, Eligibility & Process]

dtdc franchise

Are you interested in a franchise business but don’t know where to start? It’s the right place you’ve stepped in. If you are keen to start a dtdc franchise business, read this article throughout and start your business today.

The courier service always has a potential demand. Since e-commerce industries in India are increasing, courier services top the list of the fastest-growing businesses in India.

The demand for Cargo and courier services is increasing significantly. DTDC is investing near to 400-500 crore in their franchisee business, welcoming a lot of new-comers to strengthen the chain. At present, DTDC delivers to over 12,800 pin codes all across India.

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Key Benefits of Choosing DTDC Franchise

DTDC started as the name DTDC Courrier & Cargo Ltd. 1990 based on Bangalore. Over 17 years, in the Indian express industry, dtdc has its largest network among the other private competitors. The dtdc franchise is rapidly developing. It has one of the largest delivery chains across the country. They have successful franchisee partners across the country and most of them are first-time business holders.

Dtdc has a robust business model that is prone to success. The start-up amount is minimum, which implies that you can spend money on the other parts and boost your business.

#1. Trust & Brand Value

DTDC is one of the oldest courier services in India. Over the years, it has gained the trust of its customers and made its reputation. Even today, after 17 years of establishment, if one asks about DTDC services, they would get strong feedback.

What matters the most in a business is the brand name and trust. With the DTDC franchise, you will gain only the two with zero investment. The business model of the company for franchisors is highly profitable and expanding for first-time business owners. It will attract more customers and widen your channel.

#2. Market Potential of DTDC

Since DTDC is a courier and cargo based delivery service company, the market demand will never really decrease. From food items, stationeries, medicines to clothing, you get everything at your doorstep.

With the boom in internet shopping services, the demand for delivery units raised in number. If your town lacks a delivery franchise, it is a splendid opportunity for you to start one.

How to Get DTDC Courier Franchise?

Dtdc will provide you with an application of approval. While other companies can take some time, DTDC provides the said within 15 days of application. How is it helpful? You can get into the business after 15 days of the submission without a delay. For other companies, this time would lead to more.

To start with the dtdc franchise, you must identify the prospects through marketing, advertisement, personal contacts, or any reference. Once done, start with following the steps below:

  • The company associates will discuss the terms and conditions. You will know the channel of the business.
  • On the second day, you will inspect the office and premises.
  • Fill up application form (official form for dtdc franchisee).
  • There are some important documents that the company would ask before you fill-up the form. Make sure you keep them handy and updated:
  • Identity proof (Drivers License or Voter ID)
  • Ration card as address proof
  • telephone bill of your landline
  • security deposit and a demand draft of the establishment fee
  • bank statement of investment and passbook
  • Franchisee License Agreement
  • a reference letter along with an application form
  • now, wait for the verification of your documents.
  • You can expect approval from ROM/RCM/ZOM, GM/ZCM, RM.
    once approval is complete, you will get a training certificate signed by the GM/RM only.
    you are now ready to open your franchise.

#1. Eligibility Criteria

To gain DTDC franchisee, the company desires its business partners to have rich entrepreneur values like faith and dedication. Dynamism, client approach, and curiosity are how a dtdc franchisor should be. The franchisor must invest the full amount. It is fine if you don’t have any prior business experience, but in case you have one, that’s a bonus.

#2. DTDC Courier Franchise Cost

The total investment for the DTDC franchise ranges from 50K- 2 Lac. Other than this, you would need a 250sq. ft area to fit the vehicles and merchandise. The setup investment ranges from cities to cities.

  • Firstly, for the metro capitals or the A category city, the DTDC franchise investment will be 1.5lakh just for the setup.
  • Secondly, for category B cities, one lakh will be good.
  • And Lastly, for C categories, Rs. 50,000 is generous.

Besides the capital investment details, the DTDC franchisee would need the following:

  • four employees (at least) for A category start-ups.
  • office on the ground floor with a central location.
  • At least three employees to work for B category cities.
  • minimum of two employees to work for A category cities.

#3. Profit Potential

The company shares a decent policy that can help franchisors profit well. After you invest the capital, DTDC will pay 5% of that money on your marketing setup activities, which means no extra investment in marketing. You pay once and get a 5% advantage. The company would further spend time on your employees in training them.

DTDC will provide other requirements like the technical help (software), interior decoration, and the staff outfit. Also, DTDC will give 10% of the turnover as the royalty fees to the franchise.

Contact Information

DTDC House,
No. 3, Victoria Road,
Bangalore 560047,
Ph: 080-25365032,25365039,
Fax: 080-25514461

You can mail DTDC in the following email addresses:

  1. [email protected]
  2. [email protected]
  3. [email protected]
  4. [email protected]

you can also dial 7305770577 and talk directly.


DTDC is one of the most trusted courier service companies in the country. Now that you are familiar with the terms & conditions, investments, and profit policies, start dtdc franchisee with your team today!

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