How to Get Lassi Shop Franchise in India ( Cost, Profit & Eligibility)

Lassi Shop franchise

In a hot country like India, having a cold healthy beverage is nothing less than a boon. Lassi Shop franchise can be your best choice to start a business in a place like this.

Lassi is basically a beverage served by Indians in Northern states of India. It gradually started to get famous all over India and now you can get lassi in each and every corner of the world. Lassi is made from curd, some spices, and some sugar. There are two kinds of lassi- The Traditional namkeen lassi and Sweet lassi. The namkeen lassi is basically salted lassi and sweet lassi contains sugar with some fruits. It is used as a serving drink as a form of generosity for guests in places like Punjab.

This “comfort drink” began to get famous internationally in places like UK, USA, Canada, and many more. But, in India, it was too easy to get lassi in the northern part and quite difficult to find even a sign of lassi in the Southern part. The Lassi Shop addressed this gap. They started offering a wide variety of menu of beverages along with lassis like mocktails, juices, and smoothies. They even have ice cream of different flavors to match your tastebuds.

The options in lassi are banana lassi, dry fruit lassi, saffron lassi, chocolate lassi, and many more. The thick and foamy lassi loaded with dry fruits, fruits, and flavored will turn your bad day to a good one. It also uses the natural color of beetroot and saffron to add more brightness to the drink. So, it’s way healthier than what you might have thought.

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Brand History

The idea was to replace fizzy drinks with healthier drinks. The idea was conceptualized in 1986 with an aim to spread lassi all over India. Because lassi was not quite famous in the southern part of India. The lassi shop franchise is a small Food and Beverage retail chain. The first outlet opened at Bengaluru in 2014 and now they have around 500 outlets in total. And lassi shop brought a new concept of healthy drink with authentic taste in this Food and Beverage industry.

Why Choose The Lassi Shop Franchise over any other franchise?

The Lassi Shop franchise is focusing on building up the Food and Beverage sector of India and it has been there for the last 6 years. The products of the Lassi Shop franchise speak for itself and are one of the most cost-effective Food and Beverage retail franchises in India.

You should consider having the Lassi Shop franchise because, in a country like India, the summer season prevails for around 7 months. In this time people look for a soothing and cooling drink to keep up with the outside temperature. So, it is a suitable business for most of the year. Moreover, the brand name that has maintained its standard all over these years would be easy to attract customers.

In small towns, this can bring the most suitable cafe culture. With refreshing drinks and sundae, everybody would like to hang out with their family and friends and chill for a moment. This brings a new concept to the normal staple diet because no one can say ‘No’ to it. The affordable price will guarantee more customers especially students who keep looking for good cafes after a long tiring day. Moreover, the lassi shop franchise is one of the low-investment with high return business, so there is less chance of risk.

How to Start the Lassi Shop Franchise?

How to get Lassi Shop Franchise

  • First, you need to apply for the franchise on the official Lassi Shop website.
  • Then the company representative will arrange a meeting with you.
  • Carry your necessary identity cards as required.
  • After reading all the procedures and terms and conditions provided by the company representative signing the agreement.
  • Your application will be approved by the administrative office.
  • You need to pay INR 2 lakh through check or online payment as the company doesn’t take cash on hand.
  • You will get your approval letter and payment slip from the Lassi shop franchise team.
  • Select a location, meeting the requirements of the company.
  • After approval, you need to pay the whole sum.
  • You need to select 4 staff who would go for training.
  • Then after 30-40 days from the day of your application approval, you can set up your own Lassi Shop.

Eligibility Criteria

The basic requirements of the franchisee are aadhar card, an email id, and a bank account. Yes, that’s it.

They look for passionate people who try to grow their business with the motive of making people live a healthy lifestyle.

You need to have good qualities of getting involved in the local community and provide excellent service to customers.

Lassi Shop franchise does not need high financial stability, an investment of INR 10 lakh is and a location of a minimum 200 square foot is enough.

Lassi Shop Franchise cost

  • A total investment of INR 10,00,000
  • Brand fee- INR 0
  • Staff number- 4
  • Expected monthly sale- INR 7.5 lakh
  • Profit Margin- 60%
  • Royalty fee- 5% on sales

Profit Potential

Even though the exact amount of profit cannot be mentioned as it depends a lot on the real estate site and other factors, yet you can expect a profit margin of 60%. During your application process, you can get advice from other Lassi Shop owners, to get to know how to make the business more profitable.

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Support from Lassi Shop Franchise

Since this is a totally new concept in the Food and Beverage sector and the new entrepreneurs might face some difficulties in the starting, Lassi Shop provides support to the franchisee. Here are the help services provided by the Lassi Shop Company:

  • Staff Training
  • Complete shop set
  • Marketing
  • Documentation of franchise
  • Help to find a good location where the crowd will get more attracted
  • Security measure support
  • Supply chain connection
  • All required equipment

Lassi Shop Franchise Contact Information

You can apply through the company’s official website, which is

Then choose ‘Set up Lassi Shop‘ option from the home page.

Head on to ‘Click here to set up your own Lassi shop.’

You will see a  form there, fill all the required details, and submit.


In a country like India, where people take their food and diet more seriously, having a Lassi shop franchise is actually a good option. People would love to explore such traditional beverages and what can be more important to choose an Indian Company for your business and taking a step in “Make in India.”

The concept to promote Indian beverages which are quite healthy and affordable will be encouraged by the people of all age groups.

While we all know that business is full of ups and downs and it takes a hell lot of courage to start a new business, having a franchise with a good brand name will help you set up your business in a smoother way. Moreover, choosing a lassi shop franchise means to get all the support needed from the company. So, if you are thinking to have a lassi shop franchise, don’t even think twice just go for it because “Lassi never goes out of fashion.”

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