20 Innovative Business Ideas In 2020

Looking for innovative business ideas? If yes, here’s the list. Starting a business is not an easy task. It requires planning, investment, and support. In this article, I have gathers 20 small innovative business ideas that you can easily start as well they are scale-able too.

These innovative business ideas are easy to start and do no particularly require any special skills. But keep in mind that you should always follow your interest and passion even when you are starting your business from scratch.

innovative business ideas

A well-written plan is highly recommended before imitating your business. A plan which consists of execution, initial investment, post-investment, decoration, location, marketing strategy, and trick will give you an advantage.

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20 Innovative Business Ideas

Ideally for a new business to succeed, a perfect business idea should keep three things primary things in mind:

  • It should be something that one likes to do,
  • Preferably something that one is good at doing, and
  • Something that is in demand for the market.

1. Mobile Advertisement Specialist for Businesses

There is an ever-increasing demand for continued usage of cell phones. This presents the business opportunity to develop mobile advertising for companies that do not have the knowledge or bandwidth to do this.

Creation of mobile ads for companies so that they reach potential customers more effectively than print media is important. It could start out as a low-cost business idea if one has good marketing or advertising skills.

2. Rural Drone Delivery Company

There is a demand for providing shipping services to places outside large cities. The demand for delivering items to these areas will increase with the increase in internet access. The rural drone delivery business can solve this problem by providing service to rural parts of any country. Drones are easy to build and can carry large parcels in a more safe and secure manner.

The most essential benefit is that one does not have to worry about the rough terrain to reach these rural parts on motor vehicles, as drones can fly. To start this business the company should buy a couple of drones at least, and then start making partnerships with businesses in rural areas that require regular shipments.

3. Hand-stitched Football

It’s extremely cost-effective to produce football in Sialkot, Pakistan as compared to other countries. Pakistan mainly produces hand-stitched footballs while most other countries produce machine-stitched ones. The quality of hand-stitched balls is higher and thus fetches higher prices for global brands like Nike, Puma, Adidas, etc and every time Pakistan provides balls for FIFA World Cup.

Now, other countries can break this monopoly by adopting this strategy too, and even if it is not for FIFA World Cups, they can provide hand-stitched footballs for their national and state-level tournaments. If the quality is good, they may fetch interest from global sports brands for big tournaments as well.

4. Freelance Copywriting

If one is a natural wordsmith with a bit of marketing knowledge, one can be an established freelance copywriter. Plenty of companies will pay for your blogs, press releases, and web content services.

Freelance copywriting is a great business to run because as long as one has an internet connection, one can work. It’s a business that one can operate from the comfort of one’s own home.

5. Own Online Store

An online store provides a platform to market products through the electronic medium. Nowadays it is possible to sell products through the Internet worldwide. Wholesalers or drop shippers can send their products directly to customers. There is enough information on the Internet to learn the basics of online marketing, making it very easy for a person or a group of people to implement an effective payment system.

E-commerce is a business that depends on logistics efficiency – it is important to get the product into the hands of the customer at minimum cost, minimum time and simultaneously providing good quality products.

After creating the store, the next step is to design and execute customer attraction, conversion, and customer loyalty strategies.

6. Dating Coach

Online and mobile Dates are booming with the rise of online dating applications. Thousands of people around the world seek love online, and unfortunately, many fail to find it due to several difficulties in interacting through the apps or simply, lack of dating skills.

As a “Dating Coach”, one will be responsible for helping clients to organize and prepare for a perfect date, sharpen their dating skills and advise on the “do’s and don’ts” in their love lives.

7. Investment Advisor

Middle-class people would like to create a robust investment portfolio to ensure a financially stable future, but they have almost no idea where to start. If one has professional experience as an investment analyst, offering investment advice for middle-class people is an excellent innovative business venture.

8. Speech Writing

Giving a speech is a terrifying experience for many, yet it is essential for them to do so. Speechwriters and editors can win the hearts of millions of people only with the power of words.

If one has good writing skills, one can take benefit of this skill by writing and selling speeches that make birthdays, weddings, awards ceremonies, or political debates a more unforgettable event.

9. Online Illustrator/Artist

A designer, illustrator, or 3D artist, can start selling their designs online directly to the public without the need for middle-men. It is now easier to sell design works online. E-commerce websites allow people to reach a wider market for selling products.

Whether it’s about creating t-shirts or selling a range of art prints including many other decorative arts, many websites offer a proven way to make the most of the artist’s design work and start generating handsome revenue.

10. Voice Translator

With the passage of time, the world becomes broader. Business ideas around translation is a huge market with great potential. Business owners can sell ideas to an international audience in different languages that will help reach more people. Travelers will be able to communicate their needs and want to use the translator tool. Products like voice translators can be sold on the go

To promote this opportunity the company could focus on job titles. On Facebook, the ”target people” can be those with roles that require a lot of travel like CEOs, entrepreneurs, flight attendants, pilots, and digital nomads. They’ll likely find the device helpful in their communications with business partners or those involved in everyday interchanges.

11. Plus Size Clothing

In a more progressive society, we will gradually hear more callouts for inclusion and diversity, which is why plus size clothing, is one of the top business ideas of 2020. Retailers should expand their store collections to include clothing that fits every possible body. Greater size collections by manufacturers also make scope for more variety in clothing styles.

Plus size clothing allows the business company to build their marketing strategies around the plus-sized audience. Women also face less difficult to find the right size while shopping on a website.

However, avoid creating categories called “Plus Size Clothing,” as that can be an offensive body-shaming term.

12. Fake Flowers

Fake flowers can be used at home or for special events – from floral arrangements to wedding decor. In the wedding industry, it’s a comparatively new business idea, as more brides are opting for artificial flowers to save costs.

It also appeals to environmentalists who don’t want to damage natural flowers. They can also be sold to customers looking to liven up their homes or to businesses that want to sell custom floral arrangements to their customers.

Since they’re artificial, the company need not worry about flowers that die too soon, making the shipping process easier for customers. Silk flowers, which have a more realistic and elegant appearance can be used for the wedding market.

13. Minimalist Watches

Over the past couple of years, there has been a steady growth of “minimalist watches” searches on Google.

If one is looking for a top business that allows one to start selling products right away, then dropshipping watches might be the right business.

14. Business Broker

A business broker assists buyers and sellers of private businesses in their buying and selling processes. As such, they must have a good knowledge of business law and common practices in a particular industry to gain more commission rewards for their sales.

15. Digital Marketing management

Digital marketing is now a growing trend, and therefore digital marketing campaign managers need to produce the best possible results. The company will need to understand things like advertising, SEO, landing pages, calls-to-action, and social media marketing. Once these are taken care of, the company can try calling local businesses, asking them whether they would be interested in these services.

16. Content Writing

Businesses of all scales use content marketing as a leading way of attracting customers and establishing their position in the market. A company of content writers should be able to quickly turn complex topics into engaging posts that are well optimized for search engines. It is great for people who have sufficient knowledge about everything and can write well.

17. Drone Videography

If the company knows about piloting drones, they should consider working as a drone videographer. Professional drones are expensive, but one can start with a mid-sized drone with a decent camera and build the business from there.

18. E-Magazine

It is easy to start an e-magazine; one can be the chief editor and outsource articles online. The subscription model allows one to know exactly how much money the company will make the next month, and the global nature of the web gives it a very large audience to target.

19. Online Course Creation

Massive open online courses (MOOCs), can attract millions of users who are hungry for knowledge. Online courses on various topics go beyond the traditional school curriculum. Having any skill that one thinks people might be interested in, there’s nothing stopping the company to create a course for it and giving it a go. A web camera, essential software, and basic editing skills are the only stuff needed to start.

20. Beer Brewing

Producing small amounts of beer is now a popular hobby and offers unique fantastic business opportunities. The company, if interested in this venture, will need to invest in equipment, acquire the necessary knowledge, and employ a handful of people to help with the entire operation.


Thus we can conclude stating that in a changing world of globalization, it is important to look at innovative business ideas that offer the right steps towards the progression of our socio-economic culture. Therefore, we hope that the above mentioned innovative business ideas can offer insight towards the same.

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