35+ Best Small Business Ideas In Mumbai – Low Cost Business Opportunity

Are you searching for business ideas in Mumbai? If yes then you should read this article. I’m sure you live in Mumbai and probably doing a job but not satisfied with it. Every Indian wants to start their business but due to lack of financial support, they couldn’t start it.

Mumbai is the fastest growing city in India. The population of Mumbai is about 1.9 crore which means more business opportunities for you. Mumbai the city of dreams has the highest success rate for startup businesses.

Here in this article, I have listed 35 small to big business ideas best suit you. The list is divided into three parts. 1) Business ideas with a small investment in Mumbai. 2) Manufacturing business ideas in Mumbai. 3) Online business ideas in Mumbai. You can choose any of them which you think best for you.

#1. Small Business Ideas in Mumbai

1. Breakfast Corner

breakfast join

With small capital investment, you can start a breakfast corner in Mumbai. Since it’s a food-related business it has a high success rate with the population of Mumbai. If you can provide decent food at a cheap rate then no one can stop your business.

2. Event Management

Though starting an event management business directly doesn’t require any investment. But you will need an office where you meet your clients. One of the best business opportunities to start in Mumbai.

Initially, getting your first client may be difficult as you don’t have any prior experience and portfolio to show. I would recommend you to ask your relatives as a first client.

3. Cake & Pastries Shops

business ideas in Mumbai

Cakes & pastries shops are very famous in Mumbai City. The people of Mumbai have a sweet tooth and they love eating cakes & pasties. Starting a cake & pasties shop is very simple but it requires a decent amount of capital. So, if you can arrange the investment go ahead and start it.

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4. Security Agency

In a city like Mumbai security is very important. Security agencies whether it is small or big are making a huge amount of money in Mumbai. Almost every society needs a security guard. You can start a security agency with a small investment. In order to start the security agency in Mumbai, you will have to register your company first. After that get an office and manpower and you are set.

5. Coaching Center

If you have knowledge and expertise over any subject then you should start a coaching center. Starting the coaching center is very simple and doesn’t cost any money. If you love teaching then you can start your teaching institute from your home. In order to succeed in this business, you will have to keep reading and upgrade yourself.

6. Grocery Store

The grocery store is one of the oldest yet popular business ideas in Mumbai. The grocery item is the everyday need. If you want a stable business then you should definitely go with the grocery business. Starting a grocery store doesn’t require any special skills either. It may require a decent amount of investment.

7. Mobile Food Stall

Mobile food stalls are very popular business ideas in Mumbai. If you look around you can see about hundreds of mobile food stalls near your office or roadside area. Starting a mobile food stall is a cost-effective business because you don’t have to pay for the place. Also, you get the freedom of moving it around when needed. With low investment range, you can start a mobile food stall

8. Mobile Repairing & Service

Mobile repairing & servicing is the fastest growing business in India. Also, starting mobile repair and servicing is the cheapest business idea in Mumbai. If you want to repair mobile phones yourself then you have to learn it which is pretty simple and anyone can do it. There are many mobile repairing courses available in the market.

9. Water Delivery Service

Another popular business ideas in Mumbai is drinking water delivery. You can start this business with a small range of investments. Initially, you can go to society to society and take orders and gradually build up your client base. Later you can hire more people to grow your business.

10. Tea Stall

tea stall

Huh!  Tea stalls? That’s what you are thinking right? Let me tell you one my friend owns a roadside tea stall and he earns more than corporate employ does. Perfect tasty milky tea is the success key in this business. If you think you can make yummy fluffy tea then you are going to be rich very soon.

11. Ice-cream Parlor

Another easy to start business ideas in Mumbai is Ice-cream parlor. There is hundreds of ice-cream franchise available in India. Also, you make your own ice-cream flavor with little experiments. The demand for home-made ice-creams is higher than regular company one.

12. Ladies Beauty Parlor

The ladies’ beauty parlor is the best business opportunity in Mumbai. If you know Mumbai is the city of Cinema and every day many people arrive in Mumbai to achieve their dreams. It may require a moderate range of investment but starting a ladies’ beauty parlor in Mumbai is highly recommended.

13. Maid Service

Nowadays female are also doing jobs and they are more career-focused. The population of Mumbai city is really high and finding a good maid at an affordable price is a huge task for Mumbaikars. If you are interested you can start this maid service business.

14. Auto Repairing Service

Do you know how many autos run in Mumbai? If you look around you will see the opportunity of auto repairing shop. Also, with repairing you can start selling auto parts too it will increase your income.

15. Insurance Agent

The insurance agent is a business in which you can start with your main job. All you have to do is to register yourself with a LIC company and get your license. Once you are done with the registration you can start selling policies. You will get commission around 5%-10% every time your client pays the EMI. This is the best passive income too.

#2. Manufacturing business ideas in Mumbai

16. Candle Manufacturing Business

You can start a candle making business with a small investment. You can set up candle making machines in 200 square feet. There are many types of candles you can choose from. White long candles are the most selling candles but nowadays people buying candles for decoration too.

17. Agarbatti Manufacturing Business

Similarly, agarbatti manufacturing business is a small investment business idea. Agarbatti is mainly a thin bamboo stick coated with the aromatic paste. Agarbatti making machines doesn’t require much space. You can set agarbatti making unit at home.

18. Candy Manufacturing Business

Candy manufacturing is another business idea for Mumbai. Though it requires moderate investment to start the return is really good. The success of candy making business depends on the experiments. If you can make a candy that is totally new in the market then the success rate increases greatly. Also, the packaging is another factor in the success of a candy business. Consider selecting eye-catching wrappers for your candies.

19. Potato Chips Manufacturing

After samosa, pav bhaji, and vada pav, potato chips are the most consumed snack item in Mumbai. There are many chips flavors available in the market. Apart from banded chips companies, you will also see local chips companies who are manufacturing potato chips too. The potato chips manufacturing business has really high demand as well as a high-profit margin. With proper planning and execution starting potato chips manufacturing business is not that hard.

20. Chocolate Making Business

chocolate making business

It is a creative business but trusts me the outcome is really impressive. You can start chocolate making a business from your home with a small investment. There is a manual and automated process in chocolate making. But initially, I would recommend you to go with the manual process because it’s cheaper.

21. Paper Cup & Plate Manufacturing

Paper cup and plate manufacturing is another small business idea in Mumbai. The demand for paper cups and plates in Mumbai is really high. You can setup paper cups and plate making machines in 300-400 square feet room. After that, you have to purchase a paper plate & cup making a machine which will cost you approximately 5-7 lakh. If you have enough capital to invest then you can go for a paper cup & plate manufacturing business.

22. Noodles (Chowmein) Making Business

The demands of noodles are very high not only in Mumbai but all over India. The noodles manufacturing process is pretty simple and anyone can do it. You can start a noodle-making business with a small to medium range of investment.

23. Ice-Cream Cone Manufacturing Business

Nowadays there are many flavored ice-cream cones available in the market. Ice-cream cone manufacturing is another business idea that you can start in Mumbai. The process of ice-cream cone manufacturing is pretty simple and anybody can do it. Also, demand and profit are really high in this business.

24. Bread & Cake Making Business

Bread & cake (bakery) is another profitable business idea for Mumbai. The demand for bread & cakes is increasing rapidly. With the busy lifestyle people nowadays hardly get time to cook food. You have enough investment capital you should definitely try this business.

25. Paper Envelope Making Business

The demand for paper envelop is quite high in metro pollutant cities. You can start this business from your home too. Starting a paper enveloped business doesn’t require high investment too. Gradually you can grow your business with time.

#3. Online Business Ideas in Mumbai

26. Blogging

Blogging is the first and best business opportunity not only for Mumbaikar but for everyone. If you love reading and writing then you should definitely start a blog and share your thought with the world. You can do blogging as part-time too. Starting blogging is pretty easy but maintaining consistency may be hard if you are already doing a job.

27. Start YouTube Channel

business ideas in Mumbai

I believe you know about YouTube but you may not that YouTube also offers you a great way to earn a vast amount of money from it. If you have anything to share you can make videos of it and upload it to YouTube and monetize it (ads). Starting a YouTube channel doesn’t cost you a penny and you get a great opportunity to make a huge amount of money.

28. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a program where you help famous e-commerce sites to increase theirs by promoting their products. Each time someone purchases a product through your link you get a commission of 7% to 10% of the total amount. You can promote affiliate links through social media, WhatsApp, blog or YouTube.

29. Start E-commerce Store

Starting an e-commerce site like Amazon is another online business idea for you. Nowadays creating an e-commerce site is pretty simple. There are many platforms that help in creating an e-commerce site with just one click. You can sell your products online or purchase it from other bulk selling sites like alibaba.com and sell them with profit.

30. Social Media Manager

A social media manager is someone who handles social media of famous people or celebrities. If you love social media and spend most of your time in it then you should definitely become a social media manager. Becoming a social media manager requires few skills like organizing skills, content writing skills, photo, and text editing skills, etc. Though finding clients for fresher is quite hard.

31. Build Apps

Building apps is another business idea for you. If you have coding and developing skills then you build them yourself or you can hire a professional for the job. But before investing in app building business you need a great understanding of running apps. You can build apps and sell them or you can always monetize it independently.

32. Start Freelancing

A freelancer is a person who works for clients instead of companies. I won’t say it’s a business but hey! You can work freely and earn a huge amount of money. There are many websites that offer you freelancing work and pays you great money. In short, if you have skills which can help your clients then you should try it.

33. Online Tutor

online tutor

Online tutoring is the fastest growing business in the world now. Finding a good teacher is hard that’s why many people preferring online tutoring instead of a home tutor. Also, the online tutor earns way more than a home tutor. If you have great knowledge in any subject then you can choose this business. There are many websites that offer online tutoring.

34. Write & Publish Ebooks

EBooks is another way to make money online. Nowadays people spend most of their time online. If you have something great which you think will add value to people’s life then you should write an EBook and publish it on Amazon. Every time someone purchases you get the money.

35. Buy and Sell Domains

This business requires great imagination skills. To start you have to purchase the domain name for any brand name which you think will popular in the future. The investment for each domain name is just 99 rupees. Later you can sell the domain name to the company for your price.

Final Word:   I would say if you have decided to start your own business then do it. Thinking too much about anything will eventually stop you from doing anything. You can choose any business from the above list of 35 Best Small Business Ideas In Mumbai

So these are the top 35 Best Small Business Ideas In Mumbai. If you think we missed out any business ideas in Mumbai which can let us know by commenting down below.

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