Noodles Manufacturing Business Plan – Small Business Ideas

The popularity of noodles is very high not in India but all over the world. If you have decided to start your Noodles manufacturing business then I will definitely try my best to provide you with accurate information through this article.

              Noodles Manufacturing Business Plan

noodles manufacturing business

Noodles manufacturing is a small scale business idea which has a high range of demand in India. You can start this business without any prior experience. Starting this business does not require any special skill or talent.

1) Market Potential & its Demand

The demand for Noodles (chowmein) in India is very high in almost every city. People who are always busy and do not have much time to cook food are the main consumers of the noodles. The demand for noodles has been increased by about 200% from 2016 to 2017.

2) Why Noodles Manufacturing Business?

There are several reasons why noodles have become the most consumable food product after bread. Noodles are easily available and they are ready to cook food item. The demand for noodles among the young generation is rapidly increasing also the profit in this business is above 50% on manufacture.

3) About the Noodles Making Machines

There are many types of machines available in the market. It is very important to select the best machines for your business. Before choosing machines you should always check its capacity, space requirement and electricity cost. There are semi-automatic and fully automatic machines available in the market. You can decide which one suite best for your business and budget. Machines which requires are:-

  • Dough Mixture = 35,000
  • Noodles Making Machine = 60,000
  • Noodles Steamer = 35,000
  • Drying Machine = 65,000

All machines are available online and offline. If you wish to check the current price of these machines you can check it at

You can set noodles machinery in 240-300 square fit area with minimum 2 to 3 labors to start your noodles manufacturing business

4) Noodles Making Process

Noodles making process is quite simple. Firstly, you have the put the ingredients in the dough kneading machines for preparing the base of the noodle. After that, the dough will be shifted to the roller machine which will roll the dough into a plain sheet.

Then it goes further to the machine and gets a noodle shape with the help of dice which can be adjusted as per requirements,

After all, this done it goes to the steamer which takes approximately 35-40 minutes to steam the noodles. Lastly, it’s ready for the packaging.

5) License requirements

  • FSSAI Certificate
  • Brand Registration (optional)
Final Word:

The proper planning of any business is very much required. Noodles manufacturing business has really good profit compare to other types of food-related business. The initial cost of noodles manufacturing is about 4 to 5 lakh but the profit is really high.

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