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Do you want to start a KFC franchise in India? If yes, this article is for you. India is the land of spicy and tasty foods. The love towards these foods is clearly visible by looking at the size of the food market of India. According to IBEF (Indian Brand Equity Foundation), the Indian food retail market is expected to reach 895 billion USD by the end of 2020.

If you’re someone, who wants to invest in a big restaurant brand’s franchise. Choosing KFC might be the best option for you.

#1. How KFC Franchise Started?

KFC franchise

KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken, is one of the leading food restaurant company, which mainly focus on non-veg chicken meals. Its network is spread over 130 countries having around 24,000 outlets all around the world. They employ one of the largest workforces, which is 1.2 million employees.

It was started in the year 1939 in Utah, America. During the great depression, the idea of selling crispy fried chicken with low cost took some time to gain popularity. But it became so popular that after 20 years, the brand opened its first franchise outlet, and from there, the journey begins.

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In 2002, the KFC was taken over by one of the biggest fortune-500 restaurant company, Yum’s restaurant. Yum’s is also the parent company of many other food restaurant companies like- Quick Order, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and many others.

#2. Why Choose KFC Franchise?

The first franchise outlet of KFC in India was opened in June 1995, a two-story outlet at the Brigade Road, Bangalore. However, there are not many KFC outlets in the present.

KFC has a turnover of around 400 crores rupees in a year and over 1500 crores valuation. It also holds 25% of the market share in India. These numbers are proof that KFC is all set to expand its delicious service all around India, but this doesn’t make KFC give their franchise permission easily. The company has set many criteria that must be fulfilled so they can show a green flag to your dream plan. KFC is more concerned about its reputation than selling.

The cost of investment for running a multi-unit franchisee of KFC is a bit high as related to other food companies. It takes almost two crores to five crores, depending on the location of the Outlet. The company only permits to open their outlets in tier-1 and tier-2 cities, which is quite usual why.

The company charges 5% of the total revenue per annum, as a royalty fee. The time period for the franchise lasts for 2 to 3 years.

#3. Eligibility Criteria & Investment

A straight-forward message: Applying for the franchise is not suitable for everyone. KFC’s criteria simply don’t satisfy the affording capacity of a middle-class person. Hence, you should ensure that you fall under their expectations, and your application doesn’t get rejected straight away.

The criteria for applying for the KFC franchise are-

  • A person should have a total worth of a minimum of 8 – 10 crores rupees.
  • He should be reputed in the market and must have some experience in the restaurant and multi businesses experience.
  • A person should have a credit score of 700+, which describes that he could easily arrange funds from the banks in a time of emergency.
  • The franchise agreement also states strictly that the location of the Outlet should have 30,000 to 100,000 people within a 2.5 km radius, depending on the type of place.

It might sound cheesy and rubbish, but the company’s terms and conditions portray that they want a candidate who has capabilities of running a long run business as it will be beneficial from both sides. To figure this out, minute traits of personality are noticed. Given below are some of the characteristics that the company generally looks for-

  • Passionate about your dream.
  • Disciplined towards your work or business
  • Management skills that you can describe with your past experiences
  • Emerging leadership quality

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#4. Support System in KFC

It is support and guidance that decides the future of a particular business. Also, the KFC team pays a lot of attention in their training, which led an individual to run their successful franchise. This is one of the many reasons before the expensive cost and strict policies of KFC.

As indicated by the KFC articulations and conditions-

  • The franchisees’ team or a Control Person must go to the hidden, getting ready program gave by KFCLLC “On the most capable strategy to work an Outlet” and must complete the readiness program to the franchisor’s satisfaction.
  • The task of the vital chairman should be included by the franchisees to complete the Key Operator Restaurant Training program given by the KFC association.
  • Under the franchisor’s heading and bearing, various specialists of franchisees must go to the readiness program and should complete it to KFC Company’s satisfaction. All the arrangement programs are reserved, and it will be done at KFCLLC’s appointed national, regional, or divisional working environment. It maybe took at some better places in which the franchisor of KFC feels free to allocate.
  • To make a franchisor, getting ready for undertakings of KFC association. He shall join PC based planning program by methods of Learning Zone program, formed notes, and hands-on planning program at various KFC Outlets and study lobby direction.
  • The person who finishes the Key Operator Restaurant Training program gave by KFC will get various ready agents at their Outlet. Further, the franchisor and their agents may call for franchisees meeting, to pay attention, and complete the extra and advanced business training in supplemental class, social events, undertakings, and other workshops that KFC Company often reasonably requires for different areas and places.

#5. Contact Details For KFC Franchise

Contacting KFC without any guide can be a dizzy process for you. As multiple fake sites have been spotted, that pretends to be an original KFC site offering for the franchise. Make sure you’re providing your details through the legit and official site of KFC, given below –

  1. Fill your inquiry type option with ‘I have a question for you‘.
  2. Now, select the ‘I want to be a business partner‘ option.

Finally fill your necessary details, asked in the form. They will most likely contact or reply to you soon. If you feel a delay in their reply, you can try and apply again or simply make a call. You’ll be able to get the contact number from the same contact page.

You can directly contact the parent company, Yum’s deputy manager of India, Vishal Razdan.

Email- franchise.India at


The franchise of KFC is strict and costly as related to other companies in the competition. But think of it, why is it so? The company’s service has a massive demand in the country. At the same time, you can’t make this idea practically implemented if you aren’t making tonnes of money from your other sources. There are no statistics or numbers which will decide the return of investment in the KFC franchise. However, a suitable location and maintaining basic needs will make three times the money invested within a year.

There are only a total of 335 KFC franchises around the country. This shows that a vast number of people are still left for ‘finger-licking’ good’ experience. Ask yourself, do you found the perfect location for your KFC outlet, where people will be happy and joyful for these services?

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