How Much is a Jimmy Johns Franchise? – Review | Cost & Profit

Jimmy Johns Franchise

Wondering how you can get Jimmy Johns franchise? Here’s the complete review. Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwich is an American based fast-food restaurant chain. At present, it is owned by Inspire Brands. It is especially known for making one of the best quality sandwiches that carries the most heavenly taste. Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches are also providing franchises on an international level.

So, if you are interested in starting your own business of fast food under a quite well-known brand, why not go for Jimmy John’s Franchise? Not only will it provide you with an enormous profit in exchange for a low-cost investment but also many other advantages. This article here will provide you with each and every detail you are required to know regarding this business.

Origin of Jimmy John’s

The legendary journey actually started in 1982 when Jimmy John Liautaud was trying to find a way to stand up in life. He graduated from Elgin Academy High School in 1982. His father, being a well-disciplined man from the army, wanted the same for Jimmy.

But, he always has one dream in his head, opening his very own big business. He loved the street foods of Chicago, especially the hot dogs. So, he had the idea of opening a hot dog shop and so he made a menu for the restaurant he was about to open.

He could not open a hot dog stand as he needed $45K but what he had was only $25K. So, he made a little change in his plan. He went for sandwiches as the raw materials and equipment needed to make them cost within his budget.

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Jimmy Johns Franchise Review

Within August of 1982, he had 4 sandwiches on the menu. He found a few places like closed garages and old closed pizza shops where he could open his restaurants and the outcome turned out to be fine. In 1983 he started the business with his father as his business partner. In that very year, they managed to raise a profit of $40K and the next year $50 and it kept on increasing.

By 2002 he managed to spread the business in 160 locations. He also said that he never had a proper business plan as he started to do it as he just wanted to and also he loves food. He was capable of growing his business without remaining in any sort of debt.

Jimmy John’s Franchise business has spread across more than 2800 locations and is still growing. Many more stores are about to be built up quite soon. So, do not sit idly. Just get ready with your money and connect with Jimmy John’s.

Wondering Why Should You Choose This Company?

Well, from the above section you can already make an idea about the fact profit is obvious with this Jimmy John’s franchise. But, there are more good and sturdy reasons for investing in an outlet to run your business.

There are 3 other major benefits of opting for Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches.

#1 Simplicity of the Company

One of the most amazing benefits of choosing Jimmy John’s is its limited focused inventory. Nothing can top that in terms of ease.

Each and everything about Jimmy John’s restaurant, starting from the menu, to the marketing, or to franchise management is to keep it as less complicated as possible. However, there are no games, hard strategy, or eye-catching novelty. So, starting and carrying the business forward is simple.

#2 Honesty – The Most Required Feature

Each and every kind of business, be it food, clothing, beauty, or any other, runs with a major victory if there is enough truthfulness. Also, customers always look for honest and genuine service from companies. Here, in Jimmy John’s it’s among the best.

They promise to serve with genuinely good sandwiches and have never failed to keep the same. That is why customers are never seen to have raised any voice against this food chain business.

#3 They Know How to Make it Happen

Well, the history of the brand already informs you about success. If a man can turn a broken closed garage into a beautiful restaurant serving delicious services with just $25K in hand and then opening hundreds of other outlets all across the nations, then anything is possible.

Entering into a business that is already running successfully will definitely be something in your favor. You just need to have the passion and work hard enough.

Jimmy Johns Franchise Requirements

Jimmy John’s doe not have lots of requirements to own their franchise. However, there are certain factors that play an important role in order to take the franchise. Here’s is the list of jimmy John’s franchise requirements.

  • Investments cost
  • Training details
  • Profit margin

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Jimmy Johns franchise cost:

Every business begins with investment and so is for Jimmy John’s franchise. Compared to many other popular businesses, this company does not need you to invest a lot of money to run a franchise. We cannot say that it is quite low but the amount you will spend will be back to you doubling itself and even more and that is foolproof.

  • Initial investment ranges from 329500 USD to 557500 USD
  • The net worth requirement is around 300000 USD
  • Liquid cash essential is around 80000 USD

Additionally, here you will get the complete picture of the capital investment strategy for Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches franchise business.

Fee Category Minimum Amount (in USD) Maximum Amount (in USD)
Initial Franchise Fee Value 30000 35000
Real Estate or Rent (Per Month) 2500 8000
Security Deposit Fee 2500 2500
Leasehold Improvement Cost 100000 200000
Cost of Equipment, Furniture, Signage inclusive of Computers 107500 166000
Architect Cost 5000 10000
Office Equipment Cost 2500 2500
Cost of Utility Deposit 1000 2000
Cost of Opening Inventory and Supplies 6000 6000
Cost of Grand Opening Ceremony 3000 5000
Training Cost (for 3 people) 6000 15000
Insurance Value 11500 15000
Other Expenses 2000 10000
Extra Funding Cost (for 3 months) 50000 75000

Note: The total estimated value of the initial investment range does not include the real estate purchase value.

Training Sessions

Jimmy Johns Franchise training

The training session is quite easily obtainable as you get a variety of training sessions for running the business triumphantly. Besides that, the team of Jimmy John’s Training Managers makes the franchisees educated.

The training session is held in classrooms as well as in stores along with 4 weeks of hands-on management experience for the brand new franchisees. The team is guaranteed to provide you with the best quality training in order to run the store victoriously.

(Also, the number of employees you need in one franchising outlet is 20.)

Jimmy Johns Franchise Profits

Jimmy John’s restaurant chain grew and spread at a very high pace. Here is some info that will let you know about the profits, turnovers from Jimmy John’s franchise.

  • The global sales are about $1756713820
  • Percentage of franchising is 98%
  • Growth in sales is 19.80%
  • Unit growth is 17%
  • Percentage the company owns 2%

Contact Details of Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches

Do you want to commence your food business by holding the hand of Jimmy John’s? Well, here are all the contact details you need to start your Jimmy John’s Franchise.

Jimmy John’s Corporate

Office Address:-

2212 Fox Drive

Champaign, IL 61820

United States of America

  • Send you franchisee application via email: [email protected]
  • Phone Number of Jimmy John’s Corporate Office: 1 217 356 9900
  • Fax number of Jimmy John’s Corporate Office: 1 217 359 2956
  • The official website is
  • You can also visit for more franchise details

Jimmy John’s is also present on social media as well. You can easily find them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and also on YouTube.

Ending Words

That is everything you need to put inside your head before getting started with Jimmy John’s Franchise. Jimmy J Liautaud started the business just with 25K USD in his hands and look at it now, earning billions.

So, it is quite obvious that you will earn a big sum if you enter a business that is already running so successfully. So, never be late in bringing in the luck. All the best wishes!

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