How To Apply for MRF Tyres Franchise & Dealership – Cost & Process

MRF Tyres franchise & Dealership

MRF Tyres Franchise in India: Vehicles have made our lives way more convenient than it was before. It has made transportation quite easy and that is the only reason the count of private cars are increasing in India. Not only private cars but also heavy vehicles are also increasing in number in the country due to high demand in various fields. So, the maintenance of a vehicle is important.

One of the most important parts of the car is on which it stands, the wheels. Maintaining the wheels, keeping the tyres clean, fixing them and changing them after a certain period of time is important. MRF Tyres has been helping people in this realm for a long time now. This company has also come up with the provision of many franchises all across India.

With the increasing number of vehicles in India, the demand for the various parts of a vehicle is way higher including the tyres. So, here you will get to have some detailed info on MRF Tyres franchise.

  • How to open one MRF franchise & dealership
  • What are the requirements?
  • Investment cost of MRF Franchise
  • Contact Number & Address

So, if you are looking for starting your own business with MRF Tyres, dig in.

About MRF Franchise & Dealership

MRF is the short term for Madras Rubber Factory. KM Mammen Mappillai in 1946. He started it at Tiruvottiyur, Chennai to manufacture balloon toys. From 1952, this company started manufacturing thread rubbers.

In 1960, in the month November, the company got connected with a company based in Ohio, the US, named Mansfield Tyre & Rubber Company, as a partner to manufacture tyres. On the 1st of April, 1960, MRF became a public establishment.

Finally, in 1967 this company became the first Indian rubber industry to export tyres to the United States of America. Along with tyres MRF is also known for manufacturing other products like tubes, toys, conveyor belts, retreads, cricket accessories, and also industrial paints and coatings.

It is the first Indian company to have crossed the mark of 10 Billion Rupees. Proper marketing and promoting strategies are something they did to reach this position. Now, they are one of the biggest and well-known brands in the country.

As a result, starting a business with an MRF Tyre franchise will definitely be a wise decision to make in case of choosing a career path in the business realm. Next, if you are sure about starting a business with MRF Tyres you should know why you should choose it. The following segment explains it.

Why You Should Start MRF Franchise & Dealership?

MRF Tyre Franchise

India is a country where success or prosperity of a person or a family is always signified with the purchase of a car. The number of private vehicles like motorbikes and cars is increasing at a rapid pace.

The demand for a vehicle’s accessories is also high. Therefore, choosing a business journey path by holding the hand of MRF Tyres franchise is not at all a bad idea. Why? Well, you already know the reason.

It is already one of the biggest companies earning billions. As a result, investing in building up your own MRF Tyres outlet will be immensely gainable in the future. If you look at the economic development graph, the purchase and consumption in the house vehicles market are rising with a steep slope.

MRF Tyres also look for safety first. They give you the best service with immense safety precautions and guide the users to maintain safety while using a vehicle. So, you have your answer now.

MRF Tyre Requirments

Before you are commencing with the journey with MRF Tyres, know the following prerequisites. They will help you prepare yourself better. The following requirements are inclusive of the investment amount, plot area for the franchising unit, and training support.

#1. MRF Tyre Franchise & Dealership Cost

The company has announced already that the amount required to own one MRF Tyres franchising outlet is approximately Rs. 23 Lakhs. Here’s a franchise investment cost breakdown table to make you have a better apprehension on the investment capital amounts.

Investment Fields Investment Cost
MRF Tyre initial investment cost Approximately Rs. 10 Lakhs
Included machinery or other equipment Rs. 23 Lakhs

The investment you make in total is actually less than many other well-known brands in India and even than those companies that are not as big as MRF. The profit, on the other hand, is unimaginably enormous. So, this can be another best reason to go for an MRF Tyres franchise.

#2. Area Requirement For MRF Shop

For opening an MRF tyres franchise shop you will need a moderate area. Buying a plot of 370 square metres that translates to 4000 square feet is the minimum area you have to buy. Well, this is what the mother company recommends to do. This space will be enough to keep all the accessories to sell with a proper place to make each and every customer quite comfortable.

If the plot is completely yours you have to show the legal and verified documents to the company. If the land is not yours, you have to show the official signed documents of the rent agreement.

#3. Training System in MRF

It might be the very first time you are about to handle such a big and responsible business. In such a scenario you must be a little nervous about handling such situations. This is where the MRF team comes into play.

The official MRF website has already mentioned that each and every franchisee would be getting proper training assembly and follow up sessions from time to time.

The best part of going with MRF Tyres is it provides training to the franchisees not only at the beginning of their business but throughout the entire time you are running the business. This is because every time there is a new kind of product or a policy that the shop owners have to be aware of.

MRF Tyres Franchise Contact Details

Do you want to start your business with an MRF Tyres franchise today? Well, then, hurry and grab your phone to call them up.

You can call them at 044 – 28292777

MRF Fax Number: 044 – 28294154 / 045 – 28290562

Email Address:  [email protected]

Also, there’s an official website for MRF Tyres where you can visit to know about the business opportunities to people all over the country. Click on this URL address to know about the several business opportunities from MRF:

There is another way through which you can reach them and apply for starting your business with an MRF Tyres franchise outlet. Contact them in the following address:

MRF Tyres Dealership Contact Details

The Franchise Promotion Manager,

Address: MRF Limited

124, Greams Road, Chennai – 600 006

That was all the details for getting connected with the company in order to start your own business with your own shop under MRF Tyres.


MRF has already proven itself to be one of the best and one of the biggest brands in India. So, owning one MRF Tyres franchise is never going in vain for sure.

A good investment and hard work always turn out to be victorious. MRF gives you the chance of bringing yourself the victory with comparatively less investing capital.

In case you are all set to start a business, go for MRF. Be the franchisee of the best tyre brand in the country presenting the best business potentiality in you.

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