Mobile Repairing Business Ideas & Opportunity – 8 Step Plans

mobile repairing business

Thinking to start a mobile phone repairing business? If yes, then this article is for you. When cell phones first entered the market, people replaced them with new ones. But with these technological advancements, people now have the option to repair various parts of cell phones. This is a going industry and you don’t even need a certificate or any investments to start this business.

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You can open a store if you want to connect more with people. A store will help you get recognized by potential customers. If your cell phone screen cracks or your screen goes blank, or your camera is not working, etc. any issues with the cell phones are fixable.

Choose the type of phone you want to repair depending on the country or the area you are going to set up your business. The most available brands are Samsung, LG, Motorola HTC, XIAOMI, etc.

If you are good at your work and can manage quite a few customers, you will start seeing huge profits. You might earn $1000 per week. You can even join certified organizations that provide technicians at home. At-home services will help you earn some more profit. If you are interested in this type of work, only then proceed to think of setting up a business.

With patience and good marketing skills, you will be able to conquer the phone repairing business industry.

What are the steps to start a cell phone repairing shop?

There are a few steps you need to follow to start a mobile repairing business.

Step 1: Learn How Repair Mobile Phones

It is very important to learn how to repair the cell phone. It is okay if you know a little because you will learn everything about mobile repairing. Learn both hardware and software techniques before you start your business. We will advise you to take a short course poof a month or two. If you are thinking of keeping a technician, it is important for you to know about the procedures for repairing.

Step 2: Set Up a Repairing Station

You need a repairing station for your business. It will be best if you get a quiet place to work in. you need electric plugs and also a computer to keep your data. A table, chair and an air-conditioner for your room. You can rent a place to make it your repairing station or you can set it up in your home.

Step 3: Proper Supply Of Spare Parts

Repairing the cell phone can only be achieved when you have spare parts to replace the damaged part. The parts vary from model to model obviously. Keep organized shelves for spare parts. Properly label the shelves that will contain the spare parts. Check the parts, they should be genuine and should be brought from trusted suppliers.

Step 4: Use  A Logo

Your company should have a logo, it will help people identify your company. Make the logo easy to remember. Try doing something that will be easy for people to recognize your company.

Step 5: Complete The Legal Procedures

Complete the legal formalities. It is also an important step in building a business. Register your business and pay tax on time. Document all the repairs and items you buy to stay out of any legal issues.  You should consult a lawyer every time you face any legal questions.

This will help you stay away from any legal issues.

Step 6: Open Your Business Account And Make Provisions For Online Transactions

It is very important to open a business account. Business accounts will allow you to separate the income from the business. This will help you separate your personal and business accounts from each other. It will make accounting easier for you. Also, don’t forget to use online payment apps. This is the most important money transaction system in this generation.

Step 7: Ensure Your  Company

It is very important to ensure your business gets out of any troubles.  It is important to ensure your business if you face any accident, you will be able to compensate for your employees.

Step 8: Advertise Your Company

It is very important to attract customers to become successful and earn a profit. Digital marketing is one of the most important ways of advertising. You should put up flexes in crowded areas to attract more customers. Flyer distribution with attractive offers on mobile repairing can bring huge customers to your doorstep.

What Are The Other Type Of Services You Can Provide Along With Repairing?

Along with repairing, you also add different services like selling adapters, earphones, headphones, pen drives, etc. this will help you earn extra profit. Keep varieties of items related to cell phones. Keep original products in your stock. Also, you can sell refurbished cell phones. You can also sell different mobile accessories. Contact with different cell phone companies and start selling phones from your shop along with repairing.

Additional Advertisement Methods

These days social media is the only tool for spreading any news and advertisements, therefore use social media cleverly. You can create a Facebook page with your company’s name. Now you can share this with your friends, acquire likes and let them know about your newly formed business.  You can boost your page with money which is very little in amount. This will help your page reach more and more potential customers. Post different offers on your page which will attract more customers.

Is this Business Good For Women?

A woman can do any business she wants to. If you are a woman and you are interested in electronics repairing, cell phone repairing, you can always start working to make your own empire. Go and take the guidance that will help you organize yourself and start your business smoothly.  There is nothing a woman cannot do. Go ahead set an example to inspire other women.


A little knowledge of mobile repairing business is necessary for you to start this repairing business. You should sell genuine spare parts. A good marketing strategy will help you expand your business. We have tried to include every possible detail necessary to start a mobile phone repairing business. If you like our article, do share it with your friends. We wish you all the best from our side!

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