15+ Small Kid-Focused Business Ideas & Opportunity 2020

kid focused business ideas

Looking for kid-focused business ideas? then, my friend, you have come to the right place. Starting a kid-focused business is a highly profitable idea because the competition in this field is so low.

Finding a proper idea for kid-focused business ideas is sometimes hard. Even when you look around you will find many kid-focused business ideas but selecting one is hard.

In this article, you will find the best 15 kid-focused business ideas which you can start with small to medium capital investment.

1. Baby Care Products

The products for kids are so different than the ones we use. The industry for baby childcare products is really big. Starting a small baby product manufacturing company is highly profitable but it requires mid to high capital investment.

Since you are starting a kid-focused product manufacturing company it’s necessary to get some legal documents and certification beforehand.

Unless you have the proper knowledge and practical experience about the industry I would advise you to stay away from this business idea.

2. Babysitting Agency

Babysitting agency is another small kid-focused business idea on our list. Starting a babysitting childcare service does not require much investment or any special talent. You can just rent an office and start gathering people who are interested in doing the job.

Initially, it may be hard to find your client but gradually you will build a good client base. Also, starting a babysitting agency may require your company registration and other documentation.

3. Toys Shop

The toy shop is another lucrative kid-focused business idea. From the Barbie doll to sports cars there are many toys available in the market. The top industry is really big itself but starting a small toy shop for kids is a highly profitable business idea. With a small to medium capital investment, you can start this business.

4. Diapers Manufacturing

Diaper manufacturing companies are growing rapidly. The demand for readymade diapers is increased by about 200 percent within five years. The new generation parents don’t want any compromise with their kid’s health thus they prefer buying readymade diapers for proper hygiene.

Starting a diaper manufacturing business is highly profitable because the demand for diapers is increasing. With proper knowledge and practical experience, you should consider starting this business.

5. Baby Food Store

Every mother wants the best quality food for their babies. So, you should consider starting a baby food selling store in your locality. If you are selling good quality baby food then you will build a recurring client base.

Proper market research is highly recommended before starting your baby food business. Dept market analysis will help you to understand what people are actually buying from other stores.

6. Kids Party Planner

Kids’ parties are very different than others. If you love kids and understand what they like then you can start this business. Starting a kid’s party planning business is a highly profitable business idea.

You can start a kid’s party planning business with small capital investment. All you need is knowledge and understanding of the kid’s party themes. Taking a course of practical experience is highly recommended before jumping into the business.

7. Custom Designer Dress for Kids

The demand for custom dresses for school, parties, and occasion is increasing rapidly. For every festival kids need different dresses. You can design different types of dresses for each festival and sell them offline or online. You can start a custom designer dress business with small capital investment.

8. Preschools for Kids

Education is very important to babies thus parents don’t want to take any risk with their education in the early stage. If you love playing with babies then you should consider starting a preschool. Starting a preschool is the best business opportunity in the education sector. You can start a preschool with medium capital investment.

9. Kids Furniture Business

Starting kids furniture selling or renting business is highly profitable. There are many types of kid’s furniture available in the market like a crib, door wardrobe, bed, bookshelf, etc.

As you know kids grow very fast and then the furniture will be useless so renting out the furniture is a much more affordable option for parents. You can start this business with a small capital investment.

10. Transport Service for Kid Schools

This is another lucrative business idea for kids. Starting a transport service business mainly focused on kids is highly profitable. Dropping kids to their schools and then taking them back home is the project.

Firstly, you will have to register yourself with the school authority and you will require a vehicle for the transport service. Gradually, you can expand the business by purchasing more vehicles.

11. Kids Learning Toys

Starting kids learning toys selling is another lucrative business idea on the list. Kids learning toys basically include mind involving toys like puzzles, wooden blocks, dress-up, lego, cooperative board games, etc. Starting this type of kid toy business is highly profitable and you can start it with small capital investment.

12. Room Designer for Kids

Starting a kid’s room designer is another kid-focused business ideas on the list. Nowadays parents throw so much money decorating their kid’s room. A well-decorated room with colorful walls and designs is so attractive. You must have a good understanding of colors, designs and patterns to decorate kid’s room.

With the proper knowledge and experience, one can start this business. A professional course is highly recommended before starting the business.

13. Child Clothe Store

Another kid-focused business is a child clothing store. The growth of a newborn child is very quick thus parents have to buy new clothes every few months or a year. Starting a cloth store in your locality is a hot way to generate a good amount of money. Also, it’s advisable to conduct research to get a detailed analysis of the market demand.

14. Baby Gift Store

A gift store with custom made gifts especially for babies is another business opportunity. The demand for custom made gifts for babies is rapidly increasing. You should consider starting a baby gift store in your locality. Before investing your money it’s important to conduct market research to understand what other shops are selling to their customers.

15. Kids Tuition Classes

Similarly, like preschools, you can start a kid’s tuition institute with low capital investment. If you love spending time with kids then this is one of the best business ideas for you. You will have a great time with kids and also earn good money.

So these are the 15 Small Kid-Focused Business Ideas & Opportunity. I hope the list helps you deciding your business idea. Before leaving don’t forget to share the article with your friends before sharing is caring!

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