32+ Most Profitable Manufacturing Business Ideas in India 2020

Looking for manufacturing business ideas in India? Starting own business is everyone’s dream and if you are about to start your dream business and looking for some ideas then you are in the right place.

Starting a manufacturing business can turn out to be the most fantastic decision for your life and family too. Its profit directly depends on the demand for that manufacturing product, but taking a bad decision by selecting a manufacturing business that is not suitable for you, can lead to huge losses and debts.

What is Manufacturing Business?

Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

Manufacturing is a process of assembling and making things using raw materials including humans, computers, automated machines, robots, etc. There are many types of manufacturing businesses are available in the Indian market which you will see further.

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You can start a manufacturing business in India with a minimum 200 square fit area. Also, it has a very low capital requirement too.

Initially, you can rent a place for installing your machinery and once your business established you can expand it by purchasing own land.

List of Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

But, don’t worry! You have plenty of options that will help to select the right business and make your dream comes true. Here’s the list of ultimate manufacturing business ideas in India-

1. Mask Manufacturing

Aah! We both are well aware of the increasing demand for masks. Not only during the pandemic but even after these challenging times, the world will be a massive demand for the masks.

Moreover, the raw materials required for this business are not too much. The principal investment here is only to buy a mask manufacturing machine, which costs from a few thousand to a lakh.

Starting mask manufacturing will be one of the most profitable businesses in the upcoming times.

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2. LED lights Manufacturing

LED lights came to people’s awareness from almost a decade ago. The reasons behind the success of LED are its cost-effective prices and reducing electric bills up to an extent.

Therefore, starting LED manufacturing will be a smart choice as it is the need for every house which people can’t resist buying.

However, you’ll find a bit of difficulty with the necessary paperwork needed. You’ll also need 500 sq feet area of land to install the setup and run your business easily.

3. Toys Manufacturing

Toy Manufacturing

You might be thinking that the toy manufacturing business is full of people, and you have to face many competitors in this industry. I can’t say you’re wrong, but you’re not correct as well.

Think of it in a bit different way, do you know some toy making brands? Or do you even know about 5, at least? You must have got the idea till now. The key is creating a ‘brand.’ There are very few known brands in the toy-making industry, creating and implementing correct marketing strategies that will easily bring you to the top!

4. Manufacturing of furniture

Furniture manufacturing is an old evergreen business that will require very little space to begin- your home or a small garage type room. Also, the best part of this business is its constant demand. The main thing to decide here is your clients, i-e to whom you’ll sell your products.

Will you sell furniture to organizations and schools demanding quality and straightforward furniture in bulk, or is it a beautiful antique set of sofa suitable for home decoration? Focusing on these simple questions and segmenting your customers will give you a great advantage in the long race.

5. Organic Fertilizers Manufacturing

The world is moving towards adopting organic ways. Fertilizers are used in large quantities for farming purposes. However, the chemicals used in regular fertilizers are not only harmful to crops but also lead to great pollution in the formation process too. Adopting an organic approach will be a problem solving profitable business for you.

Additionally, the location of the manufacturing firm plays an essential role in the smooth running of the business. The firm should be in a rural area, minimizing the cost of transport and ensure that there’s no other supplier in the area.

6. 3D Printer Manufacturing

It is something ‘out of the box’ if you’ve patience and plenty of investment, this business will be a money-spinner for you. The market for the 3D printer is young all around the world; only limited people are into this, at present.

Additionally, you just need to know the capabilities of 3D printing and excellent persuasive skill to make your clients understand how it will save them tons of money and time.

7. Fitness Equipment Manufacturing

manufacturing business ideas

Investing in the fitness industry is always proved to be a wise choice. The manufacturing of fitness equipment requires several costly pieces of machinery with a large workspace. But, once the setup is completed, you will soon be able to start calculating profits!

Only the USA has more than 10 billion of equipment market, and the demands of these types of equipment are not showing any negative curve in the upcoming times.

8. Tempered glass for smartphones

The business is suitable for developing countries, and the best part of this business is the minimum prerequisites that you can start straight from your home. To start this business, the three main requirements are- glass sheet bundle, tempered glass manufacturing software, and tempered glass manufacturing machine. They cost up to not more than three lakhs.

9. Paper bag Manufacturing

Most countries have banned or about to ban plastic bags entirely. Hence, an alternative is essential that meets the needs of plastic and also environmentally friendly at the same time. Manufacturing paper bags is a demandable business that requires a minimum investment and effort to start with, unlike other companies.

This manufacturing business idea can be set up in a small place and requires an investment of ranging from 50 thousand to 3 lakh, depending on the capability of production.

10. Automobile Parts manufacturing

This industry is purely a large scale manufacturing industry. The demand for automobile parts fluctuates from time to time, as it purely depends on the automotive industry. Setting up a manufacturing firm for automobile parts can be a money-spinner once it started running smoothly. You only need a few loyal customers to cover up the entire investment and start profiting from it.

11. Paint Manufacturing

Paints are the building blocks of the civil industry. There is no doubt about the demands. The manufacturing plant of paint takes much time and investment, unlike other civil manufacturing businesses.

12. Sauce Making

Aah! This profitable business can come right from your hobby. Making sauce will be all about your creative recipe. Sauce making is a business idea that is best suitable for homemakers and old- age people. Moreover, the minimum investment to start is costly for a few thousand.

13. Jewelry Making

Jewelry Manufacturing

People are becoming crazy about antiques or unique jewelry. The best part of Jewelry making business is that you can easily bring your business online to sell across the world. Also, jewelry making is a small scale business that benefits you to start it from home.

14. PVC products Manufacturing

PVC products are used everywhere, both for the house and industrial purposes. Product manufacturing, like PVC pipes, can easily be set up in 500 sq ft area. However, you should ensure the location has a decent water supply and drainage facility.

15. Beauty Products Manufacturing

Beauty products are one of the few evergreen markets which will never run out of demand. Manufacturing beauty products are medium scale business which requires more raw materials than any regular business. The investment in the business ranges from tens of thousands to a few lakhs depending on the quality of the product.

16. Pharmaceutical manufacturing

This business is limited to those people who have previous experience or educational background in the medical field. Due to the limited competition, the profits of pharmaceutical manufacturing are very high.

The documentation and paperwork are not easily done as the governments have stringent rules related when it comes to drugs and other chemicals.

17. Ceramic Tiles Manufacturing

Unlike PVC products manufacturing ceramic tiles is also one of the most profitable medium scale businesses. It requires an investment ranging to a few lakhs. One major drawback of ceramic tiles manufacturing is its competition; you should be patient and willing to bear some losses till making any money in profit. Hence, this manufacturing business is purely a long run business.

18. Essential Oils Making

Essential oils are in great demand from recent years. People are now aware of the power of natural products. In this oil, making business will be a profitable business for you. Also, it is a small to medium-size business depending on the amount of investment.

19. Detergent Manufacturing

Starting a business as detergent manufacturing and turning it into a profitable machine is purely depend on your ability to sell. Still, many people don’t have any specific choice when it comes to detergent.

The investment for this manufacturing ranges from 1 lakh to 3 lakhs, which is mostly spent in the raw materials.

20. Bio-Diesel Manufacturing

We all know the importance of fuels. Manufacturing bio-diesel will make huge profits right from the beginning. It is a large-scale business that will require more than 2000 sq ft area function properly. It also demands to hire a good amount of workforce, including skilled experts and workers.

21. Biscuit Making

manufacturing business ideas in india

The biscuit manufacturing business is highly profitable and you can start it as a small-scale premise. Many big companies are doing very well in the market but as a business perspective. You can start this business with low startup capital too.

22. Chocolate Manufacture

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Chocolate is consumed all over the world and India has its own craze. Chocolate making business is the most profitable business in India.

The making procedure of chocolate may fluctuate as per the various nature of chocolate. Also according to the availability of raw material you can choose the taste and elements for chocolate production.

23. Tea Stall

This is not a manufacturing business but highly profitable. So, starting a small tea stall near a crowded area is never a bad idea. Every evening Indians must have a cup of tea. In short, a tea stall is a very beneficial business with a small capital budget.

24. Candle Making

candle manufacturing

I know its 20th century but trust me, candle making business still owns the market. Candles are sold very fast when festival seasons are around. So candle making is a very simple but profitable business idea in India. You can make evergreen white candles as well as colorful and decorative candles as per demand

25. Agarbatti Making

Similarly, like the candles, you can start Agarbatti manufacturing business. Agarbatti is considered as family commodities having extraordinary market potential.

The consumption of Agarbattis in religious and social festivals has been increased in India. it is a sweet-smelling stick which people burn in Indian houses

26. Paper Cup Making

Paper cup business is one of the most profitable and lucrative small-scale manufacturing business ideas in India. The paper cups have very high demand in India after the ban of plastic glasses and cups.

27. Cotton Buds Making

Everyone uses cotton buds, but did you ever thought about cotton buds making business? Cotton buds making is another small manufacturing business idea on our list.

Small two-sided cotton buds are very popular and almost everyone uses them in their daily life and making cotton buds are very easy too

28. Potato Chips Manufacturing

Potato chips are one of the most popular and favorite snack items in India. You can start a small-scale manufacturing semi-automatic plant with small capital investment. You can make these potato chips in different tastes and flavors such as salty chips, sour and sweet chips, buttery chips, and so on.

29. Noodles Making Business

No, I am not talking about instant noodles. What I am going to talk about is the normal noodles that we buy from the grocery store. First of all, manufacturing noodles don’t require any skills and anyone can start the business. If you are interested you can rent a small place and set semi-automatic machines to get started.

30. Ice Cream Cone Manufacturing

Ice cream Cone manufacturing

Ice cream cone manufacturing is an ideal business idea. With a small investment, you can start ice-cream cone making business.

Ice cream cone has high demand throughout the year and it increases on the summer vacation. additionally, you can make cones in different flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, etc.

31. Paper Envelopes

Paper envelopes are everyday items for households, schools, and offices. By building up either a manual or automatic machine, you can start this business on a small scale as well as a large scale. Paper envelope making business has high profit and less startup cost. If you are looking for manufacturing business ideas in India then this can be your ideal choice.

32. Bread Making

Bread manufacturing is a highly profitable business in India. it is the most consumable wheat-based bread food item. Also, starting a bread producing business in your area can be highly profitable. Bread making requires Wheat flour, yeast, sugar, salt, water, and shortening


The manufacturing business ideas in India discussed above have suitable demand for present and upcoming times. The principal preparation after selecting a manufacturing business is the best way to create your brand and how you’ll take advantage of the digital world. Also, don’t try to make everyone your fan, first focus on a few loyal followers which will market your product.

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